Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zoo-a- riffic

Most if June has been filled with rain storms and had been a bit chilly. So the one good, dry day we decided to take the fam to the Hogle Zoo. I knew Ella was going to love it. She has a freak out when ever she sees ANY kind of animal. She just has to touch it and love it. Its pretty sweet.
She reacted just the way I thought she would. She screamed and screeched at each animal! When it was time to move on to the next animal she would scream, and kick until she saw the next one. She did this every time.It was a perfect day for the zoo. We had to get some kettle corn, that we all shared and it was gone in about 10 seconds. But really yummy. Each kid rode the carousal and wanted to do it again.When I asked the kids what their favorite part was, they all said the train. They have a train that goes around the entire zoo(sort of) But they love dit.

Later we went to Temple Square. I forgot my camera...oops. EVERY TIME I go there I am just as amazed by it. Its just so beautiful. And I think its so great for the kids to be there as well. We walked around the Joesph Smith memorial building and had dinner there. We had a great day. Everyone was tired when we got home. that must mean it was a success. ,My favorite part was watching Ella's reaction with every animal. She LOVES animals!! Aunt Jewel and Charlee came along with us. Glad they are here! I keep telling her, our June weather isn't normally this wet. She wants some good 'ol fashion Az heat!! It will come....sort of!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wrong Answer

The other day I was outside with the kids. They were all coloring on the sidewalk with side walk with chalk. The thought came to and I wondered what they would do if a stranger "offered" them to a take a ride. Here's the conversation

ME: (asking Lilly) "What would you do if a stranger offered to give you some candy?"

Lilly: "I would say,Please!" and Thank-you!" She had the most pleased expression on her face. Like she just said the BEST answer ever!!! UGH...Not quit sweet heart

Next Question!!!!

ME: "What would you do if a stranger told you to get in his car?"

Lilly: "I would buckle my seat belt!!" Same face expression as mentioned before!!

I did laugh at her answers and her innocence. Guess what lesson we are having for Family Night on Monday?? You guessed it...... STRANGER DANGER!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

NO KIDS TRIP....Cali baby!!

In the 8 years we have been married we have taken many trips and vacations, WITH THE CHILDREN!! This trip was entirely kid free. We took our FIRST trip without any children. And had a WONDERFUL time!! We debated what to do for several months. Do we do my dream vacation,Hawaii, or do something cool like New York? My vote was always Hawaii. But we were nervous about leaving the kids for a full week and it being so far. So we decided to do California.
I had no idea how easy it is to travel without 3 little beggars tagging along.(I love those beggars, but its not easy getting through airport security with 3 small children! It was such a breeze w/o them!! I even got a nap on the plane!! We stayed in a resort in Dana Point that was right on the beach.It was a beautiful hotel. But they messed up our reservation and gave us 2 double beds instead of a King size. Ugh, hello.....NO KIDS!!!! Tyler was not a happy man!! So for the first night we had to make due with double beds.But they fixed it and gave us some free chocolate covered strawberries and Sparkling cider.

Anyway, we did a day at Magic Mountain and we felt like the oldest people there.Let me rephrase that, we were the OLDEST people there!! They have some really intense, huge, roller coasters. That by the 3rd ride we were feeling like we were going to loose our breakfast.We still had a great time but ,by late afternoon we were done with the rides. So we took a drive with the top down through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, and Sunset blvd. Its like a whole different world there. We had dinner on Rodeo Drive and watched all the Farriers, Bentley's, Porsche's and Mercedes drive by. It was just fun being there....with no kids!!!

we took a run on the beach and layed by the pool. Tyler layed out to long in the sun and paid the price for it the rest of the trip. He looks like Lobster man.Poor guy!!We went to my favorite beach, Newport!! I grew up going to New port beach and I just love it!! We went shopping and had dinner and went to a movie.

We went to Laguna beach and newport. We got some bikes and rode all over the boardwalk. We had lunch on the pier and did some shopping on the boardwalk. My family came up on Saturday so we met up with them and spent some time with them, It was great to see them.

Over all we had a great trip. We got to relax and enjoy some quality time together.My sister watched the kids while were gone and she did a great job. I think they like her better then me!! By the end of the trip I missed the kids alot and just wanted to see their little faces!. Being away really made me appreciate them a lot more and Vice versa...I think they were really happy to see us when we got home! Thanks Jewel and Joe for adopting 3 more kids. We couldn't have done it w/o them