Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kindergartin vs 1st grade

I like to have some sort of "game plan." Its when I do have this "Game plan" that it usually doesn't go as planned. I have had a "game plan" for about 4 years now, to hold Walker back 1 year from school.This was my plan, I was sticking to it....... until school started getting closer. I began questioning EVERYTHING I thought was right for him. Everything including the Charter school we went to for kindergarten, to possibly putting him 1st grade, and re-thinking all day list goes on of my own self doubt. I was really struggling with what was going to be the best decision for Walker (he's my fist, can ya tell??) I decided to take him out of the charter school he previously attended and enrolled him back to our neighborhood school and into kindergarten. Still, I had my concerns and doubts. I don't why! I ran through each scenario and idea through my head. I wanted to go with my original plan, and hold him back.
We left for a family trip to California the week before school started.I made my decision. Walker was going to go to kindergarten....again. I just felt so uneasy about it. I was praying and pleading for some kind of guidance/council on what to do. Don't get me wrong, EVERYBODY had their opinion on what I should or shouldn't do. And I gladly listened to all of them. I need my Heavenly Father to tell me what exactly to do.I know he answers prayers in his own given time, but I needed an answerer in the next 24 hours. After weeks of serious fasting and praying, I still didn't know what to do. I felt abandoned and alone by my Heavenly Father.I was frustrated with him and myself. I felt like I was doing my part;praying with an open heart, fasting, scriptures,etc. At midnight, on the 1st day of school some information was brought to out attention, and with that we felt like we needed to put him into first grade! Tyler and I prayed together and felt so comforted and good about this particular decision......FINALLY!!! At this Point Walker had already missed the first day of school and had no idea he was going to go to 1st grade.
I woke him up the next morning (the 2nd day of school) and told him to get ready for school! He was so excited! We walked 2 blocks to the school a little early to talk with the principal and get things all arranged.I haven't mentioned that while we were in San Diego, I have been talking with the principal SEVERAL times and had requested a certain KINDERGARTEN teacher and he pulled some strings to get me that particular teacher. I FELT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON!!!! When we met the principal he was so nice and understanding about our decision. We talked a few minutes and then he walked us down to meet Walker's new 1st grade teacher! Walker has his best buddy, Colbe in his class and could not be any more excited!
I gave him a quick hug,briefly watched him walk into class and then the door closed. I didn't have the time to mentally prepare myself and the tears started coming down my face. My Walker was going to be gone ALL DAY,AT SCHOOL! I don't know why I was such a mess, but I was. I thought of him all day and hoped he had a good time. I new our choice was the right one and felt peaceful throughout the day.This day had come so quickly! I stayed busy all day and soon enough, Walker was telling me all about his 1st day of 1st grade.He had a great day.....except he got pulled off the slide by a girl and his arm was hurting really bad! But then he went and played! Cant hurt that bad, if you can go play the rest of the day,right?!?
When Walker came home from playing he was crying that his arm hurt and he wasn't using it. It was swollen and looked a little weird. I took him to the Doctor at the insta care the next morning and he had broken his wrist and needed a cast! Poor kid! On his 1st of school he broke his arm. Walker was not happy about the cast or with the girl that did it!

He got a blue cast on Wednesday and all his classmates have signed it. Needless to say he has had an eventful 1st week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

California trip

San Diego!!!

Day 1
About 10-11 hours in the car
Lunch: IN-and- out burger in Las Vegas
Next stop-Mission Beach
Playing on the beach
Dinner: Yummy fish tacos on the beach

Day 2
Ella was tired from NOT NAPPING AT ALL ON THE DRIVE!!! Walker,and Lilly rode their bikes on the boardwalk as I ran. There is just something about running on the boardwalk and the beach that I just love! We spent the rest of the day playing in the waves, building san castles, body surfing and playing at Belmont Park. Tyler and Ella met us at lunch! Ella wasn't a huge fan of the water (neither was Lilly) but they loved playing in the sand!


