Sunday, April 3, 2011

Surgery for Walker...again

These are BEFORE pics....happy, without a care in the world! Sporting trendy hospital pj's.
Playing video games!!
AFTER..... Poor Walker! All the nurses loved his long,black eyelashes!!!
So sad....
But a grape Popsicle makes everything better!!!
A few hours later, and a few Popsicles later he's feeling better!!!

And ready to leave and hopefully NEVER comeback!!!
A few years ago(when Walker was 3 year old) he had an odd lump, like thing on his groin area. Being a first time mom I called Tyler in a worry and thought for sure he was growing a third testicle! Rest assured his man parts are all fine and good. He had a hernia. He had a surgery to repair it and the rest is/was history. Fast forward to now....

Walker now age 7 (almost 8) had another lump,like thing on his groin area but on his right side now. Now being a seasoned mom, I knew it wasn't a 3rd testicle but ANOTHER stupid hernia.We made an appointment at Primary Children's to meet with the surgeon AGAIN.He said only 1% of kids have double sided hernias. How lucky is Walker to be part of the less than 1%!!?? Yea For Walker! Anyway, he had to have another surgery and soon. Spring sports is approaching and he's been so super excited to play baseball this year. We needed a hernia free Walker to participate in the spring time games!

Walker had his surgery on Tuesday. Tyler and I WERE BOTH ABLE TO GO TO THE Salt lake hospital with Walker. I have been blessed with amazing friends and Tyler's parents came to help us out!It was such a blessing! Its a hard thing to hand over your child to a surgeon and watch them walk down the hall to surgery.I watched my sweet, beautiful son walk down the long hallway with the surgeon at his side and just prayed for the best.Fortunately, everything went well.
He woke up in some pain, and they gave him Morphine.I've never even had morphine.! It took him a while to wake up and feel good enough to leave. But after a few hours he was dismissed. He felt well enough to have IN-N-OUT! This time around the recovery was a little harder,but he's doing good!

I'm so grateful for the friends I have. March has been an eventful month and I've been so blessed with great friends willing to help so much. And Tyler's parents are so willing and loving to do anything for their grandchildren. It was really was nice to have them here. The kids didn't want them to leave! And each child got some special one- on- one with grandma and grandpa. I'm just grateful beyond words for the help ,the meals, and love that we had. You would've thought it was brain surgery by the out pour we had! I'm grateful and blessed that Walker feels perfect and healing good. Hopefully we wont have to do this again!! Now the tough part is keeping my almost 8 year old away from physical activity. I caught him sneaking a football in his backpack on Friday...That's our Walker!!!

Anyway, thank you all for your help! I just love you all!!!


Kerri Johnson said...

OH, I had no idea! Coop was wanting to play w/ Walk, but we thought you were out of town. Hope he is doing better! Poor guy!

Leigh said...

What the WHAT?? Poor baby.