Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

I love this not so little boy of mine! He's getting so big,way to fast! He's lost his two front teeth and is sporting a new smile these days. I love it!
And he's such a goof.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First snow

Here the are ,ready to play in cold!

Snowball in hand, Which of the girls is going to cry first!!

We'll Fall is over and winter has started! According to the weather. We woke up this morning with SNOW!! The kids were so excited,me.....not so much! I don't love winter. Anyway, the kids ransacked their closets looking for their snow clothes and out they went to play. They loved it. But I can promise you this,by March they're not loving anymore! However, snow is a pain in -the -you-know-what, its freezing, and just plain miserable but on the other side, its also beautiful,calming, and makes you feel like you want to turn on the fireplace and cozy up with a book and hot cocoa! Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sleep away

Sleep away,Hudson!Nothing quite as sweet as a sleeping baby! I understand where the term,"Sleeping like a baby" originated from!

Princess Lilly

Cinderella, all ready for kindergartin! Love you cute Lilly bug !
The kindergarten parade!
This year for Halloween Lilly wanted to be Cinderella. She is just such a girl! Forget being something gross, or scary. Its all about being pretty. but I must admit she made a great Cinderella!!

Every year the kindergartner's do a parade around the school in their costumes and to the Heart- stone manor. Lilly loved it! And I loved watching her! Threes something so sweet and cute about the Innocent kindergartners! I absolutely Love it! Just such a simple, fun time of life! Oh to be 5 years old again....

"Worse Halloween EVER"

Here we are, on Main street,
She should've been Grumpy instead of Mini mouse....
Beautiful Cinderella....
The fruits of my labor!

Walker handing out the loot!

Walker's words, "This is the worse halloween EVER....."
We have become a little spoiled with having great Haloloween's. In great, I mean lots of fun due to fantastic "fallish" weather. The past few years have been warm and TONS of children out doing their Trick or Treating. This year the weather forcast said Halloween night was going to be windy, rainy, and cold. Since we knew what we were instore for later that evening we took the kids in the afternoon down town Main street for Trick or Treating. Its a lot of fun. All the little shops along the side- walk hand out candy. Tons of people showed up this year,I'm sure due to the arriving storm. We finished our round before the rain came. By 5:00 it looked somewhat like a hurricane outside and was hailing the size of golf balls! This is when the," This is the worse Halloween EVER." statement came out! There was no way we could go Trick or treating in this weather. As Tyler put it,"Halloween is canceled!" You should have seen the kids faces when he said that! How mean is that?! We carved pumpkins, and the children (who have 0 self control) started eating all their candy before we even had dinner. This brought on a tummy ache(Walker) and the once again statement,'This is the worse Halloween ever." About an hour later the wind and hail stopped, but the temperatures dropped to freezing. Walker was feeling to sick to go out, Ella was so beyond tired and grumpy she wasn't going out and baby Hudson was asleep ,so that left Lilly. Dad and Lilly bundled up in their warm coats, scarves and gloves and went out to fight the cold for candy! Walker stayed home and handed out candy and watched a movie. We usually have tons of children Trick or Treating but this year we only went through 3 bags of candy. Lilly and dad still had a good time,despite the cold. I don't think Walker has really touched his candy since Halloween! That's what happens when you over indulge yourself ! Overall, I had a great time hanging out with Walker and Ella,passing out candy and talking about the cool costumes! It was good for Dad to have a little one on one time with Miss. Lilly! This will definitely be a Halloween to remembered!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hudson had a great fall......

Day 1...a few hours after our trip to the ER.
By bed time,around 7:00The next morning! Oh,this makes me sooo sad....
2 days later,Tuesday...It looks like someone colored on him with a marker!

I wont be getting the "Mother of the year award" anytime soon. Sunday was an awful day, it usually is! Its always hard with 4 young children ,But this particular Sunday they children were awful. That is for a whole nother post.
I came home after sacrament meeting to put the terrible two-er down for a nap. I put Ella in her bed and placed sleeping Hudson on the counter top, in his car seat. I've done this several times. The house was quiet and peaceful with both babies asleep. That's when I heard that horrible crash- like sound followed by a screaming baby. I got that heart in my stomach feeling and ran to kitchen to find Hudson face down on the tile,screaming. I felt sick to stomach. I picked up the baby and was relieved there wasn't any blood. Thank goodness. But that didn't ease the fact that he just head planted off the counter onto the cold, hard tile.He screamed for some time and I text Tyler at church to come home immediately. Thank goodness for texting! Before Tyler came home ,I took Hudson to the emergency room. I couldn't feel any bumps were he landed,but his left side of his face was so swollen and he started to get puffy and swollen. I was worried.By the time we got admitted to a room Hudson had calmed down and was actually being happy! The Dr. came in and checked his vitals and felt his head. He felt pretty confident there wasn't any head trauma or a concussion.But their could be a fracture of some kind on his check bone. There was an option of sedating him and doing a cat scan to make for certain. I just didn't feel like at that time that was the best option.I was able to take him home and keep a close eye on him. His eye was definitely swelling up by now, but he seemed happy!!! I had a small sigh of relief knowing his little head was ok,but still felt awful about the incident. Over the next few hours his eye and side of his face went from swelling to swelling with black and purple bruises. It pains me to look at it.But he's going to be fine.
As soon as we got home form the ER Tyler gave him a priesthood blessing. What a wonderful gift to have this in my home! He blessed Hudson with a full recovery, and he wont feel pain! I feel so blessed to have this gift form our Heavenly Father. My home would not be the same with out. I know this accident could've been far more worse. I feel that angels were watching over this sweet baby. Count our small blessings and the lords tender mercies! They're all around us!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumkin Patch

