Friday, March 27, 2009

book club dinner

For book club last night we went to the searers for a 9 COURSE MEAL!!! Thats right....a 9 COARSE MEAL. Cooked, prepared and served by Rohan Shearer!! He had appitizers that were delicious, a salad that was to die for, some kind of orange tart sorbet( to cleanse the pallet!) carrot bread made from scratch( just like the one at Me Me's cafe!) stuffed chicken and creme brule!! He made it look easy too. It was a meal made for a queen! We had great time at dinner and talked about the book, had lots of laughs and felt like we should all be wearing maternity pants after eating a meal that big!! It was wonderful.It's become something I really look forward to. I love the great company and each of these ladies friendship. They are all so amazing and talented.Theres a few not pictured that left early or couldnt be there! Thanks for such great company and a meal that puts most restaurants to shame!!

Family fun

What do you do when its SUPPOSEDLY spring but theres a BLIZZARD outside?!!! You can either stay in doors like cages animals(been there,done that...and sick of it) So we went to Thanksgiving Point and did the Dino museum. Not only did we do the museum but we agreed to be members ! So that means lots more fun trips to Thanksgiving point this year! Its such a fun place with so much to do there. So were excited to explore the grounds this summer!! Since it was snowing outside we deiced to go have some good 'ol fashion family fun. The Dinosaur museum is really fun with lots of hand on activities for the kids. I think its really impressive, and the kids love it.So we had a great time going through the museum. if you haven't been yet, you really should go.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hold back or not???

for a while now we (Tyler and I) have had to make the decision to hold Walker back or go forward to 1st grade. This decision has consumed so many of my thought and prayers on what to do.We made a decision to hold him back in kindergarten and have him repeat a year and go to all day kindergarten. Walker's birthday is the very end of July. So he is the youngest in his class, and maybe even one of the smallest.Walker has come far this year with learning his numbers, letters and even some reading.But its been a struggle for him. I just think if we hold him back, he can be slightly a head of the class instead of being behind a little. He'll have an advantage in sports by giving him another year to grow and catch up. Teachers that I have counseled with have all said to hold him back, and boys really benefit from it. When he is in high school he can drive his sophomore year, date and go on a mission shortly after graduation(if he chooses this path!!) If we put him through he'll have a full year to dink and goof around and get into trouble(like boys do!) I guess writing this out, I have made a decision,. There seems to be MORE pros then cons in holding him back.
We have been a little worried that he may be bored doing kindergarten again, but I think going all day will help. And he'll be loosing some of his buddies(Cooper) But I think for the long road, holding him back is for the best.I guess I feel a lot better with this decision.I just need to stand firm and not waver in my decision!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pynes baby blessing

Not only did Ella turn 1 but we had Justice's baby blessing. My sister in-law Addie had her sweet baby last week. He was 9lbs and 8 oz!! Her biggest baby yet! Since Grandma and g-pa Atkin were here they decided to go a head and bless him. They had a wonderful blessing held in their home. And later had yummy potato soup ,rolls and deserts. John gave him a beautiful blessing and had both sets of grandparents in the circle with him.One again there were lots of aunts, uncles and even more cousins there! Jesse was there from Filmore with their 5 kids. We had a great time just enjoying everyones company. Grandpa and g-ma left later that day, and we were sad to see them go. Maybe one day they can be here with us FOREVER!!! We had a great busy weekend!!!

Ellas #1 Birthday

Our sweet Ella has turned 1! It has gone by so fast. We were so lucky to have grandma and grandpa Atkin here from Az. We were surround with aunts, uncles and lots of cousins! I made a light diner of Hawaii haystacks and had cake and ice cream. Ella sat in the middle of the table and would open her mouth and people would just put food in it! She was in heaven!Grandma Atkin gave her a stuffed,pink unicorn that she immediately fell in love with. The older girls forgot it was for Ella and not them! We gave Ella baby doll that she wont put down. She loves to hold it and love it. Its funny at such a young age she loves this baby, and loves to hold it.Overall we had such a great evening. Happy birthday our sweet Ella!