Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I LOVE to LOVE

1. Clean sheets
2. a clean house( but it doensn't last long)
3.getting my hair done
4.A great pair of fitting jeans
4. The sound of my children playing and laughing(outside)
5.watching my children learn to be independent people
6, Tacos
7. Going to the movies
8. the smell of rain
9.quiet evenings
10.A work out that leaves you tired and every muscle trembling( Thats for you Liz!)
8.sleeping in
9.fresh baked chocolate chip cookies(my sis- in-law makes the very best)
10.the smell of fresh paint
11.a great book (and time to read)
12.My few wonderful friends I have
13.frozen yogurt
14.Family get togethers
15,nuzzles from my children (probably one of my very favorite things!)
16.Bike rides with my family
17. 80's rock music ex: AC/DC, Poison, Tesla, Def leopard and lets not forget Bon Jovi;who's still rockin out!!
18.Chips and salsa
19. Target and Nordsrtom
20.Dates with my husband
21.Having someone other then me clean my house :)
22. I almost hate to say it, but I love Spanish fork!!
23. A full tank of gas (Ty keeps a good look out, when my gas is low he'll fill it up for me when I don't even know it!)
24. Watching T.V and movies in my bed
25. M&M's (I actually hate to love these, but they're my fave)
26.Sunday naps ( This doesn't happen enough)
27.A good thunder storm
28.going to the bathroom BY MYSELF ( sounds simple enough, but its next to impossible in this house!) This also includes a shower by myself! And once again : there is always an interruption. And I'm not ruling Tyler out either! (Too much information!)
29.Obama ( NOT !!) I just thought that would be funny- How about BBQ'S I love anything off the grill
30.Going walking with friends in the cool evenings
31. A babies smile! Really, is anything sweeter? Even if its not your baby,its so stinkin cute!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Hudson

He loves walks! They comfort him and put him to sleep almost instantly! He's trying so hard to stay awake....

It amazes me how much babies change. It seems daily there is some kind of change that takes place. I dont want to forget this sweet time. Hudson may be our happiest, most smiley baby yet! We can get him to smile at any time.He melts my heart!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LABOR DAY= cabin fun again

The boys did their share of wrestling
Just relaxing...It got really cool outside,Ella seems to be more of an"indoor girl"
(wink, wink) Which thats fine by me!!

Ella's favorite thing to do is take a bath! She doens't like to be dirty.Like I said, "indoor girl"
Ella and Broody,theses could be great black mail pictures some day!!

Peyton on the zip line....
Lilly on the zip line.....

Walker trying to hide the Bebe gun he's NOT suppose to be playing with( Better loose the suspicious face buddy) I know that face all to well.It says GUILTY all over it!He seems way to comfortable with a gun....

Aim, shoot, fire.....

Lilly waiting her turn for a ride on the 4 wheeler. Lilly's not the most patient 5 year old, but she's learning!
Kirsten and I! She's like family to me,Just love her!
Over labor day we headed back to the scofeld cabin. Tyler and his crew needed to finish up on a project they started so we ALL decided to tag along. The whole Boxx family came along and Tyler's other 2 work buddies. It was a really nice weekend.We did a fire pit roasting s'msores, rode 4wheelers, ate, laughed, talked and did the zip line. Walker and Peyton shot their Bebe guns and the smaller children basically broke or tried to destroy what ever they could! It was almost like a seek and destroy mission,and their mission was successful! It was a really nice break and fun to just hang out!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

There was a little lady who swallowed a quarter...

Not the best picture, but heres Lilly waiting for xray!

Last year on the first day of school we were at the Doctors office for Walker breaking his arm on the playground. Great first day, right?!!

This year on the first day of school we were back for lilly because she swallowed a Quarter!! YUP, a quarter! And the odd thing(if it can get any odder:) She did it with her back turned to me just a few feet from me. She started swallowing the quarter and then left the room. I had no idea what she was doing. I just thought she was trying to sneak some candy . A few moments later Walker came into the room hysterical,"Lilly is dying and chocking on something." I bolted from the room I was in and sure enough, Lilly was chocking. Without really thinking I Begin patting/pounding on her back and then she swallowed the quarter. Not quit what I was expecting ,but she was fine. A little shaken up , but fine."Why?" I asked her when I knew she was OK. Her response, "I didn't want Walker to take it."Oh to think like a 5 year old! I called Tyler at work and he thought i should call the doctor. The doctor wanted us to come in immediately. There could be severe problems,depending where the Quarter landed. They took some xray and sure enough the quarter was there! But they said it would pass in due time. Just let nature take its course! All the Doctors on call wanted to meet the little girl who swallowed a quarter. I wish I could have brought the xray home, it looked kind of cool! lilly has made a promise not to put anything in her mouth that is not edible. And Walker has promised to leave her money alone! We can look back now and laugh.But I was scared when I saw my Lilly bug chocking.Thank goodness she's ok. I swear angels are watching over this house!

