Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween party

Williams....I think the stoggie looks all to natural on Jimbo!
Welcome to our planet,Packers!Lady Gaga and her man slave!

were # 1 ....Go Jazz!!
Jazz fans......Go Jazz .Steve kept calling me William Wallace,from BRAVEHEART. Sadly,I see the resemblance!
Trevor the rebel! Who won the title, Most unlikely to be brought home to meet mom and dad!!The always inappropriate, Jon!!!!

The Packers love to throw a party, especially Halloween! This was their 4th annual Halloween party, and our 3rd time going! I think it was one of the best! I didn't stop laughing the entire night! But whenever I'm anywhere near the Packers, Rachelle, and the Swayseys I become lets say.....inappropriate! Anyway, it was a lot of fun,Im already thinking about what we can dress up as for next year.

6 months and counting...

Hudson at 6 months old,doing what he does best......Baby Hudson is 6 months old and a few days! He is such a sweet joy in our home.He's possibley the worst sleeper I've ever had, but a joy!!!He loves attention ,and being in the room where all the action is at. He loves his momma! Who wouldn't ,right?! After all I give him all the free milk a baby could possibly want! He loves car rides, and going to go get an afternoon Diet Pepsi! He loves playing with his feet and toes. I think its the cutes thing ever! He has started eating some solid foods(if rice cereal,apple sauce and pears count as solids) But he seems to love food! He makes me happy!! Husdon I'm so glad your part of our family.What a relief to have you here, and healthy. I love your sparkly blue eyes, they tell a whole story! You've already changed our family for the better. Your big ,toothless smile lights up a room.I love you so much! Happy 6 months sweet baby! Now just go to sleep.......Please!!

Jazz fans

Here they are....Rooting for their team! Go Jazz!
My husband LOVES sports.He loves to watch it,play it, dream about it, and talk about it!! In fact he wishes and dreams about being a professional baller. I think that pretty much sums it up! He loves (its a hate love thing!) the Utah jazz. Ever since he was a child he has grown up watching the Utah jazz. And every year he thinks they just might be able to win a championship, and guess what? Every year they let him down. So sad for him! Anyway,last April WHEN I WAS GIVING BIRTH ,having Hudson he asked if he could buy season tickets to the Jazz. Not really thinking (once again,I was giving birth!) I said "sure,why not?!" So here we are with season tickets to the Jazz. I'm not going to be able to attend many of these games(the whole lactating for a baby thing!) But Tyler sold a bunch of games and has a few friends that want tickets. On this particular night he took Walker. This was Walker's first time going to see any professional sports. And let me just say, He loved it! He thought it was the coolest!Both Tyler and Walker wore their Darren Williams jerseys and rooted their little hearts out!It was a lot of fun for the both of them.So now we have not one Jazz fan in the house but two! Go team Jazz!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

False alarm

I'm not sure what it is about my kids and being slightly obsessed with the cops and 911.They always ask, "what happens if I call 911?"Or "what will the cops do when they come to your house?"
Today I had a surprise visit from the city police debt! Why did I have a visitor this morning asking me if everything was OK? Well, Lilly called 911 and hung up. Of coarse they called back and Lilly ran to answer the phone and HUNG UP again!! I asked her who was on the phone and she said,"nobody." She than asked the ever so popular question around our house," What happens when we call 911?" I explained AGAIN that 911 is only used for emergencies. Not to long after the not so random question the door knocked. We were expecting Lilly's playgroup friends, so she ran to the door and SURPRISE!! Its a policeman!!! Lilly ran from the door and hid in Hudson's closet as I talked with the friendly officer. She was so scared and trembling. I think she honestly thought she was going to go to jail! And when I say trembling, I really mean the poor girl was shaking like a leaf!! I think she now knows the answer to the question,"What happens when we call 911?!!