Friday, September 23, 2011

Provo Canyon

Despite the looks on "somebody's" face... (Ella) we had a really fun time!!Mission accomplished.....4 sleeping kids all tuckered out!!! What's better than that?!!

One thing about living in Utah that I absolutely love, in just a few minutes you can be out of the city and in one of Utah's beautiful canyons. I love Provo Canyon! I think its beautiful. I love Bridal Vail Falls and all the great parks surrounded the area. We thought it would be fun, on Labor Day to pack some lunches and ride bikes through the canyon and just enjoy being outdoors. It was a really fun way to spend some fun family time! The kids loved it! On our way home we stopped at the River woods and got my very favorite,Rocky Mountain Chocolates. They have the BEST Carmel apples EVER! They"re not your average Carmel apple, but covered with your choice of topping! I LOVE THEM!! The kids got ice cream and we played around the River woods for a bit! It was a really fun day. I kind of felt like we were on a vacation of some sort! Utah is so beautiful in the summer and the coming of fall.There's so much to do within minutes from home!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first race

Jen and Lacie finished about 58 minutes and Corinne and I were about an hour!Before the race!!! Yes, we were WAY early for the race!!

I've started running with a few of my friends for a few months now. I've been wanting to run for a while and heard that these 3 girlie's were running at night, so I invited myself to tag along! The first time I ran with them was 3 miles. I really thought I was going to die. And they TALKED the whole time. I was wondering how on earth am I going to keep up with them and have a conversation at the same time? Little by little and with practice and running about 3X's a week, I've gotten better! We're now running almost 9 miles and have decided to run the Provo Half Marathon in October! Over Labor day we ran our 1st 10k in Payson! I'm not fast by any means,but I finished without stopping (with Corinne at my side!) Its been fun to see my progress and to get better! I have really enjoyed getting to know these laddies better! I'm able to run and actually have a conversation with them! I've caught the runner's high and have made 3 great friends as well.

Ella's first day of preschool

Ella has patiently been waiting for preschool to start! She's been watching Walker and Lilly leave every morning for school and just wants to go with them! Now, it was finally her turn and she was excited!!She got dressed quick and easy and was super happy!However, when we pulled up to Mrs. Tiffany's she got a little less excited and by the time we reached the door to her class, she was ready to go back home! First day jitters!! But she did really good! She didn't take hold of my leg with a vice grasp (Like Walker did!) and she didn't cry in hysterics
(Like Lilly did!) Oddly enough, she was my easiest!!
Preschool goes from 9:00 11:30 (just long enough for me to clean up the kitchen, get ready for the day and put Hudson down for a nap. When I picked her up and asked if she had fun,she said "Not really." All this waiting for school start and all I get is a ,"Not really!" I guess we"ll wait and see how day 2 goes!! Mrs. Tiffany has had 3 of my children now, and they ALL have adored her!! She's a great teacher and really loves these sweet preschool kids! Day 2 will be on Tuesday. Should I expect another "not really" day -or the usual crying and screaming kind of day!?

Ella all ready for preschool.....
She was super excited for Mrs. Tiffany"s class!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zions Trip

The whole clan,after our hike!!
Yes, I hiked with Hudson the whole way!!!
Swimming is the best after an afternoon of hiking!!! Actually,swimming is just plain the BEST!!Walker and Lilly swimming!

Walker and his mighty muscles on the slide!!! I'm so glad I dont really have to worry about him in the water. He's turned into such a great swimmer! I have a hard enough time keeping track of the other 3. Its exhausting!Steve and Gabe doing a "Whos wave/splash is the bigger?" Hmmm...its a close call guys.....
But I think Gabe won!!!! *****ACTION SHOTS!!!!******
Just havin fun in the pool!

Lilly's favorite part was the zip lining! She absolutely loved it!
My favorites!!! I love these two!!
Horseback riding! I didn't get a picture of all us girls on the horses. All I can say is, I was so sore the next day!!

Back in March (for spring break) we had a great trip planned for Zions with the Reids and Swasey family.When we got there, it was covered in snow and freezing weather.We stayed one night and packed up our stuff, and had our spring break in warmer,more "spring break weather"-St.George. We basically had a voucher they gave us to return to the resort,and that's exactly what we did. This time around, we decided to just get ONE BIG CABIN AND ALL OF US STAY TOGETHER!!! We had the best time! The cabin was big and beautiful and fit us all comfortably.The kids had a blast picking their room and sleeping all over this beautiful cabin! The "BIG" kids a.k.a the "adults" had a blast staying up way to late just laughing our guts out and hanging out! Not to mention all the food we ate over the weekend! Zions was packed full of fun activities, food, and laughing until my stomach hurt! Over the weekend we hiked beautiful Zions, swam, zip lined, went horse back riding, bungi- jumping and just hung out!!! It was really a fun trip. I love these friends!