Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bath time

I got these pictures turned around. But this Is Hudson AFTER his bath. He's so relaxed and happy afterward. Who doesnt love a nice , warm bath?!

I wish I could scratch and sniff these pictures!!

I have a pictures with all 4 of my children in this blue and yellow tub. Hudson had a blow out the other day and needed a bath in the middle of the day. He's happiest in the water, warm water!! He's starting to get a little big for this tub of ours and I may be retiring it in a few short weeks....kinda sad, but not really!! wink, wink! Nothing is better than a fresh, clean baby!!!

4 Months

Hudson is now 4 months to the date!! Where has the time gone? This is when they start getting "cute." He's getting that baby fat all over, and smiling, and he started rolling over a few weeks ago. His smile is contagious along with his laugh. He has blue eyes like the other 3. I thought brown was supposed to be dominate, but not in this house!! We absolutely love this little guy to pieces. He's going to be a tough little guy. Ever heard the saying,"Tough love?" Or how about "Love hurts!?" He's been dropped a few times, stepped on, sat on, and gets pulled and tugged on regularly. That what you get when you have 2 older sisters ( its mainly Lilly,but don't tell her I said so!) Walker is really good with him and has been my helper this summer!

However, with him being 4 months old that also means I haven't slept through the night in 4 long months. He still spits up EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, He loves and has to be held all the time. I'm still trying to get off the dreaded baby weight.And I'm tired!!! I'm not complaining, which I'm sure it sounds like it. I just want to be able to look back and remember what its really like to have a 4 month old. With that being said, I love this baby to pieces. He makes me happy! I love his little face! Now being tired and fat I can honestly say, He's worth it!! Our family wouldn't be complete without this little guy!

Splash Park

A few weeks ago we went up with some friends to the Highland splash pond.The kids basically just took off and played with their Friends for a few hours while I got to catch up with the ladies. They were exhausted by the end of the day! What a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

Walker,Colby, Conner and cute Kelbi at the end of the day!

Tandy with tired Jada

Mel with baby Hudson.... I'm so blessed to have these women in my life. I just adore them!Lilly and Eveylynn...such girls!

The super Slide

One of my dear friends invited us to join them on the Pateenet hill for a few hours of fun in the sun. Not only is it some fun-in-the- sun, but fun with an ultimate water slide ! Pateenet is known for its great sledding in the winter because of its great, big hill. My husband has great memories as a child sledding down this exact hill. But in the summer you can rent the hill, hoses and water slide and invite as many friends your little heart desires. The kids had a blast going down the slide and running up the huge hill for another turn. Ella was brave the first time, not knowing what to expect. But that was the extent of her bravery. Walker and Lilly loved it. This is something we definitely want to do again! Thanks Liz for letting us tag along!!

Ella loves being in her swimsuit

Lilly loving the sun and the cold water on a hot day!
Lill and Ella Rosenbaum ( love her name :) Lilly loved the water, the slide and Ella!

Ella was a complete sweety with my Ella.......As you can see she carried peanut up the hill!
Ready,Set, GO!!!!Walker couldn't get enough....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cabin fun

I heard some giggling in the back(thats so much better then fighting!) When I looked behind this is what they were doing! What if I really made the kids wear helmets whenever we went somewhere! :)
Lilly getting ready to zipline!!
There she goes....

Ella wanted to go on the zip line so bad. Unfortunatley, its way to fast and she's too small!!

Walker on the zip line! i'm surprised he didnt bring his Bebe gun on the ride!They really do love each other!!!!

Over the weekend to went with Tyler to work. Lucky him!! He's been re- doing a cabin and thought it would be fun if we tagged along for the day. Its an amazing cabin filled with trails for 4 wheeling, a lake and they even built their very own zip line! So we loaded up the 4 wheelers for a few hours of fresh cabin air!
Walker immediately found a few Bebe guns and spent his precious day outside shooting stuff. He was in shoot- gun heaven! Lilly spent time exploring and once she discovered the zip line that's all she wanted to do. We did go on a few rides on the 4 wheelers which is always fun. She and Ella both loved that. Walker even put down his Bebe guns for the time being to participate in the zip line! What a fun idea! So overall we had a really good time.
Tyler now has "cabin fever" meaning: He wants one for himself. I'm not sure if we would use it enough to have it be worth it.But ,it was so nice to get away from the heat and participate in what the great outdoors has to offer.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walker's 7th birthday

Walker picking out his Air soft BEBE gun! Can you say ,BEST MOM EVER!! (Seriously, what was I thinking?)
Walker eating his birthday Hot dog....yumm-o!!
This picture really says it all....This might be a good bribery picture in the years to come!!!
Lilly downed her hot dog and was on the prowell for a super size drink of Sprite!!
I love birthdays! I love the excuse to give presents and have cake and ice cream, Mainly I love making that person feel loved and special on that particular day. Its the one day out of the year, you really should feel special! For Walker's Birthday this year he wanted to have a swimming party with his friends. We decided to do it a few days after his birthday. So I did a small(but fun) family party. Unfortunately, Walker was really grumpy this night. And a grumpy Walker is never a good Walker. He asked for a HOMEMADE chocolate and peanut butter cake. I don't enjoy baking AT ALL! But I was happy to do it. And it turned out. I also told him we could go have lunch any where he wanted, his choice COSTCO!! So we got hot dogs and drinks at Costco! I also took him to the store to pick out any birthday present he wanted. I knew what he was going to pick. His little heart desired a Air soft Bebe gun! Such a boy!! I had one rule with the gun(sorry, Air soft Bebe gun) NO AIMING OR SHOOTING AT PEOPLE !!! I think that's pretty self explanatory and a fairly simple rule,right? I guess not. I ended up having to take the fun away, because He shot the neighbor girl!!!! So I had to take away the beloved birthday present. He cant go around shooting people. This is when the grumpiness set in. Walker had a major attitude and we told him if he doesn't change his attitude then there wont be another birthday party. Walker's response," birthday parties are dumb, and I don't care." Well your wish is my command! It never pays to be a party pooper! Tyler even went to the store and got him a Lego Indianna Jones Wii game and a Lego set he's been wanting. Because of the attitude he only got the Wii game. So guess what one of Christmas presents will be this year? If you guessed a Lego set, then your right!! Walker was happier when his buddy Trey came over for cake and ice cream. He loved the Wii game and the of coarse the gun. Happy Birthday Boog! Hopefully next year we can party a little harder!!!