Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look whos going to get baptized!!!

Just a few of Walker's baptism pictures. I think they turned out pretty cute,but I know I'm a little bias!
Walker will be 8 on Friday and soon to be baptized!!

I never thought I would have an 8 year old!! For years Walker would tell us that he "wasn't going to get baptized" and that he "didn't want too."I knew deep inside he would change his mind. And that he was just nervous. I believe in giving my children choices. They may not like their options for their choices, but they always have a choice! We were not going to force or make Walker get baptized,but to let him make that choice on his own. The past few months he's changed his mind, and is so very exited to get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. Turns out, he was just scared that he was going to have to sing in front of a crowed and people would make fun of him. Who knew,right!
Walker is very tender hearted and has a really special spirit. ( I know you usually say people that are "ugly" have a "special spirit or a "sweet spirit".) I think I've always been that "sweet spirit!".... But he's still pretty cute with a "special sprit". Walker tends to feel the spirit really easy and loves Scripture stories! He has a lot of faith. I know what the savior meant when he said, "To have faith like unto a child." Walker KNOWS Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. Its a simple thing for Walker to believe.He teaches me something new daily! Walker has a ton of Friends, and I think its because he sees them as all equals. He has such a wide variety of friends. I never know who's going to knocking on the door to play! I love this about him. He's kind to kids in his class that have a harder time making friends. I'm so excited to see him get baptized! I really thought for a while, we were possibly going to have a convert in our family!! Walker is really excited for his big day. I keep telling him to just enjoy that special day and don't forget the special feeling you will feel.Walker is a one of a kind! He's just a good kid and I'm so proud he choose me to be his mom!!! Were really looking forward to his baptism and all the great things in the future!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hiking the Grotto

O'h the joys of being a baby! He gets carried everywhere,food cut up for him, loves anytime he wants it,someone to change his pants,2 naps a day. How nice that all seems... Hudson loved the Nature hike!
The whole family made it!!! It took Walker about 10 seconds until he was completely drenched. I'm surprised he waited so long!!!

Atkin kids and mom....

And yes, Ella is wearing flip flops....Pick your own battles,right??? She WOULD NOT put on her "tough shoes."
Its always fun when dad takes the day off. We packed a lunch,some treats and the kiddos and went to enjoy some of Utah's finest summer, outdoor treats,Payson Canyon . I love Payson Canyon,its one of my favorite in Utah Valley. Its just beautiful and Payson Lakes is a lot of fun as well. I love that its close and the drive is beautiful. I am still in awe that I live in a state where these canyons are minutes away.We really need to take more advantage of that!! The hike is really easy hike,so easy I had Hudson strapped on my chest! Whats another strap on the good 'ol chest? Anyway,it was really fun,the kids enjoyed the nature walk,and we participated in the Great Outdoors!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


All about our Lilly......Happy Birthday to our Miss Lady......

My Miss Lady turned 6! Its a bitter, but yet sweet thing watching your babies get older.If I had to find ONE word to describe our Lilly ,it would be......energetic.Lilly is full of energy and its non-stop.She lives life to its fullest, and I love it! She keeps us all on our toes,everyday! Lilly runs everywhere she goes. She has friends all over the place and loves all of them. She plays hard,runs fast, laughs often, loves allot, cries at simple things, loves all things girly and is in full speed all the time. She has the cutest,sweetest smile and such a fun personality. Lilly is determined and knows what she wants. Nobody is going to tell her differently! She plays the role well as a loving big sister, to Ella and Hudson and a nuisance to Walker! Walker may complain about Lilly and that he wishes she was a boy,but almost everynight I find them sound asleep in each others beds! Its really the cutest!
Lilly has been my little buddy for 6 years now, and I'm really going to miss my litte shopping buddy when school starts again. She's a lot of fun to shop with and be around. She Loves shoes and all things having to do with make-up. I'll take full resposibility for that one!! She loves going to the Clinique and Mac counter. (I'm going to be hating life when she's a teenager!) She loves her one- on -one time with her mom and dad.She can play Barbies and house for hours. Riding her new bike is amongst her favorite things. And arts and crafts is something she adores. She's been doing gymnastics since she was 3 and has really enjoyed it.Its been really fun watching her excell and do well. Lilly is really looking forward to being in 1st grade this year. She's super excited to do spelling words along side with Walker (He's less then thrilled>.) She loves school, and books and I think she's really going to do well!

Lilly is our sunshine in our home. When she's not around, its noticeable.(the noise level goes way down.) I adore this little girl of mine and I'm excited to see what she does in the near future. She'll probably conquer the world!! She's really sassy but sweet.I admire her determination!