The whole family....even though Walker didn't want to be part of it! Sorry buddy, looks like your stuck with us for the rest of ETERNITY!!
Lilly and Charlee...Yes, I know this shirt is a tad too small for Lilly.I've tried tossing it away a few times. However is magically appears!! HMMMM!
Grumpy Walker.....
He really is the best dad. I'm still not sure how I lucked out on this guy!

Some of the pumpkins were almost as big as Ella!! She became oddly attached to her pumpkin. She took it to dinner, and wanted to sleep with it. I wont mention what the scene looked like when it came time to carve the pumpkin. She's just so dang cute!!

Walker finally got happy!
October would not be complete without going to the pumpkin patch. We were so lucky to have aunt Jewel and cute Charlee here for a whole week I love it when they are here. We can do nothing at all and still have the best time! Since they are from Arizona they really haven't experienced what "real" fall feels and looks like. And what better way to show them something "fallish" than going on a good?!! 'ol hay ride through the orchards! It was a ton of fun and everyone had themselves a good time. For some reason unknown to man, Walker didn't want to participate in "fallish" activities. Who knows? But once he got on the tractor pulling the straw coverd wagon he was ok with it. Moody kid! :) Each person picked out their own pumpkin, did a fun maze, and just enjoyed the "fallish" sunshine. It was a rally fun night. We ended the evening by going to some Ma and Pa diner in Santaquin.That serves the biggest and best scones EVER!!! They are yummy, but are they worth what the scale will read the next day!?? Anyway, we had a lot of fun. This will definitely be a new tradition we do every year!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween party

Williams....I think the stoggie looks all to natural on Jimbo!
Welcome to our planet,Packers!Lady Gaga and her man slave!

were # 1 ....Go Jazz!!
Jazz fans......Go Jazz .Steve kept calling me William Wallace,from BRAVEHEART. Sadly,I see the resemblance!
Trevor the rebel! Who won the title, Most unlikely to be brought home to meet mom and dad!!The always inappropriate, Jon!!!!

The Packers love to throw a party, especially Halloween! This was their 4th annual Halloween party, and our 3rd time going! I think it was one of the best! I didn't stop laughing the entire night! But whenever I'm anywhere near the Packers, Rachelle, and the Swayseys I become lets say.....inappropriate! Anyway, it was a lot of fun,Im already thinking about what we can dress up as for next year.

6 months and counting...

Hudson at 6 months old,doing what he does best......Baby Hudson is 6 months old and a few days! He is such a sweet joy in our home.He's possibley the worst sleeper I've ever had, but a joy!!!He loves attention ,and being in the room where all the action is at. He loves his momma! Who wouldn't ,right?! After all I give him all the free milk a baby could possibly want! He loves car rides, and going to go get an afternoon Diet Pepsi! He loves playing with his feet and toes. I think its the cutes thing ever! He has started eating some solid foods(if rice cereal,apple sauce and pears count as solids) But he seems to love food! He makes me happy!! Husdon I'm so glad your part of our family.What a relief to have you here, and healthy. I love your sparkly blue eyes, they tell a whole story! You've already changed our family for the better. Your big ,toothless smile lights up a room.I love you so much! Happy 6 months sweet baby! Now just go to sleep.......Please!!

