Thursday, April 29, 2010


There's a weirdo that has been leaving comments, so guess that means were going to go private! You all know the drill, leave me your email,unless your the weirdo! And I'll send you an invite! Love you all

Monday, April 26, 2010

Its almost the end

Tomorrow is the day we are scheduled to be induced and finally meet this little guy who has taken over my body, my thoughts, prayers, actions,motives and soon to be sleep. This pregnancy by far has been my hardest physically, and emotionally. And to say the least I am so ready to be rid of it. I know once we meet this little guy it will all be worth it. There is nothing sweeter in world then bringing home a brand new baby sent to us directly from our Father Heaven. I feel blessed he has entrusted me with another one of his children to teach, love, and take care of. What a responsibility! So if all goes well, tomorrow is the end to whole new beginning. Am I ready?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

There is something about new carpet.....

There is something so fresh and clean about getting new carpet. I am in the last few weeks of pregnancy and nesting! I feel like there is a lot I want to get done, but feeling pretty limited on what I can get done during the day. The two biggest things were moving Walker and Lilly to new rooms downstairs and finishing Hudson's room. Both are now done! When we moved the furniture out of the kids rooms the carpet was disgusting!! Since I am in that "nesting" faze we obviously needed new carpet in the bedrooms. There is something about being 2, 5, and 7 in an empty vacant room with new carpet that just makes you want to dance if your 2 and 5, wrestle if your 7 and shake your booty if your at any age!! I think its the intoxicating smell of the new carpet and fresh feel of new softness under my feet I love the most!!

Easter Ready

For some reason this year Walker really wanted a suit. Why? I have no idea. I wanted to wait until he was 8 and getting baptized, but he knew what he wanted, a new suit! Within minutes at the store Walker found the suit, shirt and ties he wanted. He was a man on a mission! He does look like a mini little missionary with his new duds on!!

Lilly on the other hand took her time finding her Easter dress.I don't buy her clothes anymore if she's not with me. She has a closet full of clothes and wont wear half of them. Anyway, I let her pick out her own dress and she feels like a princess in it!

Walker was so excited about wearing his new suit he got up at the CRACK OF DAWN, showered IN MY BATHROOM.(Yes, we were still TRYING to sleep.) and was ready in his new suit all before 8:oo am. This makes for a really long Sunday morning, we don't have church until 1:00!! Any other Sunday its like pulling teeth to get them ready for church on time!! I guess all it takes is a new suit! I think he looks very handsome!! And Lilly looks like an angel!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Its moved!!!!!

Back in December I has having some serious cramping going on. The kind of cramps that make you want to fall to the ground and go into the fetal position. Not great when your preggers. But fortunately, the cramping didn't last much longer and I thought everything was O.k. Later that week I had some spotting going on and I knew things weren't O.K. I went to the Doctor and did an ultra sound and found out that I had Placenta Previa.( dont you just love that word?...PLACENTA) I was put on bed rest and had to take it easy until the spotting stopped. Not the easiest thing to do when you have a household to run, and 3 small children and one of them is a two year old!!! This having to "take it easy" and being on and off of bed rest has gone on through my whole pregnancy. Thank goodness I am nearing the end! I had my final ultra sound today and found out that the placenta has moved and is no longer covering the Cervix( another one of those words!) I am so happy with the news. As a family we have prayed for this outcome and I know Tyler has been really nervous about it. Maybe its just the talk of PLACENTAS and my CERVIX that make him nervous!! I'm so grateful for his fasting and prayers and the time he puts in after work to help me out. I know this pregnancy has not only been hard on me but him as well.He's such a good person, I don't deserve him. Just a little longer and it will all be over!! We just want to meet this little man of ours and bring him home to our family. Hopefully April will fly by and he'll be here soon.

However there was one set back.... The baby's measurements weren't measuring up to what my expected due date is...ugh!!!!! Are you kidding me? That's the worse news a woman that is 9 months pregnant could possibly hear. So I'm thinking my due date is going to pushed back. Not good! But we'll see what happens and what the wise doctor says.