Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 years= Hawaii Trip

For our tenth anniversary we took a trip to Hawaii! We had the best time! Just a warning:picture overload!!!!

After we took a morning run on the beach, we headed out to some snorkeling. This was probably one of my favorite things to do. The water is warn, the sun is hot and the fish are cool. Not to mention how hot I look in snorkel gear!! While we were in the warm water (its not California, were the water is cold!) A seal came out to play with the other snorkelers!! How cool is that?!! After spending a couple hours in the water we were water logged! I could do this all day,everyday! I loved it! I wish I had an underwater camera. Next time,right?!!

Like I said, I'm pretty hot in snorkel get up!!!
The seal that came out to play!!!!
I just think that is so cool!!! He wasnt afraid of the people,he just wanted to bask in sun as well!!!

One of my favorite days was our Safari day. We got up early, and met our group and guides that drove us to the site that we would be kayaking at. I was a little apprehensive at first. We've done these adventure like activities before in Mexico and they're were a total waste of money. But this was well worth the money. We kayaked down this tropical river for about 3 miles (I cant remember the name of the river.) The guides had great stories of old Hawaiian tales and were knowledgeable of the surroundings. Way fun!! Then we hiked to our next destination. The hike was surreal. We went to the same spots that Pirates of The Caribbean were filmed. And swam in the water. We also saw were Jurassic Park was filmed, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Pretty cool,huh?!! Than for the grand finale we zip lined through the jungle and volcanoes! This was the best way to see beautiful Kauai. We had such a blast!

Here's the start of our day,kayaking!!

Mr. Handsome along the hike....
Our natural water spring that Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed! I feel pretty cool that I peed in the same water that Johnny Depp did!!!
Feeling like a kid again.....
The water was really refreshing. This was one of our favorite things we did!!!
Just refreshed.....and ready for hiking!!!

Ready for journey across the bridge to the Zip line!!
View from one of the zip lines.....Isn't that pretty?!!!

Tyler jumping 18 ft into the other natural spring.
Zip lining into the water. I did this like 20 times and couldn't get enough of it!!!
Waterfalls we got to swim in.....

Just some of the beautiful scenery on our hike!!!

Does this look familiar? Pirates of the Caribbean ....
Once we were in Popoui, Kauai we spent the 1st day checking out the beaches, laying by the pool, eating, and really what ever we wanted! It was just a good day! I really tried to "live" up these days on the beach!

Dukes was one of our favorite places we ate at. I got fish there a couple times and I was impressed with my food every time!! So good!! Tyler even liked the fish,and that's really saying something!!
Everyone thought we were honeymooners!!! People didn't believe us when we told them we've been married for TEN YEARS. And its actually our anniversary!! Must be the "clean livin" in Utah!! Or maybe we just look refreshed, and tanned WITH NO CHILDREN!!!

On day 4 it was time to leave beautiful North Shore and on to Kauai.We spent a good amount of time on Waikiki Beach.It had a really different feel and atmosphere than the North Shore. I liked the "country" part of North Shore a lot better than Waikiki Beach....It was just so busy! Our plane to Kauai was delayed 3 hours! Talk about total frustration. I hated spending that time in the stuffy airport. Oh well, what you do!??? But when we got to Kauai I was blown away at how beautiful it was EVERYWHERE!!! This was one of my favorite roads on our way to the resort. I think its called "The Tunnel of Trees>" Pretty authentic,huh?!! It would be raining but when you got to the "Tunnel Of Trees" you couldn't tell at all! This was beautiful!

This picture doesn't even do it justice!! Its funny how quick I got used to this scenery,instead of desert landscaping!!!

Day 3 Waimea Canyon is breath taking beautiful!! We hiked this in the morning and spent a few hours admiring the beauty around us.I didn't get any pics of the the Shrimp truck we would eat at,but I will say this....they were delicious!!!
I thought it was hilarious,that instead of Seagulls they're are Rooster and chickens EVERYWHERE!!!

Flowers when they mate with a bird.....

Pearl harbor submarineTyler feels pretty cool!!!

Just one of the USS Arizona anchors! I couldn't believe how enormous it was
I'm really not posing here...ok maybe just a little! (wink) For reals, it was just windy!!!
We had a hard time saying goodbye to this place!!! It will forever be in my dreams.....
Yes, were the cheese balls that took OUR OWN PICTURE!!! Not bad ,huh
Day 2 was filled with going to the temple and the Polynesian Culture Center A.K.A the PCC. I was told that the PCC was really cool,so we had pretty high expectations. Which,I think were fulfilled. Our good friends hooked us up with not only tickets,but tickets to the fire show, and dinner! It was great! We had an amazing time!!! Pearl Harbor was a neat experience and I'm glad we got to go. It felt really solemn. I learned a lot!

These flowers were EVERYWHERE! I think they were Orchids?! Well, what ever they are I love them!!We spent ALL DAY at the PCC. By the end of the day we were tired. A 4 hour time difference can do that to you!!

My new boyfriend!!! You should see him climb a palm tree!! I LOVED the Samoans!

Day 1 : Since we were up at the CRACK OF DAWN,Because of the time difference we got in a full days of play!!

Turtle Bay was such a beautiful resort!

Swimming after a day of hiking!!
We were the only ones at this secluded beach we found!! Even after 10 years, I still think he's babe~!

The beautiful temple! Its every bit as beautiful as the picture..

1st day there: I was worried that it was going to rain all day. But the rain just comes and goes throughout the day.
Well we made it!! And I'm not talking about the trip to Hawaii,but that its been 10 years!! 10 years!!! I really cant believe it!! I remember when my older sister in law hit ten years and I thought,"we'll never get there." But we did. Its amazing how fast times goes. I wanted to do something great for our anniversary. After having 4 children and a dumb cat I think we deserve something great,right!!? So Hawaii !!! All I have to say is it was EVERYTHING I thought it would be! The tropical scenery, the food, great people, spectacular resorts,wonderful company, activities galore,bronzed skin,fruit drinks by the pool, sunshine with a misty rain, and NO CHILDREN!!! I think that pretty much sums it up!

We did 3days in Oahu up on the North Shore side. We stayed at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort! I LOVED IT!! And flew to Kauai for 5 days...Which I LOVED even more!!