Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumkin Patch

The whole family enjoying the fall...
Messy face and all......
BUSTED: These two really do LOVE each other!!! I have the picture to prove it!! (haha)
Fall/October would not be well....fall and October without going to the Pumpkin Patch,right?! Pumpkin patches are the most "fallish" things you can do during this great time of the year! I was lucky enough to go 3Xs this year! Yea for me!! I went once with Ell's preschool class,Once w/ Lilly's class and than with our family! The kids each picked out about 5 pumpkins each = about $45.00 worth of pumpkins! Once again,YEA for me!!! But guess what? Our front porch is full and decorated with PUMPKINS!! There is just something fun, festive , and "fallish" about pumpkins!

Fall fun activity

All the kids, hangin out at Cornbellys... Thanksgiving Point
Hudson and I went down this slide about 20Xs...He loved it!!

Our cute Lilly!!!
She was Petrified after these haunted houses....PETRIFIED!!!Walker and his buddy Trey. These two shot BB guns and went through the corn maze!

Lilly has her dad tied around her little finger!My 3 little ones!!! Poor Hudson, he's "girl trapped."

Thanksgiving point in Lehi is one of out favorite spots to take the kids, to do some kind of family fun activity. Over Fall break we did all sorts of fun things including, going to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point. It was a perfect day outside and they all had a great time. Walker, Trey and Lilly thought they would be brave and try out the Haunted Dragon. I went in with Lilly and then we came right back out....Lilly screaming and crying! It scared her to death. The boys THOUGHT they were tough,but they came out minutes later!!
They had a scary circus tent and for some reason Tyler thought Lilly and Ella would like it. WRONG, AND WRONG!! About 30 seconds in to it both Lilly and Ella were having a freak out (mainly Lilly.) There were scary clown heads dangling from the ceiling and weird circus music going on. Seriously,it would scare a grown man!! They will never look at a clown the same way again. Clowns are just freaky!!! Other than the Haunted house terrors, we loved everything else! Lilly won a hula hoop contest, the boys went through the corn maze and did BB guns, Ella dressed as a princess, and we ate snow cones and Carmel corn. Later for dinner we ate In-n-out for some fries and burgers (this was the boys choice!)This is such a fun way to enjoy fall!!!