Monday, December 3, 2012

California Trip...Passey style

San Diego Trip with my whole family!!! My bff,Teri! We've been friends since 7th grade!!! I love her to pieces!!

Coranado ice cream!!!

Tyler and I stayed at the Del for our honeymoon almost 12 years ago! It was so fun to go back. It hasnt changed at all!But we have!! 4 kids later, a few extra lbs, and 12 yeas later!!! 

I love this tall,dark handsome guy...who wouldnt?!!!

The family all at the Del!!! Its got to be one of my favorite place on the planet!!

My dad....

I wait all year for this place! THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD ON THE PLANET!!! Old Town Mexican Cafe!Weve been going here since I was just a kid!!! I love it!!

Peanut in the sand....

The Mr....

Cousin Charlee..... with Lilly anad Ella!!

View of the bay!!! I ran around the bay every morning= glorious!!!!

My attitude son ( 9yrs old)

Teri amd I at Sea Port Village

Lots and lots of beach time!~!!

Hudson LOVED THE WATER!!! In fact I had to go all Baywatch on him and run and save him from drowning in the ocean!!He's fearless....

The whole Passey fam!!!

My beautiful family!!!

beach babe Lilly...

Lilly and Charlee...such cute little friends!

Walker caught crabs at the tides!!!

Paddle boarding at the bay......

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