Jazz fans

Here they are....Rooting for their team! Go Jazz!
My husband LOVES sports.He loves to watch it,play it, dream about it, and talk about it!! In fact he wishes and dreams about being a professional baller. I think that pretty much sums it up! He loves (its a hate love thing!) the Utah jazz. Ever since he was a child he has grown up watching the Utah jazz. And every year he thinks they just might be able to win a championship, and guess what? Every year they let him down. So sad for him! Anyway,last April WHEN I WAS GIVING BIRTH ,having Hudson he asked if he could buy season tickets to the Jazz. Not really thinking (once again,I was giving birth!) I said "sure,why not?!" So here we are with season tickets to the Jazz. I'm not going to be able to attend many of these games(the whole lactating for a baby thing!) But Tyler sold a bunch of games and has a few friends that want tickets. On this particular night he took Walker. This was Walker's first time going to see any professional sports. And let me just say, He loved it! He thought it was the coolest!Both Tyler and Walker wore their Darren Williams jerseys and rooted their little hearts out!It was a lot of fun for the both of them.So now we have not one Jazz fan in the house but two! Go team Jazz!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

False alarm

I'm not sure what it is about my kids and being slightly obsessed with the cops and 911.They always ask, "what happens if I call 911?"Or "what will the cops do when they come to your house?"
Today I had a surprise visit from the city police debt! Why did I have a visitor this morning asking me if everything was OK? Well, Lilly called 911 and hung up. Of coarse they called back and Lilly ran to answer the phone and HUNG UP again!! I asked her who was on the phone and she said,"nobody." She than asked the ever so popular question around our house," What happens when we call 911?" I explained AGAIN that 911 is only used for emergencies. Not to long after the not so random question the door knocked. We were expecting Lilly's playgroup friends, so she ran to the door and SURPRISE!! Its a policeman!!! Lilly ran from the door and hid in Hudson's closet as I talked with the friendly officer. She was so scared and trembling. I think she honestly thought she was going to go to jail! And when I say trembling, I really mean the poor girl was shaking like a leaf!! I think she now knows the answer to the question,"What happens when we call 911?!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I LOVE to LOVE

1. Clean sheets
2. a clean house( but it doensn't last long)
3.getting my hair done
4.A great pair of fitting jeans
4. The sound of my children playing and laughing(outside)
5.watching my children learn to be independent people
6, Tacos
7. Going to the movies
8. the smell of rain
9.quiet evenings
10.A work out that leaves you tired and every muscle trembling( Thats for you Liz!)
8.sleeping in
9.fresh baked chocolate chip cookies(my sis- in-law makes the very best)
10.the smell of fresh paint
11.a great book (and time to read)
12.My few wonderful friends I have
13.frozen yogurt
14.Family get togethers
15,nuzzles from my children (probably one of my very favorite things!)
16.Bike rides with my family
17. 80's rock music ex: AC/DC, Poison, Tesla, Def leopard and lets not forget Bon Jovi;who's still rockin out!!
18.Chips and salsa
19. Target and Nordsrtom
20.Dates with my husband
21.Having someone other then me clean my house :)
22. I almost hate to say it, but I love Spanish fork!!
23. A full tank of gas (Ty keeps a good look out, when my gas is low he'll fill it up for me when I don't even know it!)
24. Watching T.V and movies in my bed
25. M&M's (I actually hate to love these, but they're my fave)
26.Sunday naps ( This doesn't happen enough)
27.A good thunder storm
28.going to the bathroom BY MYSELF ( sounds simple enough, but its next to impossible in this house!) This also includes a shower by myself! And once again : there is always an interruption. And I'm not ruling Tyler out either! (Too much information!)
29.Obama ( NOT !!) I just thought that would be funny- How about BBQ'S I love anything off the grill
30.Going walking with friends in the cool evenings
31. A babies smile! Really, is anything sweeter? Even if its not your baby,its so stinkin cute!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Hudson

He loves walks! They comfort him and put him to sleep almost instantly! He's trying so hard to stay awake....

It amazes me how much babies change. It seems daily there is some kind of change that takes place. I dont want to forget this sweet time. Hudson may be our happiest, most smiley baby yet! We can get him to smile at any time.He melts my heart!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LABOR DAY= cabin fun again

The boys did their share of wrestling
Just relaxing...It got really cool outside,Ella seems to be more of an"indoor girl"
(wink, wink) Which thats fine by me!!

Ella's favorite thing to do is take a bath! She doens't like to be dirty.Like I said, "indoor girl"
Ella and Broody,theses could be great black mail pictures some day!!

Peyton on the zip line....
Lilly on the zip line.....

Walker trying to hide the Bebe gun he's NOT suppose to be playing with( Better loose the suspicious face buddy) I know that face all to well.It says GUILTY all over it!He seems way to comfortable with a gun....

Aim, shoot, fire.....

Lilly waiting her turn for a ride on the 4 wheeler. Lilly's not the most patient 5 year old, but she's learning!
Kirsten and I! She's like family to me,Just love her!
Over labor day we headed back to the scofeld cabin. Tyler and his crew needed to finish up on a project they started so we ALL decided to tag along. The whole Boxx family came along and Tyler's other 2 work buddies. It was a really nice weekend.We did a fire pit roasting s'msores, rode 4wheelers, ate, laughed, talked and did the zip line. Walker and Peyton shot their Bebe guns and the smaller children basically broke or tried to destroy what ever they could! It was almost like a seek and destroy mission,and their mission was successful! It was a really nice break and fun to just hang out!