Saturday, September 12, 2009


Walker has been in school for about 3 weeks now and is loving it! Lilly has been waiting ever so patiently for her day to come. If you know Lilly, Patience is not something that comes easy with her! Finally her big day came and she still had to wait some more. School doesn't start til noon!!! When it finally was time, Lilly was so ready! She is going to Mrs.Nada this year. 4 days a week for 3 hours! She has loved it and is making some friends. My afternoons are noticeably quiet without my little buddy and chatter box tagging a long! We love you Lilly bug! She gives such a fun energy in our home. There's a void when shes not home, but that usually changes about 3:00 when she gets home and tells me all about her day!

40 years

Over Labor Day weekend Grandma and Grandpa Atkin (Tyler's parents) celebrated their 40TH wedding anniversary. 40 years!! That's over a life time! For a surprise Jessica(Tyler's oldest sister ) had all the Atkin children (there's 8 of them) go on mix book and create a page of their individual families. The book consisted of pages of all 8 kids with their families, grand children. and pictures of Tom and Marsha throughout their earlier years. It turned out perfect! We all knew Marsha would cry, and she did. They both just loved the gift. The grandchildren put on a little skit of "What 4o Looks Like." 40 hair curlers, bobby pins, 40 get the picture. It was just so cute.We had a great time playing at the park, eating and just being together.

What an example they are to us! They just celebrated their 40 years together and are not only still in love but LIKE each other as well! The are an example to me what righteous living should look like, They have 8 kids, all about to be married and sealed in the temple....WOW! They have taught their kids the gospel in every sense of the word. They love and know the Savior and have him part of their daily lives. They are kind and generous and just Christlike in all they do. I'm grateful for their example,Happy 40 years!!