Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Club house gets a new paint job

 The imagination of little children is priceless. And so fun to watch. It was a beautiful day here, especially for December! in fact its scary how nice its been. It feels almost like Christmas in Az! Which I know it wont last forever, so I make my kids play outside.Walker had his best buddy over after school and they just find things to do and things to get into (like dad's tool box or trailer.) They were dressed in Halloween costumes when I checked on them outside. This is usually fine and good. I had a friend over for a few minutes. After a few minutes I notice the boys had paint on their hands and faces. When you see little boys with paint on their hands, you should always think the worse! I was scared to think of the possibilities. I then followed the boys outside and up to the playhouse to see what on earth they were doing. They thought it would be fun to paint the floor inside the clubhouse. Not only did they have paints but dads Scouting feathers as well. So the floor was covers with paint and multi colored feathers! I did do a big sigh of relief ,it wasn't on my house. I text tyler and asked if I should be mad or not. And he didn't seem to care so why should i be mad? But I had to act a little upset,so the kids wouldn't try something like this again. I had them clean up their mess. And they just kept saying, "We apologize." It was hard not to laugh. 

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Kerri Johnson said...

Kim, I am so sorry for all the mischeif our boys get into together...someday we'll laugh at all of this right? Thanks for putting up with Coop!