Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let the truth be told

The day before I was scheduled to be induced I was like any other "new" mom wanting the house clean and organized. I was busy all day doing laundry,scrubbing, folding,prepping the list can go on. We were all in the front yard enjoying the warm weather and Walker disappeared for a while. I heard him playing in the backyard so I thought nothing of it. A few minutes later I heard him scream. As a mother you learn which screams you can ignore and which ones are important. This was the type of cry/scream that sounded urgent. Walker is a pretty tough kid and generally doesn't cry when he gets hurt. I got up from my post by the front door and met Walker by the back door to the house. His leg was COVERED in deep red blood, his sock was completely drenched in soaking blood, and he was screaming. I know my reaction scared him, I just screamed and panicked for a minute. I don't handle blood well. I picked him up(the floor I just mopped) and ran to the kitchen sink to see where the blood was coming from and how bad the wound really was. That's when I saw the deep cut on his shin and saw right to the muscle and the bone. Once again my reaction to the situation didn't help. That's when Walker started saying,"I'm going to die." I knew I had to get my self a little more put together. I comely and rationally told him he was not going to die and everything was going to O.k. Then Walker asked if we could say a prayer to Heavenly Father( sigh). I love the faith this kid has in his heavenly Father. I called Tyler to see where he was and he being the logical thinker (thank- goodness) called my neighbor who has been through nursing school.She came over,saw the wound and knew immediately he needed stitches. Talk about a great neighbor. She cleaned the ENTIRE mess up and acted like it was no big deal! Now I am EXTREMELY large with child and there was blood all over the floors, all over me, and all over Walker.I sat down with Walker put pressure on his wound as my neighbor cleaned up the blood of disaster. Tyler came home and took him to the instacare and he had to get 6 stitches.

Here's Walker's Story:

During all the chaos, I asked Walker how this happened.His quick response was he tripped on a sharp rock.Odd, but I believed him.For the time being.Later that night Tyler and I got to talking and we both felt the story didn't add up. When we later asked him again, the story changed slightly but it was still the sharp rock story. The next day I went to the hospital to deliver Hudson and grandma and grandpa Atkin where here with the kids. they decided to do a little detective work on their own. They followed the bloody footprints that were out in the back and the footprints led to a deserted Swiss army knife that had been thrown down the window well! Walker might be able to fib here and there to his parents, but nobody can lie to grandma Atkin. When grandma Atkin asked him again, he started to cry and beg grandma not to tell his dad. He thought his dad would be so mad that he took the knife and played with it. Walker ended up telling grandma the whole story and later that night he told his dad the truth. Later he came and visited Hudson and I at the hospital and told me the truth.

For the past few years Walker has been caught several times with the Swiss army knife and has gotten in trouble on several occasions. Needless to say I think with 6 stitches in his leg he has learned his lesson and knows to tell the truth!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hudson's first few days

After 9 months of worrying about this Little guy he finally arrived. I was induced at about 9:45am and had such a great labor and delivery. After my water broke I went from being dialated to a 6 to a 10 in a matter of 20 minutes.All it took was 1 push and he was here! He wasn't breathing at first and there was a room full of specialist there waiting for him and working their magic. After a few minutes he was fine, and breathing on his own.They placed this sweet little baby in my arms and emotions took over. There was such relief that he was perfect and healthy. There is such a special spirit a newborn bring,there's nothing like it.He has lots of dark brown hair and pouty lips like Lilly. I'm not sure who he looks like,maybe more like Tyler. But I adore him and all his sweetness! He seems to be a good baby.And the whole family just loves him to bits. Lilly and Ella are having a hard time keeping their hands off him and ALWAYS wanting to hold him.Its better then wanting to hurt him,like walker did when I brought Lilly home! Our home has changed and things are a bit crazy right now. Hudson has his days and nights mixed up ,I'm looking forward to when he sleeps some at night and he is having trouble latching on the right way,I'm looking forward to that change as well!
But overall he is such a sweet,sweet baby.

Most of these pictures are of him sleeping. The only time I can really catch him awake would be between 10pm through5am! AWESOME!!!!!!!

Introducing Hudson Tyler Atkin

Meet Hudson
Born April 27th at 3:oo pm
weight 7lbs length 19 in

Absolutely perfect