Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheer competitions

Their first cheer competition!!! Go!!!

Lilly,Grace and her bf Claire....after they got their 2nd place medals!!! They were so excited!!
I'm her biggest fan!!!
Can you say DIVA??!!
Our Saturdays have been filled with make-up,glitter,micro- mini cheer skirts, hairspray,music HMMM...sounds like a cheer competition!! This has been Lilly"s first season on the competition cheer team for High Altitude Cheer and Tumbling. She absolutely loves it! I never have to ask her twice to get ready for practice!! They're fist competition was back in December ,and they ranked 6th place.Last Saturday they got 2ND place! Every competition they have gone up in ranks. In fact its gone from 6th place to 5th,4Th,3rd and now 2nd!!! Lilly has worked so hard and its really paid off! I'm so proud of her hard work, her love for the sport, and all her energy! GO LILLY!!!