Friday, April 24, 2009

Lier lier pants on fire

Over a period of a few weeks Walker has things that he has either "FOUND" or was "GIVEN" to him. Things which include; loose change, Pokemaon cards, ninja guys, a stuffed animals and odd little pencils. My motherly instincts tells things are a little fishy

Last year and the year before Walker had a little problem with, how should I say it?........taking things that don't belong to him.Theres been many times he would come home from Preschool and have a pocket full of Lego's or some kind of small object. As soon as I would find these things I would take him back to the place he got it and have him apologize for taking it. Its been almost a year since he's taken anything. But the past few weeks I've noticed things that don't belong to him around the house. I always ask him where he gets it and the answers are ,"I found it at recess." "Or so and so gave to me." I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I have that gut feeling Walker is slowly turning into the kindergarten Clepto!

The other day we were all at the GAP. Walker wanted this kids size ,orange, sports watch. He followed me around the store begging and pleading for it. I had to put my foot down at some point so I said,"no." He continued to beg and i continued saying no. After a while the begging and pleading stopped and we were ready to go. Walker was acting a little odd and somewhat fidgety. And I have come to know the signs when he does something wrong. I knew he had taken the watch, but I didn't want to accuse him of anything. I asked him before leaving the mall if he had anything he wanted to tell me, or if he had made any bad decisions.His answer was ,"no I didn't take anything!" I knew right then that he did.I just had to wait for him to either tell me or to find the stolen watch.The watch never appeared that day. And I started to question if he had it at all, maybe I was wrong.

The next day I took him to school(and still no watch.) When I picked him up from school, there it was plain as day, on his wrist. My heart sank and I felt so sad. I didn't say anything yet, there were other kids in the car. But I had full intentions on talking to him when we got home. As soon as we got home he raced in the house and came back a few minutes later, with the watch GONE!!! He was being extra sneaky this time. Which made me even more sad.But he didn't really cover his tracks well. I found the watch laying on the floor. I picked it up and showed Walker what I had found. His whole sweet face drooped.I asked where he got the watch. He asked if I was going to be mad. I said,"not if you tell me the truth." He told me he took it from the store because he really wanted it. I asked him if this was a good choice or a bad choice. He said, "it was a bad choice" "and bad choices make us feel sad." I could tell he felt bad.I'm not sure if he felt bad he got caught of if he really felt bad. But at the moment he felt pretty bad.We talked about making good choices and how they make us happy and bad choices make us sad.

Later that day we went back to the GAP . He gave the watch back and apologized for stealing. I'm really hoping this"stage" doest last much longer. I pray I can teach him right from wrong. I pray I will know how to teach him.I hope he knows that we will always love him and he can come to us for anything. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. I told him if this happens again, I'm going to take him to the jail to see where the"bad guys" really live. Sometimes we just need that mental image to really see the big picture.Or maybe someday he'll "FIND" a really great watch for Mother's day! or maybe someone will "GIVE" him a new car for my birthday!! I'm trying to just look at the big picture here as well!!LOL!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lilly's field Trip

This year has flown by and I haven't really been able to help out with Lilly's pre school class. Ella is usually sleeping at that time (excuses,excuses!) So I finally volunteered to go to the Bean Museum with her class.the museum is right on BYU campus and is filled with all sorts of animals, and they do a presentation about reptiles.We got to touch some iguanas, turtles and snakes(yea for me!) I took Walker and Charlee along as well. And they had a good time. About half way through the filed trip Lilly started complaining and whining and wanted to go home . I think it was just because she was with me and she thinks she can act like that with me. Her teacher was surprised to see her throwing a fit.(I invited her over to spend the day with us! she can see what an "angel" Lill is!) Maybe its best if I don't sigh up for any more field trips. lilly didn't even care if I was there on not.It was fun to see all the cute 4 year olds . And hopefully in the years to come Lilly will be glad to have a mom that sign up for class activities!And one that ACTUALLY cares!!

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was typical.....rainy and cold!! But we didn't let that ruin our fun. We still participated in the Easter egg hunt we just had to wear jackets and rain coats! Our neighbors every year put on a great Easter egg hunt. We look forward to it everywhere year. The kids went and gathered and found their eggs and we later had a big pot luck lunch! My sister and her family are here with us from Az and they were a little cold and somewhat miserable!! But they'll live!
For Easter the kids got up early to retrieve their loot. I don't want Easter being all about candy and treats so we really try to keep that stuff to a minimal and try to focus on the importance of Easter. We had a great Easter dinner of ham and potatoes and a lesson on the atonement.And really love heaving Jewel and her family with us!