Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things you may not know about me!!

I've been tagged a few times on Face book and I don't quit know how to figure that one out. So I just thought I'll post this tag on my blog. I can handle that! So here a few things you may not know about me.I'm not that hard to figure out, so those who know me will know most of these anyway!

1. I loathe public bathrooms
2.My favorite music is old School Rock; AC/DC, Tesla,Motley Crew and bring on the big hair bands like Poison!!
3. Pepsi and Mexican food is a must
4. I'm a total jeans snob
5.When ever I see the homeless guy at Walmart I always give him something. Even if its just a fruit roll- up or a Pepsi.
6. I feel bad for old people eating alone
7.I enjoy quiet evenings with my husband
8.Hawaii is my dream vacation
9. I hate to wear themes or slogans on my shirts. You the ones that say " The Gap"
10. I'm easily amused
11.I don't pay the bills at our house.Tyler does it all. (What a guy!)
12.I'd rather go to the gyno then the dentist!
13.I can cook but baking is a whole nother story. I just cant get it right.
14.i love straight white teeth(but hate going to the dentist)
15. I had braces when I was 23!for 2 years and had 9 teeth pulled(this is probly why I hate the Dentist)
16.I take really good care of my skin
17. I love my children more then I ever thought possible
18. I had a "moment" when I dropped Walker off at school the other day.I watched him walk to his class all by himself holding his backpack and gloves. He turned and waved and ran back into the school.I just love that kid!
19. I didn't think I would survive the 1st year of motherhood
20. When I am pregnant i crave Pete's Fish n chips. (Its an AZ thing)
21.I cant back the car out
22.I love a good book
23. Ever since I saw Titanic I LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio) now i just need to learn how to spell his dang name)
24.I'm so sick of people thinking Obama is a some kind of "savior" I just didn't get the memo on this one!
25.I've never broken a bone

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Not Crawling

So my Ella is almost 11 months, next week. She has been such a delight in our home. She is the happiest little bug.And adored by everyone in this home. Some would even say a bit spoiled with attention(if there's such a thing.)She loves the attention she gets ,especially from dad and Walker! I have mentioned that she will be 11 months next week and has NO DESIRE to crawl or even scoot . She knows if she makes a enough noise someone will come and carry her her to destination. I've been waiting to reach this milestone in her/ and our life and I just  don't think she's going to do it.I've heard of some babies that never crawl and just go straight to walking,maybe that's our Ella. 
 Anyway, we just love her to pieces and cant believe how fast this year has come and gone. I am glad that January is on its way out. Its my least favorite month out of the year! As for Ella will keep propping her up on her knees and give her something to reach for, in hopes for a milestone, but I just don't see it happening.I should be some what grateful for this. Once they start crawling you really have to "baby proof" the house, church is next to impossible, and waiting room nightmares . Maybe this is a good thing!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Its a girl thing

3 years ago, when I found out we were having a girl all I do was think about how much fun it was going to be to do her hair,buy her cute clothes have cute girl toys ,and DANCE class! There is just something about little girls dancing. For her 1st year of dance we put her a friends of mine that has a studio down stairs in her basement. Corrine does such a cute job with all of these little girls. And Lilly just loves it to pieces. Everyday she ask," do I go to ballet today?" Once a week just isn't enough, she loves it! The week before Christmas break they had a little performance for all the parents to come watch, and see what they have been learning. Lilly had a great time and its so fun  to watch her learn and excel in something she really likes.I'm hoping her excitement will continue, I would love to see her do ballet in the future.
 Now if she'll just stay dressed in the clothes she started out the day in... things would be great!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What to do when its FREEzing outside?

Get in the hot tub!! The kids have been like caged animals stuck in doors. So they were begging to get tin the hot tub, I finally let them. They love it!  It was about 30 degrees this day, but the kids didn't seem to mind . Not only did they have a great time, they tired themselves out as well!! So Walker, Colby and Lilly played house in the the hot tub. Guess who's idea that was?!! Walker and Colby were good sports to let her tag along AND play house! I think they secretly liked it.

Az trip

Walker and Patriot in the Bath

Coisins in the bath after a long day playing;Libby, Lexi and LillyWalker and Patriot at the park
G-pa and G-ma Passey with baby Ella
Grandpa Passey with my sweet Ella! I luv this picture

Like I said, they are always entertained at my parents! Walker in Skyler's wresting uniform

Poor Lilly waiting at the airport! She got bored on the airplane!

We went to Arizona during the 1st week of January for Uncle Mikes wedding  (Tyler's youngest bro.) I said and I quote," I Will never do that drive again, unless its to move down there." Needless to say, we flew and were safely back in Utah. But we had a great trip visiting with our families. We flew down early  Thursday morning.Flying is always an adventure, especially when you have three young children. So with three kids that means 3 extra suitcases, 3 car seats, a diaper bag packed full, and 2 adult suitcases and lets not forget the double stroller. Like I said its an adventure trying to get through security. but we did.
 Az was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny the whole time we were there. We went to the park everyday, played outside, had ALL of our cousins there (almost all of them) had a wedding, and reception and I had to do some shopping while I was there.The kids played non stop with their cousins and grandparents. Its allot of fun to get together. Crazy but fun! I think when everyone gets together at the Atkin house it totals almost 30 people! Like I said, crazy, but fun!
 The wedding was held at their church . Tyler's dad married them. and the reception followed afterward. We're looking forward to a temple sealing this summer! The wedding and reception was beautiful. The bride and groom seemed very happy! It was just great to be with all of the family.We stayed at my parents house, where my children are always entertained 100% of the time. They LOVE  Skyler and Hunter. So all in all we had a great trip. It was hard to have to come home to 2 feet of snow in my drive way 600 miles away from our families..I hope someday we'll live close to family. I love them so much. Hopefully well see everyone soon.