Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

The 4Th of July is my favorite holiday! This year was no exception. We started the day off by going the Provo day Parade. I tried to talk the kids out of going, but they wern't having it! So we high tailed to the parade with a few friends. I'm not a huge fan of parades, but we had a good time.My favorite is the annual "Cul-desac of Fire" Get together. The "cul-desac of Fire" consist of friends, neighbors, lots of kids, BBQ in the in cul-desac, water games,fireworks, explosions, fun, and great company. I forgot to mention ,theres ALWAYS the unexpected! We had lots of friends come and great food. The fireworks my neighbors put on are better than any city show!It really was a great day! And so fun!!
Now, when I mentioned before about the UNEXPECTED..... At the end of the night there was a huge stash of used fireworks in the middle of the cul-desac. The kids were putting all the stash of "used" fireworks in the middle . I guess there were some that weren't used yet. Now when you mix matches, bug spray, fireworks and about 20 mischievous kids you get the UNEXPECTED!!! There was a HUGE explosion and fireworks going in EVERY direction. I'm really surprised someone didn't loose their hand, finger or even a head!!! Once we did a head count, and made sure everyone was OK, we laughed. We had a fun filled day celebrating our country's Birthday! Happy 4th America!!

Aunt Addie with Hudson and Justice!!
Cute Jen Brower.....
Walker, ready to water slide it up!!!!
I love that all the men are surrounding the BBQ.....

Kimmy and Addie....I'm so lucky to have her!!

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