Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of july

The 4th is by far my favorite holiday. I love the excuse to have family around and to do such fun activities. This year my family(the Passeys) came to us for the 4th of July.We did A LOT! We went to see Transformers ( It was good but, I thought many parts were in appropriate.) We went to Temple Square on a really rainy day. I've never heard thunder so loud in all my life. We saw the Joseph Smith movie, which is really good. Lilly and Walker both sat through it and liked it! On the 4th we went up Spanish Fork canyon, which is so beautiful right now. We rode 4 wheelers all day, and played in the river and of coarse, ate. At the end of the day we got into a huge water fight. I'm not sure who started it, or who ended it for that matter. But it was fun. Walker was on a mission to get Skyler! Grandpa Passey was a poor sport and didn't or should I say wouldn't get wet.
Later that night we had ourselves a yummy BBQ( its not the 4th without a BBQ!) and met all the neighbors outside for fireworks. I love watching the kids have fun. Its all fun ad games until someone blows their hand off!!! (That really wasn't funny either!) Fortunately, nobody had any accidents! We lit off all sorts of fireworks and played around. I had to put Lilly to bed, she was exhausted from all the other activities earlier, but Walker loved it!! He LOVES his uncle Skyler and just cant get enough of him.

The 5th is Lilly's birthday. She has never had a friend birthday party(I know she's only 4) but she really wanted one. So she had all her princess friends over for a princess lunch. We dressed like princess and painted nails and toes. Grandpa joined in on the fun. He doesn't like to get wet, but he loves a good princess party!!He taught the girls princess manners. It was pretty funny watching him with all these little girls. We had a lunch made for a princess with heart shaped sandwiches, Cheetos and heart shaped strawberries.Lilly opened her presents and after that, all the girls wanted to play with the new loot!! She had a great birthday. I cant believe she is 4 years old! It was great having the family here to celebrate it with us!! Happy birthday, Lily bug. We love you so much!


Parcell's said...

I have to agree! Family is great! What a fun weekend! Those pictures are great! I also heard those same comments on Transformers from other people as well! Good times!

Meredith said...

I always knew your dad was gay :)