Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hudson's 1st Birthday!!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to Mr. Hudson....Now watch him just destroy his cake!!!
Your only one once,right!!
Its my party, and I'll cry if I want too!!! I really dont know why he's crying!!!
And there you have it....the cake is now EVERYWHERE!!!

Happy ,Happy Birthday Hudson!!!

I really cant believe our sweet,busy,baby is already a 1 year old walking handful!! I have truly tried to sit back and enjoy every second of this little boys life. Except with him, there no sitting back. He's full of energy, and speed!! He's a handful.In fact we call him the miniature tornado! But one thing is for sure, we all love him to pieces. If he wants attention, he gets it!!
I hated EVERYDAY of my pregnancy with him. But what I got afterward was so worth every ounce of pain,ache,anguish and pound! I absolutely love this little guy we call Mr. Baby! I feel like I had an immediate connection with Hudson the second he was born. I have loved holding him as a baby,and watching him sleep. I adore the little baby noises he makes, and the grunts he made as a new baby.I LOVE the little fat wrinkle at his wrist and ankles! His eyes are a light blue, that tell you his whole life story!
Now, he's walking and into EVERYTHING, and he only cuddles when he's tired and ready for a nap. He loves Walker and his sisters.He has to be where the most noise is and where all the action is. But can you blame him?! Our family would not be the same w/o this little guy. Hudson, Happy 1st birthday!! You are loved and adored! You make us happy. You make us laugh. You make us run. You make me tired! And you complete your fabulous family! Your sweet face and smile reminds me of Heaven! Thank you!

Now, Please try to sleep through the night better!! And stay out of the cat food. (He really likes to eat the cat food!) And the toilet- is NOT your private splash pool. Other than that....your PERFECT!!! Love you Mr. Baby!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

The Whole fam AFTER church! This is as good as its going to get!!Church,as always was a real"treat!"
Easter Sunday!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break Chronicles

We had so much fun eating around the campfire;Walker, Tyler, and Lilly.
Hudson's first experience w fire!!!
The cute Reid girls.....They are so much fun!!
Heather, right before "the accident"
Big ,Brown bear!!!
Walker LOVED riding! Too bad I'm DONE with 4 wheelers!! Tyler will have to do some male bonding time with Walker. I'm selling mine!!!!
Doesn't he look sweeeeet in my pink, girly helmet!!?
The ladies.... Feeling cool, confident, and ready to go!

Becky's VIP Ride....PART 2 ....
Hudson joining us for lunch by the pool

Soon to be sun burned Walker.....Sorry Walker! I thought Tyler put sunscreen on him and He thought I did!!! Talk about parenting 101,right!!

Lunch by the pool....
Sun bathing mommas!!! Poor Becky, was in such pain but such a good sport!

The whole crew at the temple: 12 kids,and 6 adults

Our happy family....cant ya tell?!!

Just hangin around the grounds, waiting for the lock smith to unlock the Reids car. I'm just glad it wasn't me!!
Becky's new bff...pain killers
Day 4- Highlights....
* Practically beating Lilly in the temple parking lot for hitting her sister....again( I just about lost it at her.) Not that this was a highlight,but giving her a good spanking IN THE TEMPLE PARKING LOT!!! Then going to watch a "Families are Forever" video!!! CLASSIC!!

*Gabe locking his keys in the car!!!

* Becky drugged on pain pills AT THE TEMPLE!!!

* Cafe Rio lunch at the park.

Day 3
* A much better nights sleep.
* Swimming at the pool all day!!
* Just laughing all day!
*Watching the kids have an absolute blast in sun!! Much needed
*Swimsuit shopping w Heather. She's the best to shop with!!

Day 2 -This Day just keeps getting better and better....

*Unpacking and then packing up to go from freezing cold tempters to some sun!!!
* Driving to St.George.
* Going 4 wheeling in the sand dunes:Here's were it starts getting "good" I got the 4 wheeler STUCK!! Really stuck- On our girls ride. And the "save the day men" come and get it out!! Yes, I was a little embarrassed.

*Then getting on the back of Becky's 4 wheeler and Crashing.....BAD!!!

*Becky was life flighted to St.George ( nothing was broken!) But she was in so much pain.

*Going to the ER for 3 hours (not so much a highlight).
*Getting into out hotel and Gabe grilling some chicken for dinner.
*Night swimming in a heated pool.

