Saturday, February 28, 2009

He can do it!!

"I can do this!"
Going, going , going!
Pedaling around the cul-desack.....He's doing it all by himself!!!
A successful crash landing! And a victory dance! "I did it"(and of coarse Lilly is there to cheer him on)

Last fall I took Walker's training wheels off his bike. Too say the least he got frustrated with the whole thing and I became frustrated that he was so frustrated. So we put the training wheels back on for another 6 months. On Friday, Walker decided he wanted to try to ride a "big"boys bike again. I told him it takes some practice and you will most likely fall once or twice. He was O.k with that. I took off the training wheels, told him to pedal as fast as he could and just go straight! I let go of the back of his bike seat and off he went! I was so excited, and so was he! He was just ready this time! I didn't have to persuade him or feel frustrated at all! We really had fun doing this together. I loved how happy it made him and how proud of himself he was! All it took was a little time, some patience on both ends and the end result was wonderful! GO WALKER! Now he just needs to learn how to brake! 

Saturday, February 21, 2009


  As I have mentioned earlier Ella doesn't crawl or seem to want to.She will be turning 1 in the next week and a half and has shown no desire to crawl or move for that matter. I should be happy, right?! We've been working with her a bit. Putting her on her tummy and giving her some motivation, toys, food, a cheer! She may not be crawling but she scooted!! Yea, she scooted!! 
Walker, Lilly and I were all pretty excited! I guess the Oreo was the trick!!
 Ella is the most content baby ever. She just loves to sit on my lap and observe. She loves to be where the actions at,by watching on the sidelines.She's just happy and content being around everyone, not moving at all. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's day

Ty and Walker on the 4-wheeler.Dont they look cold?!!
My plush, warm new electric blanket!!! I LOVE IT!

 The last few Valentine's Day I dont really remember or they just wern't that good, due to being pregnant. And when I'm preggers I know I'm a TOTALLY  different person (inside and out!)But this year, I'm not preggers( THANK GOODNESS!) and we had a great V-Day. We got a babysitter for the kids and went and did a session at the the Provo temple, It was snowing like crazy. Its the first time since I've had Ella that we have done a session TOGETHER . So it was nice. We went had had lunch at Olive Garden and came home to a clean house! Yes, a clean and picked up house. That rarely happens when I have a babysitter. Tyler gave me a really thoughtful  card and gave  me the best gift electric blanket. I'm always cold and love a good blanket. It was really thoughtful and I love it.We later dropped the kids off at my sweet sister-in laws and had the kids play with their cousins.Tyler has had his eye on a 4 wheeler for some time now, so we went to go pick it up. (I guess you could say this is his V-Day gift.) He's really excited to have this and cant wait for arm weather to get it out and play. And I'm sure its gong to bring lots of fun to the family. Not to mention it has a snow plow. So no more back breaking shoveling! So it was just nice being with Tyler without noise, and distractions( our 3 kids.) I love them dearly but a break away from them is wonderful.Over all this was one of my favorite days spent with my hubby!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Death bed

Last Tuesday I was running around like a crazy person. I did the make up for the models for Nordstrom's fashion show early in the morning(anything before 8 is early!) And had New Beginnings for Young Women's later that night. I had to make desert for 72 people and alfredo sauce. So too say the least, I had a lot going on,on this particular day. I started to feel a little ache and tired by late afternoon, but just thought it was from the labors of my day. However,by the end of our activity I felt like complete CRAP,CRAP and more CRAP!(Love that word!) I woke up in the middle of the night(feeling like CRAP) and freezing cold, but burning up as well. My throat felt like I was swallowing glass and my whole body hurt.Fortunately for me,Ty stayed home and took over. I couldn't even get out of bed.I thought I had the ever dreaded flue.Thursday was pretty much the same thing,CRAP! By Friday I knew I needed to go see the Dr. First thing in the morning I made myself an appointment,drove myself to the Dr.(sometimes it stinks being an adult) and I got myself a bad case of Strep throat AND a double ear infection! That explains the "swallowing glass" feeling. Those of you who know me, know, I don't do well with shots or needles for that matter. But I got 2 doses(2 shots) of antibiotics in my bum! Well actually my thigh, but its all about the same thing anyway! And I of coarse fainted, like I normally do with shots.Its a mental thing, but I don't know what to do about it. Anyway, after a full day I started to feel so much better. I don't know how the pioneers did it.That's why so many died! I would have died too. 
 I'm just so grateful to feel better and  for modern day medicine.I 'm so grateful that I am generally a healthy person. You take your health for granted until you feel like CRAP, and all you want is to feel yourself again.I had Tyler give me a blessing as well and I am so grateful to have the priesthood in my home.That's something I also tend to take for granted.I'm glad to be up and going. It took a few days to get the house in order. Husbands are great for taking care of the kids but the house turns to CRAP when mom is sick. Whats up with that?