Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things you may not know about me!!

I've been tagged a few times on Face book and I don't quit know how to figure that one out. So I just thought I'll post this tag on my blog. I can handle that! So here a few things you may not know about me.I'm not that hard to figure out, so those who know me will know most of these anyway!

1. I loathe public bathrooms
2.My favorite music is old School Rock; AC/DC, Tesla,Motley Crew and bring on the big hair bands like Poison!!
3. Pepsi and Mexican food is a must
4. I'm a total jeans snob
5.When ever I see the homeless guy at Walmart I always give him something. Even if its just a fruit roll- up or a Pepsi.
6. I feel bad for old people eating alone
7.I enjoy quiet evenings with my husband
8.Hawaii is my dream vacation
9. I hate to wear themes or slogans on my shirts. You the ones that say " The Gap"
10. I'm easily amused
11.I don't pay the bills at our house.Tyler does it all. (What a guy!)
12.I'd rather go to the gyno then the dentist!
13.I can cook but baking is a whole nother story. I just cant get it right.
14.i love straight white teeth(but hate going to the dentist)
15. I had braces when I was 23!for 2 years and had 9 teeth pulled(this is probly why I hate the Dentist)
16.I take really good care of my skin
17. I love my children more then I ever thought possible
18. I had a "moment" when I dropped Walker off at school the other day.I watched him walk to his class all by himself holding his backpack and gloves. He turned and waved and ran back into the school.I just love that kid!
19. I didn't think I would survive the 1st year of motherhood
20. When I am pregnant i crave Pete's Fish n chips. (Its an AZ thing)
21.I cant back the car out
22.I love a good book
23. Ever since I saw Titanic I LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio) now i just need to learn how to spell his dang name)
24.I'm so sick of people thinking Obama is a some kind of "savior" I just didn't get the memo on this one!
25.I've never broken a bone


stephanie said...

I would rather go to the gyno than dentist too. I don't know what it is about dentists but they are scary to me.

Lacie said...

I would go to the dentist every week if I could afford it, nothing better than getting your teeth cleaned:) I don't know why but I LOVED this post, you were so real about everything.(so maybe I do know why) THANKS!!!

Everton Family said... are just as darling as always!

Tandy said...

That was really fun to read! I always learn something new about you that I didn't know before.

tina said...

I had no idea about your favorite music, thats a suprise to me.. BUt thats my age and love that music also....

Parcell's said...

Ok so I have to admit that i also love Leonardo DiCaprio but by infatuation started way back when he was Lucky on Growing Pains. He was so hot! I still get butterflies when I think about that! ALso I agree with the Obama crap! Seriously I get a pit in my stomache when I think about him being president and the fact that one week in office and he passed a law that now there will be federal funding for abortions! Great! That is his priority. God help us all!

Meredith said...

ha! i lived with you and didnt know some of them! I KNOW paying the bills though..."kim, can you pay us??" :) And you always had the money, you just didnt want to part with it
and I KNOW you are easily amused, that is why I love ya, you think Im funny

Leigh said...

Well I didn't know a dang one of these about you, since we're blogging buddies. :) These are so fun to read!