Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st day of school

Walker all ready for 2nd grade!!!

Lilly was a little nervous,but so ready to start 1st grade!!!!
Our "BIG" kids,going to school ALL DAY!!!!

Miss. Lilly all ready to begin 1st grade!!!
You know your ready for school to start when all your children do from morning 'til night is pesture and fight with one another.

Its time for school to start when their little brains start turning to mush....

When their summer clothes are getting too short and small

When Lilly's hair is the color of the sun rays...

When we ALL are in need of some kind of schedule....

When the kids are sick of going to the pool....

And bums are the color of Ivory and thier back sides look like like they belong to another race....I do love that!!

It was time for school to start at the Atkin house .

Walker started Second grade. Lilly is now in FIRST ! Ella will be starting PRE-SCHOOL in a few weeks.
Tyler gave all the kids a wonderful Fathers blessing on Sunday,before school. What a specail gift to be able to do that! The blessing were perfect and I felt comforted knowing my two oldest will be gone,out of the house ALL DAY!!! There was a special spirit in our home when Tyler blessed each of them.

Walker and Lilly were super excited for school to start. And so was I!! They both woke up early, and were dressed and ready to go! lets see if they're still doing that in December!!! They both seem to have great teachers and were really looking forward to a great year!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Walker as one of the BYU fans!!! He's excited to go to the games and have the season start!!
Peyton and Walker....The ladies man!!!!
Walker loves sports and loves BYU sports even more!! He really loves anything anything BYU. I'm not sure where he gets it, but its fun for him! He went with his friend Peyton to meet the new BYU football players and the team. He got his favorite BYU hat signed and autographed by all the players. He thought it was pretty cool. He got a big grin when I asked if any cute cheerleaders were there! I'm glad he had fun!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baptism Day for Walker

A beaming mom ,walker and dad!!! Cant you just tell he has the Holy spirit with him now!!! (wink)....
The Passey grandparents and the Atkin grandparents and....Great Grandpa Atkin!!!!
I never thought the time would come to baptize Walker. One reason,he said "NO" for so long and that he didnt want to get baptized. And two,its just come so fast! For what seems like forever we've been talking with the Pynes about doing a double baptism with the boys. They're only 10 days apart and have grown up at each others side.Of coarse a double baptism seemed like a perfect idea! With Uncle John in army ,and knowing in the near future they would possibly be moving SOON, we didn't know if it could all come together. But it did! And it was so great.

The night before (Friday) I finally got diagnosed with Tonsillitis. I say finally, because I had previously gone to 2 different doctor's here in town and they just kept treating me for something I didn't have. Therefore, I have been feeling like crap for almost 3 weeks, THANK YOU MORON DOCTORS!! Anyway, I went back to my great Doctor in Orem, and he took one lookie and said,"Looks like Tonsillitis." I got a shot in my bum and a prescription for antibiotics and was out the door. THANK YOU GREAT DOCTOR!!! Needless to say, I was bed ridden and sick the day before the baptism ,and the Pynes were living in a hotel until they can close on their house in Arizona. Great timing ,right?!!! Thank goodness my family was here in town,and they just took over while I slept! THANK YOU GREAT FAMILY!!!

We had a lot of family come from mostly out of town. It meant so much to us have our families here.
We had Grandpa Pyne and my dad do the talks on baptism and the holy ghost. They did such a great job and the spirit was so present there! Grandma Pyne sang a song she wrote about baptism and it was beautiful!

I'm so proud of Walker for making the choice to get baptized! He was beaming when he came out of the water! He's such a fun boy to have around. And I'm so excited to see what he's going to in the future! Being baptized really is the first step! We had a great day with family and friends. We have such wonderful people in our lives. I just feel blessed!!!
Walker and Patriot were so proud of the boys your growing up to be!!! Keep making these good choices!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The month of Parades

Claire,Ella and Lilly enjoying the Pioneer day Parade in Spanish Fork,
This is so cute too me!
Ella and Dad.....

Lilly and Claire...
Lilly,Claire, and Grace cheering it on . Go High Altitude cheer and Tumbling!!!
Peace out Walker!
In the 10 years Tyler and I have been married we have managed to attend ZEREO parades. I guess you could say we were the kind of people that avoided parades. Really who wants to get up at the crack pf dawn for a good space on the side of the road? And fight the traffic and lets not even mention the heat of a parade! So to say we went to three parades in a month is an accomplishment of the some kind!! And to admit that I now Love parades! Lilly was cheering in her first parade over Pioneer day,in Mapelton. It actually was a lot of fun! (Except for the car ride home ,when Hudson barfed all over the car.) We also went to the Provo days parade in....Provo with a few of our friends. And last but not least the Spanish Fork days parade in....Good 'ol Spanish Fork! I love the crowds and the fun energy of supporting your town and yelling and cheering for the people you know on the floats. I forgot how obnoxious I am capable of being!! Its actually fun!! It was so much fun watching Lilly cheer down Main street and having such a good time! I have had a change of heart!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mr. Mess

A now content and happy baby,after enjoying a fudge popsicle that "someone" gave him to keep him quiet!!
He looks more like Jack the Ripper.....
We all adore Hudson. When Hudson wants something he GETS IT! With 3 older siblings around, he's learned how to manipulate the system, and get WHAT he needs/wants! His system is whining until he gets his wish. If that doesn't work than he'll scream and cry ,and that usually get results. All the kids in the neighborhood had fudge Popsicles. Hudson really wanted one! Being a veteran mom, I knew what the 1 year old was capable of doing with the fun,chocolate treat!! We were getting ready to leave for dinner and getting the car loaded up and I was looking for Mr. Hudson. I found a child that resembled him, but covered in sticky,chocolate mess. Now who would've given him that? I got a whole bunch of,"not Me's" and cleaned up a happy Hudson!! He's too spoiled for his own good. But Just look at his face....Its hard to say "NO."

Walker's 8th Birthdady

Walker has been on a count down for his birthday party. He really wanted to go Lazier tagging with his buddies.We had (8) 8 year old boys with more energy than I care to remember!! And I heard the words,"balls,and Penis" more times that I care to count. ( ahhh,Boys!) Good thing he wanted to go play lazier tag! They had a great time and we celebrated with an ice cream cake and for Walker's choice, dinner was at IN-N OUT burger with the Pyne family!!