dAY 1
For spring break this year we headed south with our good friends, the Swaseys and the Reids What we wanted was some sunshine mixed with warmth, laughs and just plain ol' good times!! Lets just say, at first there was very little sunshine and warmth but plenty of Laughing!! We first headed down to Zions National Park.Only to find it was COVERED in snow and freezing temptures! Not what we wanted for Spring break! So we unpacked our gear and made a "plan B." So the next morning we found a great hotel in St George and packed our stuff up AGAIN to head for warmer weather. Can you tell were deprived of the sun and warm Sky's!? Half way through Zions we stopped to do some 4 wheeling and lunch at the Coral sand dunes. The sand was so soft and it really was coral! We had plenty of 4 wheelers and plenty of kids, that wanted to ride! They loved it! Becky, Heather and I took a few of the kids out for a ride . Only after a few minutes, I got my bike stuck in the sand. We did all we could to get it out,only to find ourselves covered in sand! Awesome! When along 3 handsome life savers! I have to admit, I was wishing it wasn't me who got the bike stuck! But of coarse,it was! I got on the back of Becky's 4 Wheeler and we were having a great time riding with everyone, when we were going down hill ,hit a bump and lost control.I flew off the moving vehicle and Beck hit her Pelvic area on the front of the bike and then fell.Poor Becky was in and out of conciseness and in a lot of pain. We were so blessed to have Gabe and Steve close by to administer a blessing. Shortly after, the ranger on site called and had life flight come and take Becky to the hospital.I suffered some serious whip lash, and bruising. But I really couldn't complain when I had my friend passing out from pain.We once again packed up everything (we seem to be on a theme, of packing and unpacking) and started our drive to St. George.I didn't get the VIP helicopter service(thank goodness.) So the hour long,bumpy car ride was painful. But as always,I'm a tough chic and lived through it! If it doesn't kill, you it will only make you stronger,right?!

Becky suffered some severe ,deep bruising, swelling, and pain,But I think she'll be OK. Thank goodness for Pain meds,right?! Becky and I got to be together in the Er for a little bit. She wasn't great company ,due form being in and out of conciseness and drugs. But after being in the ER for 3 long, dumb hours I was ready to go suffer by the pool! But by this time it was after 8:00,so all I really wanted was some dinner.There is something so great about a BBQ at night by the pool, while the kids are swimming! You don't have a care in world! After the pain meds kicked in and a huge ice pack on my neck,I was feeling pretty good. Still uncomfortable,but nothing that a little pain med cant cure!
Becky, came back later that night and had a drug infested sleep! She was a trooper the next day. Crutches,pain pills, and all. Th kids started swimming at about 9:00 am til 5:00. Talk about water logged. BUT THEY LOVED IT!!! And we had a great time just being outside by the pool.We really just wanted to get as much sunshine as possible. Did I mention it was 45 degrees when we left Utah Valley....yuck! I'll take St. George any day! We ate dinner down town that night and got ourselves some frozen yogurt. 12 kids in tow is quit the circus show!! But it was really so fun! Even w/ all our adventures we had a BLAST. I couldn't ask for better friends, and fun people to around!! We already have plans to do it all again next year. Minus the 4 wheeling accident, and trips to the ER! It wouldnt be spring break with out surprises!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Surgery for Walker...again

These are BEFORE pics....happy, without a care in the world! Sporting trendy hospital pj's.
Playing video games!!
AFTER..... Poor Walker! All the nurses loved his long,black eyelashes!!!
So sad....
But a grape Popsicle makes everything better!!!
A few hours later, and a few Popsicles later he's feeling better!!!

And ready to leave and hopefully NEVER comeback!!!
A few years ago(when Walker was 3 year old) he had an odd lump, like thing on his groin area. Being a first time mom I called Tyler in a worry and thought for sure he was growing a third testicle! Rest assured his man parts are all fine and good. He had a hernia. He had a surgery to repair it and the rest is/was history. Fast forward to now....

Walker now age 7 (almost 8) had another lump,like thing on his groin area but on his right side now. Now being a seasoned mom, I knew it wasn't a 3rd testicle but ANOTHER stupid hernia.We made an appointment at Primary Children's to meet with the surgeon AGAIN.He said only 1% of kids have double sided hernias. How lucky is Walker to be part of the less than 1%!!?? Yea For Walker! Anyway, he had to have another surgery and soon. Spring sports is approaching and he's been so super excited to play baseball this year. We needed a hernia free Walker to participate in the spring time games!

Walker had his surgery on Tuesday. Tyler and I WERE BOTH ABLE TO GO TO THE Salt lake hospital with Walker. I have been blessed with amazing friends and Tyler's parents came to help us out!It was such a blessing! Its a hard thing to hand over your child to a surgeon and watch them walk down the hall to surgery.I watched my sweet, beautiful son walk down the long hallway with the surgeon at his side and just prayed for the best.Fortunately, everything went well.
He woke up in some pain, and they gave him Morphine.I've never even had morphine.! It took him a while to wake up and feel good enough to leave. But after a few hours he was dismissed. He felt well enough to have IN-N-OUT! This time around the recovery was a little harder,but he's doing good!

I'm so grateful for the friends I have. March has been an eventful month and I've been so blessed with great friends willing to help so much. And Tyler's parents are so willing and loving to do anything for their grandchildren. It was really was nice to have them here. The kids didn't want them to leave! And each child got some special one- on- one with grandma and grandpa. I'm just grateful beyond words for the help ,the meals, and love that we had. You would've thought it was brain surgery by the out pour we had! I'm grateful and blessed that Walker feels perfect and healing good. Hopefully we wont have to do this again!! Now the tough part is keeping my almost 8 year old away from physical activity. I caught him sneaking a football in his backpack on Friday...That's our Walker!!!

Anyway, thank you all for your help! I just love you all!!!