Saturday, December 26, 2009


Walker has been waiting for ever to loose one of his teeth. He is one of the youngest kids in his class and feels like everyone else is loosing their teeth. Whats the dang rush to grow up so fast?....slow down, and enjoy the cartons, and playing cops and robbers with your Friends, and eating what ever you want. Being a kid is really the best. No big responsibilities,no real big problems. Just enjoy it! Anyway, Walker FINALLY got his first loose tooth and he was really excited about it. When it was time to pull that little sucker out, Tyler got the pliers(I think deep down he always wanted to be a Dentist or a doctor!) and pulled that little baby tooth right out! It bled a bit,but Walker had his first baby tooth sitting in the palm of his hand! Now all he had to do was put his tooth under the pillow and wait. And a waiting he did! That dang Tooth fairy was a bit of a looser,to say the least. It took her a couple of times, but she eventually made it to the Atkin house. Better late than never,right? December is a busy month for the Tooth Fairy!

A few weeks later he lost his 2nd baby tooth.Once again Tyler busted out the piers and went to work on his "dream" profession. This time Walker had the boss of all Tooth fairies....she paid on time( and paid mighty good too)and was even ON TIME!! Maybe the last one got fired....that's not likely! But he was so excited for his loot and bought himself 2 new lizards (that's a whole different post!)

Lilly bugs day

The Friday before Christmas break was a big day for Lilly. She had a dance practice in the morning and her preschool program. Both of them she was really excited about. She LOVES dance and is always excited to go. And this year for pre-school she goes 4 days a week for 3 hours. To say the least, she is doing so well. She knows all her sounds, and letters and is so close to reading! She loves Mrs.Nada and the other teachers there too.She has really taken an interest in books and reading and loves to sit RIGHT BY WALKER when he is doing his homework.( He doesn't love that!) I'm just really impressed with how much she has learned this year.

Dancing is something she has really been excited about. She loves everything about it.She had her little practice the other day and had so much fun performing! It just makes me so happy that she is happy! Today was all about Lilly!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Its not selective hearing

A few months ago Tyler noticed that Walker didn't seem to be able to hear very well. I thought it was more "selective" hearing. You know, you hear what you want to hear and tune out the rest!! But then a note came home from school straight, from the district hearing test and he had failed his hearing test.Not good news. So I thought maybe its more then not wanting to hear your mom complain about cleaning up your room or getting up in the morning. I started to notice there were times he really couldn't hear well. Over the next few days he started complaining about his ears being plugged. By then I knew there was some kind of problem. We went into the district audiologist and did some test,sure he enough he failed those as well.The clogged feeling he was experiencing was due to negative pressure on his ear drum and there was lots of liquid just sitting in his inner ear not draining. Poor little dude!! No wonder he couldn't hear.We have now gone to the audiologist 3X's and each time was the same thing. Basically, we needed to see a specialist.

Last Monday we went in to see Dr. Randall, who came highly recommended. He did a series of test and took some pictures of Walker's inner ear. There was LOTS of liquid that just wasn't draining.The Dr. was really surprised that Walker hasn't had more ear infections throught his life. Most children who have his problem experience severe ear infections. So I guess we are as few of the lucky ones. Walker only gets 1-2 ear infections a year. So the solution....TUBES .Walker is scheduled for surgery on the 28th of this month.I'm hoping this will drain the fluid in his ear and help him hear better.I'm guessing this will help him do better in school and his ears wont be bothering him anymore. Merry Christmas get tubes in your ears!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And the flavor is.....

We're having a BOY!!!! I have felt all along this one was going to have outdoor plumbing! We or should I say "I" had our ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks good, baby looks healthy and I'm just about half way through,,,,aghhh !! The due date changed instead of May 4th its the 8th.Its so reassuring to just know everything seems to check out o.k. Thank goodness,right?
Now, if Tyler and I could only agree on a name. He's being pretty adamant about NOT wanting the name I have picked out.Here's the candidates

Kim's pick: Hudson Tyler..... I love it!

Tyler's picks: Nathan Tyler (its o.k) or Mason Tyler( once again, its just o.k)

We'll see what happens, we still have a while 'til May gets here!!