Monday, March 28, 2011

Identity Crisis

Our very own,Capt.Moroni.....
Sometimes when Tyler feels like he isn't getting the respect he so deserves from the kids,he likes to dress up at Capt. Moroni! It helps him feel like that manly, strong man again. He likes the stares and whispers he gets as he walks through the grocery store with a gallon of milk in hand. It may not be respect he's getting , but it makes him feel good!! What ever it takes to get through the day,right!!? O.k I'm obviously exaggerating!! But with all kidding aside, I think He really enjoyed pretending to be his favorite Book of Mormon hero!
Last week the the primary had a great activity where some of the scripture hero's came to visit the children. Tyler was asked to be Capt. Moroni. Capt Moroni is also Tyler's (and mine) favorite Book Of Mormon hero. He made a great Capt. Moroni and got the respect he deserved!! (Lots of the kids thought it really was Capt.Moroni instead of the friendly Elders Quarm president!) The get-up that Tyler wore is the ORIGINAL costume from the Capt.Moroni movie. Which in my opinion is pretty dang cool. Thanks, to our dear friend who does the wardrobe for many of these movies.Anyway, I thought Tyler made a great scripture hero! Now if I can only get him to take the costume off!!!

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