Lilly happy 6th birthday! You are so much fun to have around! We love and adore you so,so,much! Just slow down a bit so the rest of us can catch up!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lilly Bug's 6th Birthday

Because being 6 yrs old requires a mode of transportation, Lilly got a brand new bike for her birthday!!
Lilly and her pose....Seriously, such a cute group of DIVAS!!!
Just having some fun-in the sun....Little Justice wanted in on the action!! He's no fool, hangin out with all the ladies or should I say DIVAS?!!!

Divas, Divas,Divas.......
Elle,getting in the rays.....Queen of the DIVAS!!!!
Happy Birthday Lilly!!!
Miss Lilly had to go and turn 6. I tried to stop her,but she just keeps growing up....fast!
Lilly wanted a water party this year,so a water party she got!! That's whats great about Summer birthdays....Parties outside!!!! Lilly had a list of 20 girls she HAD to invite. She didn't want to leave anyone out. That's one thing I love about our Lilly, she's friends with EVERYONE!!! (she gets it from me!!) WINK!! Anyway, we had 16 little girls here to celebrate,plus a few neighborhood strays! What would our house be if we didn't have a few strays,right!!! We set up the BANZI slide and just let the girls have at it!! They really loved it.It was a really hot day outside and the water and sun felt great. Lilly made out like a bandit on the gifts too! I guess that's what you get when you have 16 little girls over!! I asked her if she had a fun birthday,her reply "IT WAS AWESOME!!!" So I guess it was another success!! Now Lilly PLEASE stop growing up so fast!!! And Happy 6th Birthday!!! We adore you..... and so does Walker!!!

4th of July

The 4Th of July is my favorite holiday! This year was no exception. We started the day off by going the Provo day Parade. I tried to talk the kids out of going, but they wern't having it! So we high tailed to the parade with a few friends. I'm not a huge fan of parades, but we had a good time.My favorite is the annual "Cul-desac of Fire" Get together. The "cul-desac of Fire" consist of friends, neighbors, lots of kids, BBQ in the in cul-desac, water games,fireworks, explosions, fun, and great company. I forgot to mention ,theres ALWAYS the unexpected! We had lots of friends come and great food. The fireworks my neighbors put on are better than any city show!It really was a great day! And so fun!!
Now, when I mentioned before about the UNEXPECTED..... At the end of the night there was a huge stash of used fireworks in the middle of the cul-desac. The kids were putting all the stash of "used" fireworks in the middle . I guess there were some that weren't used yet. Now when you mix matches, bug spray, fireworks and about 20 mischievous kids you get the UNEXPECTED!!! There was a HUGE explosion and fireworks going in EVERY direction. I'm really surprised someone didn't loose their hand, finger or even a head!!! Once we did a head count, and made sure everyone was OK, we laughed. We had a fun filled day celebrating our country's Birthday! Happy 4th America!!

Aunt Addie with Hudson and Justice!!
Cute Jen Brower.....
Walker, ready to water slide it up!!!!
I love that all the men are surrounding the BBQ.....

Kimmy and Addie....I'm so lucky to have her!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

......Accidents happen......

The next morning,after the accident.With her new pink and purple cast.Ella has been such a strong, sweet heart during this whole thing. I had her sleep by me ,so I could cuddle and be near her through the night. I think she's going to milk every last drop!!!

Last week Walker started swim lessons, amongst other summer activities going on, it was BUSY. On Wednesday, we were loading the car up after swim lessons, Loading up I mean the stroller, swim towels,water, and my 4 children! I opened the door to load up Hudson in his car seat and Walker started yelling,"Mom,Ella's finger is stuck in the door and there is blood."I closed the door and wasn't prepared for the amount of blood that was coming from my Ella's hand. Her fingers were gushing out blood, and the middle finger was hanging on by a thin thread. Walker was screaming and crying, Ella was screaming crying, and I think I was too. I remember looking at Walker and wanting HIM to TELL ME what TO DO.Then I remembered, I AM THE MOM HERE and Its just me with my small children.Lilly just happened to take my cell phone that day to her friends house (I'm still unsure why she took it.) The one time I desperately needed a phone, and I didn't have it. I grabbed Walker's beach towel and wrapped Ella's hand in it to control the bleeding. The thought came to me that her finger needed to be in ice. I stopped at Glades Drive-in and demanded a cup of ice.I got her finger in ice and headed for the Insta-Care ,that was just a block away. They were unable to treat her there and I was sent to next hospital in Payson. I was able to call Tyler and tell him to meet me at the hospital. I think he could hear it in my voice that it was serious. Unfortunately, he was about 45 minutes away in American Fork. .I once again loaded up my Ella and headed to the next hospital. I had Walker in the front seat and he was white as ghost and crying. He held my hand and we sang Primary songs to try to have some kind of spirit in the car, The whole time I just thought,"Please Heavenly Father let her be alright." I told Walker to just keep praying for her. By the time we got to the Payson Hospital, Hudson was asleep. I told the other children to stay in the car and watch a movie, as I took Ella into the Er.A few minutes later a nurse walked in with my other children. It was crazy and hectic as I tried to balance a hurt Ella, an emotional Walker and my busy 14 month old,Hudson. The Dr.s at this hospital were able to numb her finger and get her comfortable. But we still had the problem,her finger was barley hanging on and the bone was sticking out.Nobody on call felt comfortable enough to work on her finger. By the time Tyler got there, they were about done with Ella. Our next move was to go to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake. We needed a specialist and surgery. What a nightmare! By this time, I was a complete emotional mess. Tyler finished up the paperwork at the hospital and I took the other kids home and tried to figure out what I was was going to do with the other children.I really couldn't even think straight at this point. There was blood all over my clothes and my car. I felt so responsible for this. I wished I could take away her pain and have it be me.

