Thursday, January 27, 2011


What happens you pray and ask for PATIENCE ? Let me tell you! You get a 2 almost 3 year old that wont go poops in the toilet,but prefers the Cotton feel of her Mini- Mouse panties. For the past 3 months Ella has perfected the skills of going "pee-pees" in the toilet! Yes, that's great and all ,but the one I'm really wanting in the toilet, is good 'ol #2!! Ella is the queen of stubborn,she's an Atkin! If she doesn't want to do something, she's not going to do it. For the past 3 months, I would count on her pooping her a panties on about day 3. It would be about 3 days worth of holding it in. You do the math of the extent of grossness! Those were the days that praying for PATIENCE wasn't really getting me anymore. She refused to wear pull ups, she seemed to kind of like the freezing,cold shower she got after messing in her panties and bribery, gifts, and a cheering squad just wasn't doing the trick.These were the days that were so beyond frustrating, and not to mention just plain gross! But, when I didn't think things could go much worse.Ella has gone and surprised us all. Just this week she has started going good 'ol #2 in the toilet!!! Just like that! I'm so happy! We've been accident free for a whole week!!!! However, when I am saying my prayers I have to admit I feel a little odd saying," Heavenly Father "Thank-you for the poo-poos in the toilet!" He's got a sense of humor,right!??
Anyway,asking and praying for PATIENCE doesn't really work....Dang it all! The Lord is going to give you situations to practice your PATIENCE! Your gong to have to learn PATIENCE! At least I am! Too bad there's not a magic wand that can appear and give the gift of everlasting PATIENCE! But I am learning! And we've got Poo-poos in the toilet !!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happiness Is...

* Reading a book 'til 2 am because, its that good
*Date night
*A home full of laughter
*A clean house
*slobber kisses from the baby
*A great work out
*quiet evenings at home with my husband
* Frozen yogert topped with fresh fruit
*Days when the cleaning lady come....YIPPY!!!
*Diet coke at 2 in the afternoon...with fresh lemon
*Chris Farley movies
* A new outfit
* Finally fitting into those skinny jeans after having a THATS happiness!!
* good friends that like me for me!
* Summer trips to the beach
* Girly movies I've seen 5oxs and still love
*birthday cards that arrive in the mail
* A potty trained 2 year old
* Small surprises Tyler does for me; little notes, filling up the car w gas all the time, letting me sleep in
* surprise visits from girlfriends
* the UPS man (not the man himself,but whats he bringing to my door)
*DVRs- how did we ever live w/o these things!?
* Freshly painted rooms
* A clean car
* Birthdays, I love Birthdays!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow storms

Our 4 wheeler even got stuck!!! I think this picture is kinda funny!! He was using the snow plow on the 4 wheeler and what do ya know,it got stuck!!! Do you think now is a good time to ask if we can move to Arizona?!!
Walker on the sidewalk.....The kids played in the snow all day!! Just glad and so excited that school was canceled!!
The view from our front door!
Its really quit difficult to explain to my family (WHO ALL LIVE IN ARIZONA) what kind of snow storms weve had this year. Instead of me using words like; freezing,cold and snow(like I said, they just cant comprehend it) let me just show you what we woke up too!!!

And they even canceled school!!

Family Pictures

Family pictures are great, but so freakin difficult! We wont be doing anymore until Walker is ready to go on a mission!!! Despite the crying spell from Lilly and insisting I was trying to make her look dumb(hence,why she didn't wear the "chosen outfit for pictures) And Ella being so grumpy, Walker playing in the snow and mud and Hudson not cooperating. I love my little family! And have pictures to prove it!!!

  • The whole family!!!

I LOVE this picture! My cute and sweet ,sassy girls! I just love them to pieces....The handsome boys!! I know I am byist,but I think all 3 are all so good lookin!!
Our sweet Ella! She'll be 3 years old in March. She's gotten to be such a pretty child! Enough said.....

Baby Hudson, 8 months old!! He brings our family so much joy and happiness and spit up!!!
Miss Lilly( Cant wait to be 8. But until then she can be happy being 5!) She was not happy about taking pictures, Despite her efforts she still looks sweet!!!
Walker has recently lost his 2 front teeth....and loves his new toothless look!!7 and half years old....and please stay that way!!!!