Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had such a great time this year for Halloween. I think it helps having Halloween on a weekend. Our good friends and neighbors had a Halloween party on Friday(pictures to come later) But it was such a great time filled with great food, fun friends, entertaining games, and unforgettable costumes!! There was a lot of laughing going on!!

Saturday grandma and grandpa Atkin were here from Az! We love it when they come to town, its such a treat! So we had a full house when the Jess and Jason and their 5 kids decided to come for the weekend. And of coarse Adie wanted in on the fun as well with their 3 kids and Emily and Tom with heir new baby, Aubrey Rose! We had taco soup for dinner and cornbread, and lets not forget the dessert....CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! Halloween is such an odd holiday if you think about it! Walker is really into football this year,so he was a BYU football player, Lilly was a mermaid and Ella was a sweet little fairy! All the cousins went trick or treating together and ran from house to house! They loved it.It turned out to be really nice outside, which wasn't expected so that's always a bonus! Too say the least we had a full house and it was great. Its rare that we have a lot of family around on these occasions, so we'll take as many as we can get!! It was a great weekend!

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