Friday, September 23, 2011

Provo Canyon

Despite the looks on "somebody's" face... (Ella) we had a really fun time!!Mission accomplished.....4 sleeping kids all tuckered out!!! What's better than that?!!

One thing about living in Utah that I absolutely love, in just a few minutes you can be out of the city and in one of Utah's beautiful canyons. I love Provo Canyon! I think its beautiful. I love Bridal Vail Falls and all the great parks surrounded the area. We thought it would be fun, on Labor Day to pack some lunches and ride bikes through the canyon and just enjoy being outdoors. It was a really fun way to spend some fun family time! The kids loved it! On our way home we stopped at the River woods and got my very favorite,Rocky Mountain Chocolates. They have the BEST Carmel apples EVER! They"re not your average Carmel apple, but covered with your choice of topping! I LOVE THEM!! The kids got ice cream and we played around the River woods for a bit! It was a really fun day. I kind of felt like we were on a vacation of some sort! Utah is so beautiful in the summer and the coming of fall.There's so much to do within minutes from home!

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MP Flory said...

Aaahh..I discovered your blog and spent my morning exploring it! Your family is so cute! I loved the Hawaii pictures too!