Wednesday, November 4, 2009

15 weeks

We were trying to keep things a bit of a secret,but sometimes that's a little hard to do! We ended up telling our families this past weekend that we or should I say "I", are EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY!!! Everyone was really happy.I'm glad the cats out of the bag and everyone knows. Like I said before, its kind of hard to keep this one a secret. The main reason why we decided to spill the beans,is I need all the prayers our family's has to offer.

The past 8 weeks have not been an easy one. I have just been miserable! Not as sick as I was with Lilly and Ella.So I'm thinking this one is a boy!! But as soon as 6 weeks hit, I was feeling crappy.I do get that annoying nauseous feeling ALL DAY long and I can handle that. Its the migraines I get that I cant cope with. I have to lie down in a dark room w/o noise. That's a hard thing to do with 3 small children running around, basically killing each other.Tyler has been great at really helping out and picking up the slack that I cant do right now. I'm so grateful for him! Although, he is the one that got me in this situation to Begin with!!! Dang him!!! I think I am finally starting to feel better. That nauseousness feeling is just about gone in the mornings and I have an appetite again. Not to mention I'm STARVING all the time.But were doing much better now,thank goodness.

I know I have told many if not EVERYONE we are done having children. I deeply wanted Ella to be our last baby. I remember the day I had her thinking (right after I just given birth) that there is one more. I ignored that annoying voice we call the spirit and never told anyone that wicked little thought of having baby #4! However, that "thought' really never left and I still tried to ignore it. Until finally I gave in to see if this is what my heavenly father really wanted form me. Sure enough,just a few weeks later I was feeling like crap and getting fat that I knew baby #4 was on its way! I feel this will complete our family that there was always a 4th baby wanting to come to our family. It was a feeling that I just couldn't ignore.....I tried!!!!

So #4 will be arrive sometime the beginning of May. That seems so far away!! I'm excited to meet this little person who has taken over my body and my thoughts and prayers already! So ready or not were having a nother baby!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had such a great time this year for Halloween. I think it helps having Halloween on a weekend. Our good friends and neighbors had a Halloween party on Friday(pictures to come later) But it was such a great time filled with great food, fun friends, entertaining games, and unforgettable costumes!! There was a lot of laughing going on!!

Saturday grandma and grandpa Atkin were here from Az! We love it when they come to town, its such a treat! So we had a full house when the Jess and Jason and their 5 kids decided to come for the weekend. And of coarse Adie wanted in on the fun as well with their 3 kids and Emily and Tom with heir new baby, Aubrey Rose! We had taco soup for dinner and cornbread, and lets not forget the dessert....CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! Halloween is such an odd holiday if you think about it! Walker is really into football this year,so he was a BYU football player, Lilly was a mermaid and Ella was a sweet little fairy! All the cousins went trick or treating together and ran from house to house! They loved it.It turned out to be really nice outside, which wasn't expected so that's always a bonus! Too say the least we had a full house and it was great. Its rare that we have a lot of family around on these occasions, so we'll take as many as we can get!! It was a great weekend!

Fall fun

Nothing beats Utah in the fall! There is always so much fun activities going on and the weather is just so fallish. I love it! We took the kids on a Saturday and spent the entire day enjoying Thanksgiving Point and their fall activities. They have corn mazes, trampolines, train rides, haunted houses( Lilly thought it was way to scary!) pig races,you name it,they had it! It was a ton of fun for the whole family. This is definitely something we'll make a tradition every year!