Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer day

July is usually so packed with activities and things going on. Its just so busy, but i love it!

Growing up in Az we didn't celebrate Pioneer day. So for me, its another excuse to celebrate amongst friends and family. This year we took Walker and Lilly to the Spanish Fork rodeo. They loved it! Walker couldn't wait for the bulls! But he loved the Bunking broncos as well. Lilly had a bit of a difficult time,being so tired from playing all day (and cutting her cousins hair is exhausting!) So she whined A LOT! We had snow cones to cool us off and some good company! Overall we had a really good time. Both the kids fell asleep in the car within 2 minutes .


Jewel and I took all the kids down to Spanish Fork days and did the whole carnival thing. We all had our choice of the carnival food that was there. Each kid got to choose a ride of their choice as long as they were tall enough or with an adult. So I am officially OLD! There was no way I was going to get myself on ANY of those Carny rides! The girls chose a motorcycle ride and the boys choose the water boats. We walked around the booths and then we all started to get hot. So of coarse, we had ourselves a snow cone and some what cooled off! It was a really fun day!

Later that night we had a BBQ with friends.Unfortunately, the wind got out of control and had a mind all its own. So the party got moved inside the house. I love having a holiday as an excuse to be with good friends! We still had a good time despite the wind. Later we all went across the street to the Shearer's house to do smores. The wind was still bad, but that didn't stop us. I think everyone had a good time and a good Pioneer Day. We're so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We have a new stylist in the family

I don't even know where to start with this one.....

Yesterday I found Lilly and Charlee in the garage, by the freezer trying to cut open some Otter Pops. I took the scissors away, put them up and explained to Lilly that we don't EVER play with scissors and to ask me if they needed help! I thought that was going to be the end of that discussion. Was I ever wrong!!!

I left the girls to play and went to try to get a shower and get ready for the day. I could hear the kids playing in background, like they do everyday! I checked on the kids and they were all playing in Walker's room, all except Charlee. She started coming up the stairs and I had to do a double take. ALL HER HAIR HAS GONE!!!!!!!! GONE!!!! CHOPPED OFF!!!! My heart was pounding and tears started welling in my eyes. Who would do this???? I must have asked that question out loud, Lilly started crying and I knew right then who the culprit 4 year old! Who listens to me so well! I really couldn't believe she did this. And right after I finished telling her "NOT TO PLAY WITH SCISSORS." She gave her cute cousin such a haircut, I didn't know how her mother was going to fix it.(She does hair) I forgot to mention I was watching Charlee while her parents WERE AT THE TEMPLE!!!! What was I going to tell her mother? Should I call her and tell her or surprise her? I did call Jewel and told her of the "new" extremely short haircut.

Too say the least Jewel cried when she got home and saw her daughters hair all over the floor and her new cropped summer do! I feel so horrible! Lilly managed to cut some of her own hair as well, but nothing like what she did her cousin.Jewel was able to fix the girls hair as best as she could. I think were at the point now where we can laugh about it!!I think!! And I had a nother talk about not playing with scissors. Maybe this time she'll listen. If anyone needs a FREE haircut, call Lilly!! She has experience!

Jewel once again, I AM SO SORRY!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boys and bees

One of Walker's favorite things to do is find bees and wasp nest.And look for bugs. He had Colby over yesterday and they looked for bugs ALL DAY LONG! I had to remind them to come inside and eat and drink something. By the end of the day they had about 20 old bees nest and I don't even know how many Larva eggs! Such boys!!

There had been times when I am doing laundry and I empty Walker's pockets to find Potato bugs, wasp nest, and candy wrappers inside! He is just such a boy. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

T ball Season

This was such a fun season. Walker played on a team with his two very best buddies, Cooper and Colby. And his dad was one of the coaches. Walker loved it! And really learned a lot. His favorite is the in field, hitting the ball! Many of the times he was out in the out field not really paying attention. So he did get hit with the ball a few times. There was one time it even involved blood. I didn't think he would get back out there to play, but he did within a couple of minutes! The games were fun. It definitely makes things busy having games 2 times a week, but its worth it!! Its something Walker really enjoyed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of july

The 4th is by far my favorite holiday. I love the excuse to have family around and to do such fun activities. This year my family(the Passeys) came to us for the 4th of July.We did A LOT! We went to see Transformers ( It was good but, I thought many parts were in appropriate.) We went to Temple Square on a really rainy day. I've never heard thunder so loud in all my life. We saw the Joseph Smith movie, which is really good. Lilly and Walker both sat through it and liked it! On the 4th we went up Spanish Fork canyon, which is so beautiful right now. We rode 4 wheelers all day, and played in the river and of coarse, ate. At the end of the day we got into a huge water fight. I'm not sure who started it, or who ended it for that matter. But it was fun. Walker was on a mission to get Skyler! Grandpa Passey was a poor sport and didn't or should I say wouldn't get wet.
Later that night we had ourselves a yummy BBQ( its not the 4th without a BBQ!) and met all the neighbors outside for fireworks. I love watching the kids have fun. Its all fun ad games until someone blows their hand off!!! (That really wasn't funny either!) Fortunately, nobody had any accidents! We lit off all sorts of fireworks and played around. I had to put Lilly to bed, she was exhausted from all the other activities earlier, but Walker loved it!! He LOVES his uncle Skyler and just cant get enough of him.

The 5th is Lilly's birthday. She has never had a friend birthday party(I know she's only 4) but she really wanted one. So she had all her princess friends over for a princess lunch. We dressed like princess and painted nails and toes. Grandpa joined in on the fun. He doesn't like to get wet, but he loves a good princess party!!He taught the girls princess manners. It was pretty funny watching him with all these little girls. We had a lunch made for a princess with heart shaped sandwiches, Cheetos and heart shaped strawberries.Lilly opened her presents and after that, all the girls wanted to play with the new loot!! She had a great birthday. I cant believe she is 4 years old! It was great having the family here to celebrate it with us!! Happy birthday, Lily bug. We love you so much!