Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tender mercies

On Friday afternoon my sister and I went up to American fork in search for the perfect swimsuit.Its this great little place on Main street, in American Fork called, Hapari. If your looking for a great swimsuit,check it out. Anyway we were heading home laughing and having a great time with out any kids in the car, when someone hit us from behind, causing Jewel to hit the person in front of her,causing that person to hit someone. In case your a little lost it was a 5 car accident!! The person who initially caused the accident took off ! It was considered a hit-n-run.The person behind Jewel was a 16 year old boy and his girlfriend. He had only had his licence a few months. His car was completely totaled and they were pretty banged up. Their car was smashed, the passenger was taken in the ambulance. There was probably 10 police officers, 5 fireman, and 2 ambulances on the scene.It didn't take long for help to get there. Maybe 2 minutes. Now here's the "tender mercy"part.NOTHING HAPPENED TO JEWEL AND I!!! NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER CAR!!! We both had some whiplash and we both were pretty shaken up. Neither of us could stop shaking, But we were just fine.I just couldn't believe how blessed we are. I know that my father in heaven was watching out for us . I'm so grateful that nothing happened to us and that no one was killed. It was my first time being in an accident and it scared the CRAP out of me.I'm just glad we said our family prayers that morning to"bring us all home safely." Our prayers were heard!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hot dogs and Smores

yesterday Tyler turned 32!! He's getting up there!We thought it would be fun to go up to the reservoir and do hot dogs and smores over the fire. It was a warm day(the hottest yet) They have a great man made beach and lots of fire pits. its a great place for the kids. The kids played in the water while we got the fire going.We roasted hot dogs and had ourselves some smores. I just love the excuse to do something fun and different! We had a good time.And the kids loved it!! Happy Birthday Tyler. We all sure love you!

Tyler's Dodgeball Party

In case you didnt know I love birthdays. I love the excuse to get good friends together and do something fun. This year Tyler turned 32! I think he enjoys birthdays as much as I do. This year we got some of our good friends together and did pizza at the church and then had ourselves a dodgeball game.The guys took the game pretty serious. And it didnt matter if you were a child, a women,or a weakling , you were going to get NAILED by a ball! We split up in two teams and took turns throwing the ball at each other as hard as we could! We played for good hour and half.Too say the least, it was a great workout.We had a ton of fun thanks to all our friends that showed up. I hope nobody was to hurt!!! Thanks everyone who came . Tyler had a great birthday!! Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Little Graduate

This time of the year is so busy, but its so fun. I cant believe the school year is coming to an end. Crazy how fast it goes!

Lilly had her Preschool graduation on Thursday. Both Walker and Lilly have gone to Mrs. Tiffany and have LOVED her to pieces. She truly loves these kids and it shows in her teaching.Anyone who teaches preschool has to be the most patient person IN THE WORLD! And she is just that!
She had all the preschoolers sit in the front row with assigned seats. Each child had their own lines to memorize and songs they sang . She had them dress in their best clothes. It was really cute to see all that Lilly learned throughout the year.She's really done well and has really enjoyed her 1st year of pre school.Lily got a little impatient towards the end of the program and wanted to play.She lasted about 45 min, almost all of it! She's had a great year. I'm excited to see what she learns this following year. We love Mrs. Tiffany and all that she has done this year, Its not an easy thing to teach 12- 3 to 5 year olds!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It was good while it lasted

I love make up! I am what you call a make -up junkie. There is something about opening a new tube of lip gloss that just gets me so excited!! My old manager, whom I have stayed in touch with over the years called me a while ago to see if I would be interested in a part- time, temporary position. It was only going to be 6 weeks and about 15 hours a week. Tyler and I talked it over and he said,"whatever I want to do is fine." Such a typical Tyler response. So I have been working at Clinique for 3 months(6 weeks came and went) and I have really loved it. BUT.... balancing work, family, callings, and other responsibilities is harder then I thought.
When I am working I find that I worry about my kids, and feel like I am missing out.My sister and her family have moved in with us, so she has been watching them while I am gone. She does a great job to!!! But I still miss them and feel like I should be home with them instead of working. So basically over the weekend Tyler and I talked about what is best for the family. And deep down, I knew it was being at home with my 3 sweet(most of the time) children.Ive learned that while I am away I really miss them and being with them. Since I have been working retail that means EVERY Saturday and I don't love that. I know I love being a mom, I love and adore my kids and think they are growing up way to fast.I know that the home is where I need to be right now. I couldn't put in a 100% while I was working.I come home tired, or rushed to get things done, the house needed cleaning, a project needed to be done there was always something extra that I needed to do. I made myself a promise before I had kids maybe even before I was married that I was going to TRY to be the best mom I can be.These sweet kids deserve the best! Having me gone when they get home from school and not being able to tuck them in at night is not being the"best" mom I can be.

Although I love the part time job I know I need to be with my kids.So today I told my managers I can finish off the next two weeks and then I am done. So the fun make up job that I love ,is going to come to an end, I'm o.k with that.I love being with the family more! And thats the truth!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lill'ys Dance recital

For the past 8 months Lilly has had dance once a week at Corrine Ivies studio. She has just loved her teacher and of coarse, dancing. I curled her hair really curly and put some make up on her . She thought she looked so beautiful! This past Monday they had a dance recital to high school musical. it was heled at the ALA Jr.high. I really had no idea what a production it was going to be. There were 2 costume changes one with the tap shoes and one with the ballet. Which is not an easy task. Lilly's teacher, Corrine had it really organized and lots of volunteer helpers.The whole recital was done to High School musical, and so dang cute! I thought Lilly was going to be nervous, but she LOVED being on the stage with the loud music. She did a really good job and had so much fun doing it. Its been a fun year watching her learn more things, make new friends and being more confident!
I didn't get any pictures of the performance, I'm so mad about it! I did get it on camera for all times sake!

Lilly you were so cute up there. you looked like a little doll with you're curled blond hair and Rosy cheeks! We just love you so much! Thanks for making our home fun and lively! Its never a dull moment with you around! You keep us on our toes!!! Love you Lilly bug!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Point-spring time

Its officially spring time, rainy weather and all! We decided to spend our afternoon at the Thanksgiving Point barn. They have all their baby chicks, baby lambs and baby goats out right now.It was a perfect afternoon to go. For 25 cents you a get a bag full of corn to feed to the animals. Who wouldn't want their hand covered in goat spit!! But they loved it. The one who loved it the most was Ella. She would kick and scream in pure delight. She just loved the animals. I thought she would be scared of the animals, but she wasn't at all.They got to go on a pony ride. Walker wanted a pony until he saw one actually poop! That changed his mind quick!! Ella loved the pony too.We had a great time.I guess our next stop is going to be the zoo, just for Ella!