When I got home I text my neighbors daughter to see if she could come and watch my kids while we take Ella to the hospital. Within minutes her dad was over at my house ready to do whatever was needed. I packed a small bag for Ella and when Tyler got home, we left for Salt Lake.By now, Ella's fingers were numbed and bandaged and her pain stopped for the time being. Thank goodness! There is NOTHING worse than watching your child immersed in pain and there's nothing you can do.The surgeons at Primary Children's were ready for us as soon as we got there. We met with a few surgeons and specialist and they needed to do surgery as soon as possible.They did everything to make her comfortable by bringing in a movie, and stickers, stuffed animals. They really are the best. It was so hard watching them put her to sleep and try to figure out how to mend her finger. I had to leave. I just couldn't handle it.Tyler who must have the"stomach of steel" stayed and supervised the whole surgery. The surgeon was able to re-attach her finger,but he didn't seem very hopeful that her body was going to accept it. In fact he gave us a 25% chance of her finger actually making it. Not a great percentage. I was so sad for my little girl.

Back at home,my wonderful friends and neighbors took control of my home and children. I couldn't have delegated a thing at this point. But my dear friends knew EXACTLY what I needed and took charge. What a blessing! Each of the children were well taken care of and plans were made for them to sleep over. One of my neighbors even had a HOT,HOMEMADE MEAL for us when we arrived home at MIDNIGHT. Seriously,who does that?!! I dont think I mentioned, that Tyler and hadn't eaten all day, and forgot how hungry we were when we got home. I don't know what I would've done w/o them. A couple hours later,Ella was allowed to come home. Her whole hand was in a very uncomfortable looking,pink and purple cast. The doctors and surgeons told us to expect a lot of pain,long nights and even longer days. But she has been such a trooper!

Once the word spread around to our families and ward members the support and love really came through. We had dinners made, and gifts,sweet notes, and prayers. We felt such an out pour of love. As a family we prayed allot. As a mother of a hurt child, I prayed every minute I could.We asked all our friends and family to pray for our Ella. She had a priesthood blessing. We did a special fast for her. Ella never complained of any pain....NEVER!!! She has been a happy little girl, with a big cast on. Not having her in pain was such an enormous blessing. There is nothing harder than watching you babies suffer. And I know through prayers she was able to be pain free.There was such a sense of comfort in our home. We could feel the prayers of our loved ones. I could feel the love my Heavenly Father has for me and my family. We are watched over, and loved. Ella was going to alright,regardless of the outcome.

Through a lot of prayer and some guidance,I found a Orthopedic Surgeon that specializes in children's hands. Tyler took her to follow up appointment, I stayed home and waited. Tyler said the appointment was "an adventure." BUT the surgeon was really optimistic that her finger was going to be OK. Its obviously going to be deformed, but it looked as if it was going to be functional! I cried tears of joy,relief and thankfulness. She still has a LONG road to recovery and its not going to be pretty. We had to change her bandages last night and I literally passed out just by looking at it. Her poor finger is black, and looks dead and mangled. But its going to OK. Were still praying for her full recovery.

As a mother , I wish I could take away her pain and have it be upon me. I would do anything to take it away. I am so grateful for the out pour of friendship and love we had. I have amazing people in my life.We have wonderful families. We have the gospel and the power of the priesthood. I cant imagine this trial without the priesthood, prayer, and our Savior....what a blessing! I know trials make us stronger and as a family we really united and came together. Walker did his first fast on Sunday and made it through the ENTIRE day! It was hard for him, but he did it! We were so proud of him. The spirit is so present in our home. I never want it to go away! Just a thank- you for all your prayers. We felt every one of them!I can still say,I don't love trials. I don't even like them, But I do love the closeness it has brought
me toward my Heavenly Father. It has forced me on my knees in prayer and fast.Our thoughts and prayers are still for Ella in hope her finger will mend. Thank you all so much,for everything.