Friday, March 27, 2009

book club dinner

For book club last night we went to the searers for a 9 COURSE MEAL!!! Thats right....a 9 COARSE MEAL. Cooked, prepared and served by Rohan Shearer!! He had appitizers that were delicious, a salad that was to die for, some kind of orange tart sorbet( to cleanse the pallet!) carrot bread made from scratch( just like the one at Me Me's cafe!) stuffed chicken and creme brule!! He made it look easy too. It was a meal made for a queen! We had great time at dinner and talked about the book, had lots of laughs and felt like we should all be wearing maternity pants after eating a meal that big!! It was wonderful.It's become something I really look forward to. I love the great company and each of these ladies friendship. They are all so amazing and talented.Theres a few not pictured that left early or couldnt be there! Thanks for such great company and a meal that puts most restaurants to shame!!


Ashley said...

Looks like a really fun group of gals. And I am jealous. That dinner sounds fabulous.

So when are you heading down to AZ? It is so nice outside so you should probably leave UT and come enjoy what we have.

Parcell's said...

Looks like tons of fun! I am scratching my head a little bit though? I think I used to be a member of this group and somewhere along the way I am no longer in the group> Hmm? Weird. Well I don't know what happened, maybe I got kicked out cause I only read like half the books! hehhee Anyways I am glad you had fun! I actually would still love to be educated and read some good books. So if there are openings or available spots let me know! Just let me know either way! :)

Leigh said...

Good for you gal's with the whole book club thing. I'm too ADD to be able to sit and read a whole book (unless it's PEOPLE or something.) Looks like a great time.

** I ran into Lindsay Wright a few weeks ago and she asked me how I knew you. I said, "I don't. But we're GREAT blogging buddies!" Next time you're down in AZ, we should definitely get together and have lunch. :)