Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning!!!!
I have to admit, I was a little surprised that my 4 super excitable children didn't wake up at 4:00 AM, like they usually do! Maybe it was the threat,"If you wake up the baby ,there will be NO opening presents until AFTER CHURCH!" I guess threats do work!!
We went to the Christmas tree around 6:45 and whata ya know?... Santa came!!
*We said our prayer and had a Christmas scripture (I like doing this before the unraveling of the gifts!)

I think everyone was so happy! Christmas Day was spent with one hour of church ( I can handle that!!) and at home with my family! We had the Christmas mess, Christmas dinner ,games,naps, treats,and talking to our families. All around it was a wonderful day!

*** I pulled a fast one on Tyler this year!!****
Tyler is an easy person! He doesn't expect much or really want much for that matter. I on the other hand I'm possibly on the other end of the spectrum.... There's always SOMETHING I want! So, this year I really wanted to surprise him with something good! Our good friend Mike is a lieutenant and he helped me find and pick out the perfect gift for Tyler-A handgun!!! I hate guns, but my husband loves to go shooting with the guys. And I guess its guy code,that every guy needs a gun. So with Mike's help he (I ) purchased a gun. I have to admit I felt pretty dang cool, walking out of the gun store with a gun!! I'm also nominating myself for "Wife of the year!" Anyway, Tyler knew I was with Mike a lot during the week, and was on to my motives.He really thought he was going to get a gun for Christmas! I knew that he was expecting something great, and wonderful for Christmas! When Christmas morning rolled around, all he opened up was a pair of slippers!!! There was definitely a look of disappointment!! Then after breakfast, he asked me, "why the heck I spent so much time with Mike." Poor guy! Not only did he just get a pair of slippers (that were to small) but his wifey of almost 11 years is out hanging out with his best friend!! hmmmm!!! (wink.) It took all my self- control not to give him his awesome gift,but waited until the children were in bed. I pulled a package out from under our bed, and said,"Looks like Santa forgot something!" He was completely surprised!!! Too say the least,he has LOVED his Christmas present!! Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!!