Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Nothing Better Than the Real thing" -U2

1st stop....Chessecake factory!! Kirstin,me,Cindy, and Matt
Kirstin and I waiting for Bono!!!
Even their stage is amazing! It takes 4 days for them to set it up! We were so excited for this concert!!!
Stage...And were we were sitting! We had awesome seats!!1st song...."Better than the Real Thing." Who doesn't love that song?......Seriously!

I don't even know where to begin on this one! My dear friend ,Kirstin took me as her "date" along with her sister and great brother in-law to the one and only U2 concert. All I really can say is WOW!!!! They put on THE BEST SHOW I have ever seen! Hands down! I've grown up listening to U2 and have always heard they are amazing live. But being there and seeing BONO LIVE is an experience all in itself. I can mark this one off my the bucket list!! They were just amazing. And the energy there was awesome! Kirstin and I had a blast on our "date." I knew every one of their songs and just about lost my voice form singing, screaming and just being annoying! There's a reason why U2 has been around as long as they have and why they have such a HUGE fan base. You can count me as fan!! Anyway, we had a great time at the concert and ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. You cant go wrong with Cheesecake factory. After all their menu is like 20 pages and EVERYTHING I've ever had there is delicious! If you ever get the chance to see this band live,do it!!! They're worth it!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers day and strep

We went to Thanksgiving Point,Tulip Festival.However, we left shortly after due to fevers and the chills.
Despite it being the warmest day of the year,a bombing 82 degrees ,Lilly was freezing.Poor Lilly bug!
Signs I know I'm A Mom.....

1.If I smell poo lingering I always check under my nails first! DISGUSTING I,know but its true!!

2.I've had days when I go to the school office several times a day. ex: Walker forgot his lunch, Lilly forgot her kindergarten project, and to sign a release paper!! All in a days work,right!?

3. if I am ready (I mean completely ready) by 10:00, its a good day!

4.I call it Walk-Away-Power ...Let me explain- Its when I pick out 3 outfits maybe 4 for Lilly and she doesn't like any of them. I simply walk away..... Some may call it ignoring my child I call it BRILLIANT!!

5. I own more flats than heels now

6. Diet Coke is a miracle worker!

7.I'm still still having a hard time picking up the same thing 5XS a day! Its still frustrating,but I'm doing better at "picking my battles."

8. Nothing is MINE...I bought a new,lipstick from Clinique the other day. Ella got to try it out first. Hence, it is now all over the bathroom mirror,closet, and my sweet 3 year old. Thanks,Ella it WAS a great color! Key word here is.... WAS!

9.My pediatrician knows me by name

10. I've seen every episode of Wizards of Waverly, Good Luck Charlee,and Dora. And I like it!!!

Anyway, Lilly and Walker came home from school early on Friday. Both of them had red,flushed cheecks, and a fever. Why does a virus always choose Fridays? Poor Ella started complaining of a tummy ache and sore throat Saturday morning. By Sunday, all 3 of them had high fevers, sore throats and horrible attitudes!! Monday, was a visit to the pediatrician for Strep! That was a first for me. Taking 3 children to Doctor, at the same time! I guess I can check that one off my list!! Anyway, that was basically Mothers day this year. It was filled with cries, ibProfin, naps,and snuggles!! That can be #11-Mothers Day is filled taking care of my children instead of thinking of myself!!
Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful Mothers out there! I can think of a few that have been such beautiful examples in my life. And thank you to my 4 children for bringing me more happiness than I ever thought imaginable!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Lilly and Libby with Belle
Walker,Lilly.P.J and Libby after the show!
Just the 4 of us at Sammy's. Its a total college dive,but THE BEST SHAKES YOU'VE EVER HAD!!!
They inhaled their hamburger and shake!!!

On Friday we took the 2 older kiddos to dinner at Sammy's and to see Beauty and The Beast, at the Covey Center. Sometimes,its just nice to spend some time with with JUST Walker and Lilly. There was no chasing a baby around, or having to go and find my adventurous 3 yr old. We had a great time! The Pynes met us at the Covey center with their 2 older ones. We actually got to SIT and ENJOY ourselves! I was pleasantly surprised at how well all of them sat and watched the play. Lilly LOVED Belle's dresses and Walker thought Gaston was hilarious! It was just fun to be able to spend a little well needed time with these two! Well definitely do this again!