Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New calling

 A few weeks ago we received a phone call from the stake offices asking us if we could meet w/the sake president ,later that day. Of coarse we said, "Yes" and then had complete anxiety for the next couple hours. "What could the Stake president possibly want from us." Neither of us thought it was time to be released from our callings, Tyler has been the Cub Master for the past 18 months, and he LOVES it. I've been in the Young Women's for the same amount and that's a perfect fit for me!! But I had a really strong feeling the change was going to be for Tyler. The Stake Pres asked Tyler if he would accept the calling to be the new Elders Quarm president. Nobody ever WANTS to be the elders quarm president( so I've heard) but of coarse he accepted. Over the coarse of the week Tyler also had to choose his counselors. He really took this seriously, lots of praying, fasting and temple trips. I told him I would support him in this new calling and would fast along with him. One night I couldn't sleep and was up for most the night tossing and turning and then giving into the night and watched reality TV on MTV! As I drifted off to sleep 3 names of men in our ward popped into my head, out of no where.(I know that sounds a little weird.) I told Tyler the names that I came up with. He as well came up with the same the three names! There was some relief on his expression, but he still wanted to make sure  of his choices. He later went to the temple, and continued to feel good about his decision.He submitted the names to the bishop and the stake offices called the other 3 families. They all accepted their new calling in the elders quarm presidency.
 I have considered us 'good" people. We TRY to live the gospel and we do our best. BUT there's a LOT of room from improvement on our part.Over the past few weeks our personal and family prayers have been more thoughtful, our Scripture study has gotten better, and the feeling in our home has changed. My relationship with the Savior has grown from being "good" to 'better."  I can feel the spirit in our home a lot stronger now. I feel the Saviours love from me.Tyler is such a good example to us and he doesn't even realize it.He makes me want to be a better person, just by the way he lives his life.I think this calling has already drawn him closer to the Savior. Sometimes we just need a little change to help us become the person the lord knows we can be. In Tyler's case he's just getting a little "push" to be better, and I've already witnessed it. The Stake President set him and the other quarm apart on Sunday, He gave each of them a wonderful blessing full of promises and blessings that our ours if we live according to the gospel. The sprit was so powerful in that meeting .I was so greatful to be a part of it.
 I love this time of year. Its such a great time to be able to reflect on the Saviour and his love he has for all of us. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and an even better New Year!!


Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Tyler will be great in the new calling and will benefit the ward in many ways. And we're selfishly glad you didn't get released from YW!

stephanie said...

Tyler will be wonderful. He really is a great guy. He has always been such a good friend and influence to Landan. I really appreciate that.

Parcell's said...

You guys are a great example of righteousness! Tyler will be amazing and your family will be blessed! I am glad to see that your Christmas was filled with friends and family. THe perfect combination for a good time! I miss being in YW but hey seasons change,Right?