Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kindergartin for Lilly

Lilly ,with her friend Jade
Ella had to be in every picture. They are all ready for kindergartin!She would wear that skirt everyday if she could!

It was torture for Lilly to watch Walker leave and go to school an entire week before she got to go. So when it was time, she was more than ready. She's known for weeks what she was going to wear. Talk about being excited!! And then there's Ella who's 2 and a half that just wants to big too. Ella, Hudson and I walked lilly to school. Ella wanted to stay with Lilly at school. Some day your time will come little one! Lilly wanted me to walk her in. And lucky duck she sits right by her friend Jade. Lilly has many of her friends in class and has the best teacher, Mrs. Melove! After a few minuets Lilly told me to "GO HOME." What? I thought to myself. My child doesn't need me anymore.( how sad) She insisted again, "Mom, go home" So home I went with a small tear in my eye. I guess I'd rather her telling me to "GO home" than having a break down and wanting me to sit there with her. Pick your poison, right?

Lilly had a great day and loved her teacher and class. She's so ready to be going to school and loves it! She's getting so big and independt. I told her her to stop growing but she just didnt listen.

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liz said...

Oh heavens... she's so stinkin' cute, she looks like a mini rock-star!