Tuesday, November 22, 2011


DisneyLand was PERFECT!!!!
The kids loved the Bumper cars. I'm still suffering from whip, lash after riding with Walker!
My 3 trouble makers!
The Christmas decor was AMAZING!!

Ella with her "Brown bear!"We took a break and took a dip in the pool!!!

This was right after riding THE TOWER OF TERROR!!! This is such a cool ride! And I was so surprised at how well the younger kids did! They LOVED IT!!! Who am I kidding...I Loved it!!!
Ella obviously couldn't ride the roller coaster, so we did this instead!!

Tuesday Day 2

We met up with the fantastic Reid family! We laughed. We went on LOTS of rides. We ate. We laughed some more. We were obnoxious!! And it was super fun!!!

Mom and Lilly in Toontown!!! PEACE!!!

Meeting Minnie mouse!!!Lilly went on almost EVERY RIDE, except California screaming. She just wasn't tall enough. (And she was not happy about it!) Next time!!
I was really surprised how well she did on all the "BIG" rides! She was awesome!!
Walker being Walker!!!!

All the kiddos! They all had so much together!
My beautiful Heather! I don't know what I would do w/o her!! It was nice having her! Both Ella and Noell are almost 4 years old, but still came up too small to go on some of the rides. It was awesome having Heather to hang out with!
The whole gang!!!
I LOVE each of these girls!!!
Walker and Adney....the are SUCH BOYS!!!
Pixie Hallow....adorable!!! Ella and Noell and TINKERBELL!

Pixie Hallow and Tinkerbell's friends!
Walker and Lilly on Buzz lightyear!
Disneyland!!!! Day 1 *****Yes, I know this is out of order!!!

Woke up nice and early, said our goodbyes to Hudson.Yes, we left the 18 month old,walking terror HOME w/ a babysitter!!! Why Would we do that? Because, WERE SMART!!!
Anyway, our plane left nice and early,so we had oodles of time to play (and play we did!)We ate lunch and then headed for the park for a few daylight hours! By the end of the day we were all pretty tuckered out!

A smiling Walker on the Jungle cruise!!!

A smiling Lilly on the Jungle Cruise!!
Ok....He's such a ham...... He even said, "Mom take a picture of me!"
Ella on the Winnie the Pooh ride!! She's such a little "peanut" she couldn't go on all the "BIG" rides. But she still loved it!!
Mom w Tiger and the kiddos,....
Here's proof they like each other...At least at Disneyland!!!

Meeting Cinderella was such a highlight!! Isnt she perfect!!

Cinderella even got Walker to pose,Like a Prince!!!

Disneyland was sooo beautiful! It was decked out w all the Christmas decor.The weather was PERFECT and the lines.....What lines?!!!! This was the perfect time to go !!!

Peanut with her Prince!!! Actually,he's my prince!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Half Marathon

Medals, water, fruit and smiles at the FINISH LINE!!! and BLOOD,SWEAT AND A FEW TEARS!! Our first Half Marathon!!!
Jen and I at the finish line!!!
I was so happy to see Tyler there!!! Cant ya tell!!? I think someone yelled, "Get a room." YES PLEASE!!!
I am so Excited to say I ran my first Half Marathon!! Its something I've always secretly wanted to do,but never thought I would or could! I started running with a few of my friends in June. It started out as a simple run of 3 miles, and getting better over a few weeks. I think once we started actually getting better at this whole running thing, we were quit impressed with ourselves! That's when the talk (while we were running) came about of actually doing a half marathon!

We set our calenders( the Saturday before Halloween) to run the Provo Halloween Half.We started running/training over the summer and that meant shorts and tank tops. Now that the seasons have changed, I needed a whole NEW set of running clothes.( wink ) So, after a few hundred dollars worth of Cold Gear -Under Armor clothing to keep warm in the cold,I was ready to go!!

The race stared early up Provo Canyon. There was a great energy all around us and it was really fun to be part of something so big! People were dressed up for occasion! Some weirder than others! I think there were almost 3000 people running this race. So TONS of people everywhere! Corinne and I ran the whole way together (bless her heart!) She's a great running partner. Jen and Lacie just kind of TAKE OFF... good riddens to them!!! I had plenty of energy and my body felt great.The first 8 miles went fairly fast! And No ankle pains! Provo Canyon is beautiful (Its my favorite) and to run down it in the fall, with the crisp air and the changing of colors is amazing! Anyway, I started to run out of fuel at mile 12.Needless to say, Corinne and I crossed the finish line at 2 hours and 10 minutes (or something close to that.) We ran the whole way! There was such a sense of accomplishment. I Wont lie, I think I shed a little tear at the finish line!

It was hard, fun,exciting, tiring and exhilarating. I was thrilled to see my friends (Jen and Lacie) at the Finish line and so happy to see Tyler there! Were were all just giddy after the race! So now our next stop.....A MARATHON!!!! Just one!! Were going to do this together and I'm excited ( Tyler is less than thrilled.) But I have LOVED running with these three other inspiring women! I have LOVED practicing something, and see my self get better. I have LOVED doing something I never thought I could! I have LOVED pushing myself to extreme tiredness! I HAVE LOVED RUNNING!!!! Who knew?!!!


Happy Halloween from Our little Deputy! We thought this would bring Lt. Brower a few laughs!! Isn't that cute?!!
Happy Halloween from a Baseball Zombie,Little Police dude, and 2 sweet and sassy withches!!!We couldn't get over how cute he looked!!!Or maybe its so dorky that its cute!? I"m a little biast!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Annual Packer Halloween Party- 2011

Big Chief & Indian Princess
If you know these two,they are the BIGGEST and most FANATIC BYU fans you have ever met! So this was a big deal for the Parcells to be dressed in RED and not BLUE!! They were awesome!! Go UTES!!Always OVER THE TOP, Jay Packer & Staci with their side kick John & Kristin!! ROCK ON...KISS!!!

Sitterudes and Atkins A.K.A....Danny and Sandy hanging with Big Chief and his Indian Princess....
Chiangs- Matt dressed as an Asian women (just gross) and Rachelle as a white trash trucker (even grosser!) I swear Rachelle is a really beautiful girl..... But here she was honestly hard to look at! Love you Rachelle!!

Indian Princess with white trash trucker....Becky as a dead lady killed by Jack the Ripper!!
Every year we look forward to the Packer"s annual Halloween party! And every year it gets better and better.I'm already thinking of what to be next year! This year was no disappointment! The food was good (cafe Rio salads.) Entertainment ( KISS) It doesn't get better than KISS!! Games ( Minute to win it!) And as always boys vs girls. My husband (Big chief) gets so competitive! Everything was really fun! I usually became such a SPAZ at these events. Good thing were surround with OTHER spaz like people and those we love,right?!! Packers and Koyles, you did a great job. We had a blast! Until next year!!!