Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Mr. Turns Two

We officially have a "terrible two year old."We just had a low key,family party for our little Mr. As noted before I'm not a baker, in fact I just plain suck in the baking department. I once again (when will I learn!) attempted at baking a cake for little man.Long story didn't turn out and it crumbled before I even put it in the oven. See what I mean... I suck!? Any way, dad to the rescue with a store bought yummy ice cream cake ,that despite my best efforts Hudson loved to dig into! We got him a new Buzz and Woody and some Lighting McQueen cars. These are his two FAVORITE movies. He's such a fun little boy!

 Dads rescue cake!

Its hard to believe he's already two.Time flies!!! We adore this little mischief maker and all his funny tactics! He makes us laugh all the time. He's full of personality and he's 100% ALL BOY ALL THE TIME! Unless you count him playing with Ella's Polly pockets once in a while!Hes full of energy ALL THE TIME.I'm constantly having to find him ACROSS the street when he's suppose to be playing w his cars. I cant contain him at church. He loves to wear pajamas ALL the time. He wants to be big so bad. He loves balls.I could  and have given two baths a day...he's ALWAYS DIRTY and into something for just a few examples; Dirt,sand, PEANUT BUTTER, mayo, ash from the fire pit,make up (the make up makes me furious) paint, and markers. I think that just about sums it up! However, hes super fun to have around, and we enjoy this little Mr. I cant even begin to imagine what our family would be like if we hadn't decided to have #4! Needless to say its complete! We love you Hudson!!