Saturday, June 26, 2010

Atkin Kids

I was just going to get Hudson's pictures taken but ended up doing all of them. I love how they turned out!!

Hudson at 6 weeks old!! He was such a a little ham taking these. He would just stare at the camera in awe.

My sweet Ella. And yes, she's as sweet as she looks....most of the time!Ella Brook at 2 years old.

Our spirited Lilly Bug! She is turning 5 in a few days and cant wait!!!
Our oldest, Walker who likes to think he runs the household.....he pretty much does! He'll be turning 7 In a few weeks and is my helper right now!!
The whole bunch.I just love all their eyes in these pictures. They didnt get those blue eyes from me!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Lilly and Ella just hanging out before school

Say cheese.....

Ella loves to do anything Lilly and Walker are doing. And she does a good job at keeping up with them. Ella would wait with Lilly for her car pool ride to come and pick her up for pre-school. She would give her kisses and wave to good-bye til the car was out of sight. Now don't get me wrong, this is a sweet moment. That's why I wanted to capture the moment. These two fight and harass each other 'til no end. But here they look like 2 sweet sisters! sigh!!!

Playing "catch-up" -MAY

May is the busiest time of year for us. With a brand new baby and all the end of the school year festivities I'm just going to do a quick recap of May and some of June. We have birthdays( mine and Tyler's) Our anniversary, Lilly's end of the year pre-school program, recitals, baseball games (Tyler and Walker) Gymnastic meets,etc....but I love it. Not to mention a new baby to throw into the scheme of here's to May

Lilly's dance performance

Lilly the DIVA.... A few minutes before Lilly was to go back on the stage a friend came up to me while we were watching the other little dancers and said Lilly was crying backstage and really upset. Someone had taken HER black leotard and she refused to wear anything but her own. We Had a "loaner" leotard but that just wasn't going to work in the eyes of Lilly Atkin. She wanted HERS. Obviously there wasn't time (or reason) to go to every dancer and see if they had on Lilly's black leotard. She was suppose to go stage in 1 minute and was an absolute crying mess. I was bribing her with the world and complimenting her to no end. When bribes and compliments didn't work I did what any stage mother does....kissed her, wished her luck and pushed her onto the stage!! Fortunately, she performed like a star and had the pout to prove it!!
Lilly doing a dance to "All the Single Ladies" Just look at that face...

Tyler's 33rd Birthday
Happy birthday Sweetie!!
Hudson at 5 weeks old!!!

Ella just loves Baby Hudson...a lot!!

Reading rewards for Walker

Walker waiting for his food!!
Ella loves the salad bar....who doesnt love brick Ovens salad bar?

Walker has come so far in reading this year. He was considered a "non-reader" when he entered 1st grade. With lots of practice and Patience Walker can now read. Throughout the year when they achieve a certain number of reading hours the students earn rewards. Walker earned a few certificates this year,but his favorite was to Brick Oven. So Walker basically took his family out to dinner! Way to go Walker! He's done so well this year and has worked really hard. Were really proud of him! This was also the first time we went as a new family of 6! Its definitely a circus now!

Lilly's Pre- school graduation

To say I have a testimony of Mrs Nada's preschool would be an understatement. This year Lilly has gone to Mrs. Nada and has done so amazing this year. Not to mention she has really love it. When I first signed her up for 4 days a week, I thought it was going to be too much. But she has done so well and has really just enjoyed herself. Lilly is really ready for kindergarten in September.
The program they did was great.They sang all the songs they learned throughout the year. Lilly knew all of the songs and was so excited to sing them for us.I just cant believe she is all done with pre school and will be going to kindergarten in the fall. She's growing up way to fast!! Way to go Lilly!!! You did so good, and we are so proud of you. Now stop growing up and stay 4 years old forever!!

Tyler's Birthday

This year for Tyler's birhtday we did a small family party.Lilly and I went out shopping for him on a Saturday. She is quit the little shopper and really enjoyed picking out dad's knew clothes for this birhtday! For those that know me,know I HATE to bake. But I baked a cake, FROM SCRATCH. And it actually turned out so yummy. Walker was really grumpy that day.For reasons I still dont know. Tyler got lots of new clothes that he really needed and a new pair of shoes! We had a real low key birthday, and just enjoyed some quit time together. Happy 33rd Birthday Old man!!!! We love you soooo much!!

Faith of a child

I love how Walker has such faith in his Heavenly Father. Let me explain where this is coming from. Its quit simple. There has been several times that Walker or one of his family members misplaces something or simply cant find it. Walker's response to this problem is," I'll just ask Heavenly father to help me find it." And sure enough, he does.Walker will go say his prayer and then tells us, " Heavenly Father is going to help him." Just like that!! A few weeks ago his bike was "missing." Walker said a prayer to help him find it. A few days later Tyler found it abandoned at someones house. Walker KNEW we were going to find it sooner or later.There has been several times this has happened. The most recent incident was a few weeks ago. I got a new camera for Mother's day.I had lots of pictures on the memory card that I have not yet downloaded. While we were at Lilly's dance recital, the camera was somehow misplace and missing. I had lots of important pictures on there, that could never be replaced.I felt like the camera was gone for good . Walker kept telling me to pray to Heavenly Father and we will find it. I was dong just that and still no camera. He would tell me to wait and we will find it. Well It been about 2 weeks( I had lost my faith) and no sign of the missing camera. Then one day I was looking for something in my car and just happened to look in the back pocket on the drivers side seat and guess what I found? My camera. I really don't know how it got there.I'm sure I put it there at some point,while still learning how to balance 4 kids!! Walker just said,"See mom I knew we would find it." All there is left to say is, I need to have more faith,Like a child!!