Sunday, January 24, 2010

6 months and counting...

This as close as I get to having pictures taken of myself at 6 months preggers! I'm not one of those gloating, happy to be pregnant moms' to be! I don't love the ever expanding belly, and swollen ankles at the end of the day, and maternity clothes....I'll be so happy to NEVER wear them again! Don't get me wrong,I feel blessed and ever so grateful to be able to have this sweet little boy come to our family. I just want it now!!! I know the end result is worth it.

I've had a few minor complications with this pregnancy and with Doctors orders I have to really take it easy.Meaning,NO PICKING THINGS UP,exercising,pushing things etc. I was put on bed rest until the spotting and cramping stopped. Which it has,thank goodness. I was getting extremely frustrated asking my 2 older ones to just "pick up their things off the floor." Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is! So to prove a point how hard it is for me to bend over these days(and I'm NOT supposed too) I had Walker and Lilly put a balloon in the shirt and try to pick things up! I think it helped them understand a little how hard the task is....just a little! I think they just thought it was funny to look like mom!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas Walker, you get surgery

The Monday after Christmas Walker was scheduled to have his adenoids out and tubes put in his ears! Merry Christmas Walker!! When we got there,Walker changed into the "special" pajamas and waited for his turn.The staff was great, and gave him all the attention he needed.I think there was one nurse that had a bit of a crush on him!!! When it was time to wheel him away,he become nervous. As a mom its hard to watch your child being wheeled away for surgery,no matter how big or small it is. He woke up from the anaesthesia screaming and scared.He didn't know where he was and had to wake up so suddenly. I felt horrible. He was still really sleepy and white as a ghost.But they did give him a Popsicle to help with the pain. Which he threw up 4X's. We had to wait at the hospital until he could keep something in his stomach longer than 20 minutes. That took while, but eventually we were able to go home to relax.

Walker's throat hurt for the next few days, and he was still so tired .But it was a fairly easy recovery. He's been eating a lot of popsicles and gets a small break from chores! We can already tell the days of saying"What" are done. He can hear so much better and seems happier in general.