Sea World

I don't know why we went on a Saturday, but it was packed.We still had a good time. All Ella wanted to do was swim with fish...really!!

Day 4 .We went to Balboa Park and went through the Space and Airplane museum. We had lunch there. It was such a pretty day.We took our daily run and bike ride on the beach and later went to Cabrillo Bay.We all had fun looking for crabs, snails and other ocean creatures. Walker couldn't get enough of it!
I couldn't believe I had waited for 4 days to eat MY FAVORITE Mexican food in Old Town San Diego! Its just so good! Growing up my parents would take us there several times during our trip.Its that good! The homemade tortillas are fantastic!!! We were all stuffed and I think I gained 5lbs from dinner. Like I said, Its my favorite!!

Day 5
Tyler took Walker and Lilly back to Sea world while Ella napped.They just stayed for a few hours and came back so we all could go to the beach.Staying right on the beach makes life so much easier. Walker took up boogie boarding like its nobodies business. He LOVED it ! And is fearless of the water. It was fun to watch walker and his dad boogie board together. We ate dinner on the beach. And had a great day.

Day 6
We went to Sea Port village were they were doing concerts, and a magic show. We got some Ben and Jerry's Ice cream and went around all the cute ships, walked the shops and enjoyed a magic show, that Walker got to be the assistant in. It was a really fun day.We went back to the house and got all packed for the long drive home that nobody was looking forward to.

We had a great time, just being with the fam and enjoying San Diego. Thats our trip in a nutshell....Lots of family fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Many years ago, when Tyler and I were dating I may have told him a "white lie" that I liked to go camping. But n all truthfulness.....I HATE CAMPING!!!! Well, up until now.

A few weeks ago went to Beaver Canyon with some good friends. Who might I add, are very experienced campers.They even really like it!! So we kind of tagged a long with them for a weekend of fun, dirt, bugs, campfires, and peeing in the bushes!!! We really roughed it!! And I am dang proud of myself!! We slept in a tent( 2 NIGHTS) and cooked our food over the fire (dutch ovens) I peed in the bushes( and on my pants!) We went fishing, canoeing and 4 wheeling! I can honestly say that I had a ton of fun and the kids loved it! We left Ella home with jewel and I am glad we did. She would have been a pill. Not to mention, it got FREEZING at night. I think I had 5 sleeping bags on me, and was still cold. But I didn't even complain! We had a really good time and Its something I would do again! It was the most beautiful camp ground.I live in such a beautiful state and sometimes I dint even realize it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More birthday week.....

Walker really celebrated his birthday all week long. What a lucky kid!!! On Saturday he chose his "best buddies" to go to the Payson pool. This is an activity we've been doing all summer. We most likely go to the pool 1-2 X's a week. We love it. Anyway, this is what he wanted to do for his birthday party. We opened presents first and then headed for the pool for a day in the sun. I don't care what we are doing, as long as I don't have to entertain!!! The kids had a great time. And grandma Atkin was even here all the way from Arizona! It was so fun to have her here with us!! We swam for about 2 hours and then had pizza for lunch, and swam some more! Walker loved having his "best buddies" all with him. He said it was his best birthday EVER!!! Glad I can oblige to his happiness!!! Next year.....Good 'ol fashion family party!!! Did I mention the party WASN'T AT MY HOUSE!!! Good thinking mom!!!

Walker's birthday celebrations

Walker turned 6 on the 29th. He had a great, fun birthday. As a family we took him to the Mayan adventure restaurant. We had such a great time. If you have never been, you really should go! Its a Forrest adventure theme, complete with professional divers doing tricks into a pool. Walker thought it was the coolest.They brought out a huge chocolate cake with fancy firework candles on it. He opened his presents which were MORE Lego's (that are all over the house) and a Nerf Bazooka gun (that he shoots his sister with!) He had a great time. Happy birthday Walker!! We love you so much!!!!