Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break Chronicles

For Spring break this year we wanted to go somewhere with warmer temps, sunshine, beaches,ocean wild life,swimming and of the coarse the best Mexican food ever!! Can you guess where we went?? San Diego!!We had a great time going to the beach, Sea World, eating, shopping and lots of swimming!!

Part 1: Dinner,ice cream and shopping at Sea Port village!

Look at their faces; either they're having the best time EVER or its the BEST ice cream ever!! Or both! At 5$ a single scoop it better be the best ice cream ever!!! but the looks on their faces PRICELESS!!!

Dinner at Sea Port Village! Kids all got pizza, Tyler got Spaghetti and I got a gyro!!
And lets not forget the Merry go-round!!!
Everyone is happy with ice cream!!!
Part 2: Beach day

This was Hudson's 1st time to the beach...He loved the sand, the water, the seagulls, the helicopter that kept flying by! he loved everything!! It was really fun to see him so excited, and worn out!

Ella looking like a "true Diva" with her new shades!
Hudson enjoying the sand!
Always ready to give a hug,especially to her daddy!!!

Lilly and Walker with their new shades!
The whole family with new accessories!!
Part 3: Swimming...lots and lots of swimming

Hudson got completely worn out,tired after the pool!! That's a good thing!

Ella in her tube....

Lilly bug in her new pink swim suit!
Our fish...Walker

Sea world day!!!
Hudson grabbing for Star fish...
Ella with her star fish...
Lilly,Ella and Walker in the Polar Bears cave.
Mom and Hudson. I bought him a little stuffed Polar Bear...Best purchase EVER! He loved his Bear and takes it everywhere !
Hudson watching the sting rays....
Dad and Hudson enthralled in the dolphin and bird show!

St.George-Dog Town Half marathon

At the St. George half marathon.... FINISHED at 2:11 mins
Corinne,Kim, Lacie....
At the start of the day,ready to run and super excited!!
Back in February (I know that was FOREVER ago) I went down to St.George with my two other running girlfriends. We've been talking about doing this race for awhile,but it kind of sprang up on us fast and last minute we decided to go and run. On the down side,I just happen to have an awful bladder infection the day we were leaving. The night before we were leaving i went to see the Dr. and got on antibiotics! Good as gold,right!?

Corinne drove,we had our snacks, drinks and great conversation going on ,than Corinne had to get pulled over. This just added a little more to talk about. She was gracious about getting pulled over.No swearing or fighting with the "know it all cop." She just embraced her new ticket and drove right on. ( Lacie and I were laughing uncontrollably!) I'm just glad it wasn't me!!

Dinner was probably one of my favorite parts of the night! We went to Brick Oven to LOAD UP ON CARBS!! By the way our table looked it,one might think there were 10 extremely large people eating their last meal. But nope, just 3 girls loading up on pasta and pizza!

Race day!! I don't think any of us slept well or even good the night before. And thanks to lacie,we were Early for the buses to take us to the start of the race! Thanks Lacie!! They did a great job at getting all the participating runners all fired up and excited for the race. Music was going and it had tons of energy! Runners energy!! I took a full 5 hour energy at the start. I've never taken a full one,just a half and was I feeling the power of the 5 hour energy!!! SPAZO comes to mind!!! As soon as the gun went off to start the race,there was that adrenaline of excitement, and anticipation. There's something so awesome about hearing thousands of shoes hit the pavement!! I love it! Lacie took off right from the beginning. Corinne and ran about 6 miles together,basically we ran solo! I loved this race though. It was super challenging (the huge hill on mile 10 almost killed me!) But the trails through the canyon were so beautiful! It was great running weather. I was wearing long sleeve,and long pants and almost wished I had a tank top on.

Now back to the raging bladder infection and antibiotics!! I could feel that, "I have to pee sensation" the whole 13 miles. Not super great and my back hurt quit a bit.I'm not one to really complain, and I was running solo so I didn't have anyone to complain too! But I pushed through the annoying"I have to pee" and aching back and just ran.I have to say the 5 hour energy worked! I also took a packet of extra caffeinated goo! By the end of the race I was so full on caffeine I thought I was going throw up. I think mixed with the bladder infection, antibiotics, and pain pills I wasn't feeling great. On the plus side, I did better on my time by 5 minutes...I was happy for that. I think my time was 2:10 minutes,or something like that. I really wanted to do it in less than 2 hours. But that's whats great about running, there is always room for improvement! Lacie was already at the finish line, and I was so happy to see her! Theres such a good feeling about finishing a race! Despite my aching back and feeling like I was going to pee my pants, I never stopped! We met Corinne at the finish line and we were all so glad to just be done! We took lots of pictures, stretched, and snacked on the food.

Overall we had such a great time.This was a race I really wanted to do and finish . I loved the coarse and its been fun building a completely different friendship with Lacie and Corinne! They're my running peeps! Now for more training and running,we signed up for the St.George MARATHON!!! Its all done by a lottery,they only take 7500! I know ONLY 7500!! So well see if we get lucky enough to run 26.2 miles!!!

Ella is 4

Ella turned 4...back in March!

Here's a few things we love about our Ella!
1. The sparkle of her blue eyes!
2. Her sweet dispensation
3. She's excellent at sharing....even for a 4year old!
4. She loves to sing and dance
5.She's really funny (she says the most random of things!)
6. She loves BEAVERS....
7.She'll cuddle with you anytime,anyplace!!
8.She adores her grandma and grandpas!!
9. Her laugh is contagious!
10.She had the cutest bounce to her little run!
11. She's a "peanut' meaning she's small and dainty.
12.She loves to wear dressed and skirts
13.Shes super sensitive and aware of others feelings
14.She has a wicked sweet tooth!!
15. She LOVES her daddy!!
16. Everyday,as soon as Lilly leaves for school, she goes downstairs to Lilly's room and gets out her sister's American Girl Dolls and just plays for hours!
17.She loves her pre-school
18.She has a stubborn streak....this can be good and bad!
19. She always has something small in her hand ;Polly pockets, squishes, ...
20. Shes a peacemaker!!!

Ella Happy Birthday you darling little Peanut!!!

Its not the Rainbow cake...but good enough for her!!

Our sweet Ella has been looking forward to no longer being 3, but to finally be a whooping 4 years old!! I tried really hard to make this supper cute, rainbow cake and to say the least, it just didn't turn out. I think it crumbled all over the counter. Yes, I was super frustrated and felt like "loser mom of the year." Baking just isn't my thing! Fortunately, my sweet Ella was just as happy eating the broken cake pieces off the counter and pleased with rainbow cupcakes.

Ella is sweet! She loves to just snuggle, and be close to someone she loves! When she was first born she didn't even make a peep! We were like, "whats wrong with this baby?" We wern't used to a non-crying,content baby!! She was just happy to here and to be held! She has been sweet from the beginning! Ella is a joy to have around and such a little pleaser! She has lots of friends but prefers to play with Lilly!! (when Lilly is nice!) I love having this little girl around, and shes been my little buddy for the past 4 years. Our family would not be the same with-out our Peanut!! HAPPY 4 YEARS OLD ELLA!!! WE ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Peanut butter jelly time....

This is a regular occurrence at our house! I don't mean peanut butter all of this little dude,but the steadfastness in messes!! Every time I turn around he's gone, or into something!! This mess was a good one!! He's full of energy curiosity,mischievousness, and just plain all boy!! He keeps us on our toes daily!!!
Peanut Butter jelly time.....