Kindergartin for Lilly

Lilly ,with her friend Jade
Ella had to be in every picture. They are all ready for kindergartin!She would wear that skirt everyday if she could!

It was torture for Lilly to watch Walker leave and go to school an entire week before she got to go. So when it was time, she was more than ready. She's known for weeks what she was going to wear. Talk about being excited!! And then there's Ella who's 2 and a half that just wants to big too. Ella, Hudson and I walked lilly to school. Ella wanted to stay with Lilly at school. Some day your time will come little one! Lilly wanted me to walk her in. And lucky duck she sits right by her friend Jade. Lilly has many of her friends in class and has the best teacher, Mrs. Melove! After a few minuets Lilly told me to "GO HOME." What? I thought to myself. My child doesn't need me anymore.( how sad) She insisted again, "Mom, go home" So home I went with a small tear in my eye. I guess I'd rather her telling me to "GO home" than having a break down and wanting me to sit there with her. Pick your poison, right?

Lilly had a great day and loved her teacher and class. She's so ready to be going to school and loves it! She's getting so big and independt. I told her her to stop growing but she just didnt listen.

Walker's 1st day of 1st grade...again

Isn't he cute!?What a roller coaster ride! Last year we decided to go forward and send Walker to first grade instead of doing another year of kindergartin. Socially, he keeps up with 3rd and 4th graders. He's very outgoing, and has no problem making friends. Everyone loves Walker.He gets it from me! (wink) However, all last year Walker and I worked so hard every night on homework. More than any 1st grader should have to do. There were many times after his hard work he would get so frustrated with the grade he received.This would make him self conscious and feel like he wasn't smart enough. That's heartbreaking to watch. After a lot of council with the school's principal, guidance counselor,and teacher we decided to hold him back. To say the least they wanted to put him through 2nd grade. I didnt want him to hate school and suffer with self esteem .I have spent months praying and fasting about what to do. When it came down to making the decision, we felt good about holding back. He does have a late summer birthday(July 29Th.) We talked with Walker to see how he felt about the situation, and surprisingly enough, he was excited about. He liked the idea of not being the youngest kid in class, and not having to study so hard on spelling words, and being slightly bigger then the others. Bless his heart for endearing with us!

So Walker got Miss. Huchings this year for 1st grade! He's doing so well and having a good time. He was so excited for the school year to start. I love that he came home from school the other day excited and proud that he was the first one done with his math. His self esteem has improved and he is thriving. Hurray for 1st grade!!!

Heres what we've been doing

POTTY TRAINING.........She loves to go pee pees in the toilet its poo-poos she wont do IN THE TOILET. Its the poop-poos I want. That's the one that really seals the deal and counts! I have yet to give cheers of joy for poo poos in the toilet! Yesterday she had her panties off for a few minutes and thought going poo poos on the carpet would be a better idea than going on the porcelain thrown. Yes, I was upset and yes, it was disgusting. I've tried treats, bribes ,cheers, you name it,I've tried it!! No poo poos yet!! I'm thinking of giving up for a bit and trying a gain in few weeks. Shes scared of going poops in the toilet.Maybe I should set my goal to having her be potty trained before she goes to prom, in about 17 years!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My tangent= venting

I know I am behind on this whole blog thing, but I'm trying! Summer was long at the Atkin house this year. Having a new baby right when school got out was lets just say, challenging. To say the least, I was ready for school to start, and get the family back on some sort of schedule. I HAVE to have a schedule or the house just runs out of control, kind of like it did this summer. I think every little boy under the age of 10 has seen my breast feeding essentials at some point or another this summer. Thanks to Walker! Hudson is 4 months old and I think life might be getting a little easier or at least "doable" if that's even a word! He's starting to get into a routine or schedule of napping. The constant throw up or what some call spit up is getting better or not as often and he's sleeping better at night, THANK -GOODNESS! Anyway, I didn't mean to go a tangent but its been my life the past few months. I think I can do this 4 kid thing....most days!

Before I ever had children I made a promise to myself and my heavenly father that when the time came to have children that I would give it my all, a 100%.I wasn't blessed in my life with that, and wanted that very thing for my own children. Not a day goes by when I don't thank my Heavenly Father for trusting me enough to give me 4 beautiful and healthy children. I have been blessed. I know I couldn't do it with out the help from the savior. I pray I can teach my children all they need to know about life and the gospel.There have been many times these past few months with the grueling schedule of a new baby, that I have felt like a failure not being able to tend to all of their needs.I have felt the help and strength from my Heavenly Father.With prayer my burdens were lighted and I could feel the love the Savior has for me. I know I just said ,"I couldn't do it all with out the help from the Savior, but I know it to be true! Thank goodness for the knowledge I have of a loving Heavenly Father and a supportive husband! Now with all that being said, I have 2 crying children that need to be tended to or sent to timeout!