Monday, March 28, 2011

Identity Crisis

Our very own,Capt.Moroni.....
Sometimes when Tyler feels like he isn't getting the respect he so deserves from the kids,he likes to dress up at Capt. Moroni! It helps him feel like that manly, strong man again. He likes the stares and whispers he gets as he walks through the grocery store with a gallon of milk in hand. It may not be respect he's getting , but it makes him feel good!! What ever it takes to get through the day,right!!? O.k I'm obviously exaggerating!! But with all kidding aside, I think He really enjoyed pretending to be his favorite Book of Mormon hero!
Last week the the primary had a great activity where some of the scripture hero's came to visit the children. Tyler was asked to be Capt. Moroni. Capt Moroni is also Tyler's (and mine) favorite Book Of Mormon hero. He made a great Capt. Moroni and got the respect he deserved!! (Lots of the kids thought it really was Capt.Moroni instead of the friendly Elders Quarm president!) The get-up that Tyler wore is the ORIGINAL costume from the Capt.Moroni movie. Which in my opinion is pretty dang cool. Thanks, to our dear friend who does the wardrobe for many of these movies.Anyway, I thought Tyler made a great scripture hero! Now if I can only get him to take the costume off!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's the messiest of them all?

He's cute but messy!!
His favorite past time!!!
The look of self satisfaction!!!
Hudson is into EVERYTHING! ALL THE TIME!! I love this sweet baby to death,but he makes it impossible to get anything done around here. Every time I turn around he's into something. And I clean it up. He's been our busiest,fastest baby by far! He likes being where the action is, and being in center of everything! He loves his brother and sisters and just being around them. But his messes are anything but cute!!! Today I found 2 of Lilly's shoes in the toilet! He loved to unroll toilet paper in the bathroom but I think his favorite is getting a box of wipes and taking each wipe out separately! Doesn't that sound like fun!! However, he's a joy in family, and we all love him endlessly! In fact we cant stop loving on him!! He's hard to leave alone and not love!!

Its raining teeth

So happy to loose another tooth! I'm going to have to ask Walker for Diet Coke money!!! Talk about Mr. Money Bags!
Finally, the tooth fairy came and he woke up HAPPY and EXCITED!!!
I feel like every time I turn around Walker is missing a tooth! He's been working on a loose tooth for a few days now. I knew it was going to come out any day. He came home today from school really excited and with a tooth shaped necklace his teacher gave him. I'm sure 1st grade teachers love it when one of their students pull out their teeth! Anyway, he was super excited for the Tooth Fairy to come.Now the tooth fairy at our house has been ...How should I say it....A LOOSER!!! It took that darn tooth fairy 2 nights to come to our house. Like I said ....A LOOSER OF A TOOTH FAIRY! And I know that looser of a tooth fairy felt bad every time he looked at Walkers sad little face of innocence and there was nothing there in morning under his pillow! How sad is that?!! But the tooth fairy did arrive and did the job! (Thanks to aunt Jewel's friendly reminder!)Walker's front teeth are just about in and the rest of the gaps from missing teeth are coming in too. He's getting big so fast! Now hopefully that dang tooth fairy will just do a better job!!

When there's no school

Back when the kids were home ,off from a day of school we decided to check out the new Provo Beach Resort in the River woods. We've heard good things about it and wanted to see for ourselves.The place is a kids dream come true! There were all sorts of activities to do including an indoor wave pool! We mainly did the play ground, bowling, merry-go-round and video games but there's LOTS to do for everytone. We met up with our cousins and have a great time running around like crazy people and later we went next door to Malawi's pizza. Which was delicious. I would recommend it to anyone!~ We had a great time and were tuckered out by the end of all of our "family fun."

Ella loved the Merry-go-round

Lilly and Libby loved the in-door play ground
Walker and Patriot loved EVERYTHING, but really had a blast playing the miniature bowling!
Just Bowling....
And Hudson..... Just give him a bag of "stuff" to go through and he's in Heaven
The natives at MALAWI'S pizza

Libby loving Hudson..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Miss Ella is 3

Our sweet Ella turned 3 years old on the 5th! I just want her to stay small, sweet, and Innocent forever! I have completely enjoyed watching this little girl of mine grow up. Shes such a joy!! I knew the day I first held her, that she was "special." I know that every mom feels that way about their new baby. Ella had such a strong, sweet spirit from the minute she was born. She's our ''sweet" child or the Lover as we put it. She would love to spend her days cuddling, or as she puts it "I want to snuggle with you."During our days together she'll ask me to "stop"and come snuggle!" I try to stop what I am doing and give her a few minutes of my time. She melts all our hearts!! Shes got her dad wrapped around ALL his fingers. Not just his little finger. She LOVES her dad.She loves everyone and tells us all day, but ADORES her dad!! Its very cute in an annoying kind of way.(Tyler insist I'm jealous!) She loves to watch movies,anything Barbie and Hercules our her favorite! I love spending my days with her and our snuggle time! She's tender, sweet, giving and reminds me of an angel! I am so thankful that Ella is in our family and that Heavenly Father has trusted me with this sweet child.Shes also our little comedian. She makes us all laugh all the time! She does and says the funniest things all the time. Maybe its that's she's just bite size that makes her so dang cute and funny!
Anyway, She had a little birthday last Sunday. The Pynes came over for a little Birthday celebration. Ella's favorite food is sausage,pancakes,fruit snakes, and strawberries! So I made her favorite breakfast,for dinner! I also ATTEMPTED to make a fancy Barbie birthday cake. Too say the least, it ended up in the garbage before the Pyne family could see it. And Tyler made some quick lemon cup cakes! One of these days, I'll bake something that actually turns out!!! I wish I was that mom could make beautiful cakes and homemade goods. BUT I'M NOT!!!! Anyway, Ella got loaded up with more Polly pockets, and Barbies (these are her favorite things in the world!) And Grandma Atkin made the sweetest, cutest church book just for Ella. I'll have to take a picture of it. She had lots of love and we made her "special day." I love this little girl. She's so easy to love! Happy 3rd Birthday our Ella!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Ella a.k.a. "The Peanut"
She is every bit as sweet and sassy as she looks.....