Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marble jar=family fun

Chores is an everyday activity in our family. I don't expect miracles All I ask is to have their rooms picked up, or unload the dishwasher, or other small daily things that need to be done.There are times you would think I asked them to cut off their arm or something by the reaction I get. So I guess I do expect a miracle. Its not always that bad, but enough. I like to reward the kids when they do these things well. So we came up with a fun method that has "mostly" worked well for us. The marble jar!! When the kids do any of the following they get a marble.When the marbles are gone and jar is filled they pick any activity they want to do as a family. It really benefits us all! So last week the jar was filled and the kids choose Pirate Island.
We had a great time eating with pirates ( you'll need your gallbladder out when your done!) playing games and the atmosphere was great for the kids! Walker and Lilly were really proud of themselves and it gives them something to look forward to and earn all at the same time!

Here's how they earn their marbles
* Doing something when asked ONCE. Double the marbles if I dont have to ask at all!! ex:getting dressed, brushing teeth,picking up their rooms,wiping off the counters in the bathroom, clearing the table, it goes on....
* playing nice with each other
* A good grade
*doing something nice for someone else
*Being good at church( I'll even triple the marbles)

*It all sound fairly easy,but it took a few months to fill the jar!!

Cinnamin rolls and Never again

I don't enjoy baking. I find it complicated having to be exact on measurements and having to watch it and check on it.NO THANK YOU!! It basically stresses me out! But, on the other hand, I can cook just about anything! So when I got into the mood to make Cinnamon rolls a few nights ago, my family was just a little excited! Why Cinnamon rolls? I have no idea why I would want to do that to myself. Usually, the thought of baking something like this would be too much to even consider.The only explanation is I'm 7 months (almost) pregnant and needed to prove myself worthy!! So we baked Cinnamon rolls. Tyler got into the action too. I think he actually enjoys baking. He picks up where I leave off.The kids had a good time making their own rolls and rolling it out. it turned out to be a family affair.Lets hope the memories were good,cause it just might be another 7 years when we bake these treats again!! Surprising, they turned out wonderful!!