Monday, December 3, 2012

Summer Catch up!!!!

Summer favorites!!! 4th of July at Provo Canyon at Aunt Suzie's house!!! The 4th is my favorite holiday!!!

Homemade Root beer...Ella loves!!! 

Favorite Carter cousins!!!

Being in swimsuits ALL DAY!!!

Who needs a swimsuit when you look this good!!!?

We went to every parade...Lilly cheered her little heart out in every town parade!!!!Hudson and dad just chillin...watching the parade!!!

Ella with her parade face!!!

Walker ,comfy, warm and ready for some more parade time!!!


Ella with her bestie for Ivy League dance recital!!! Aren't they cute!!?

Tyler turned 35!! And I successfully made a cheesecake!! That's something to blog about!! I love birthdays,but hate to bake!!!

My birthday...34!!!!

And my life!!!! 4 sweet,irresistible kids ....I love this picture Hudson crying while were trying to look happy...PERFECT!!!!!

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