Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bonco Christmas Party

We have the funnest, craziest bonco group EVER! Every time we get together its a total blas! This year for December we decided to have an ugly sweater Christmas party! I should have known that some the gals would dress the part from head to toe! I think these outrageous outfits made us age 30 years. We all looked like old -school 1st grade teachers! We later had a white elephant gift exchange. And I'm not going to put what these items were!(This blog is going to stay PG-13) But I will tell you, there was a lot of laughs, great food(thanks Destiny:) and even better company! I truly love all theses playas! Thanks for such a fun night!


Parcell's said...

You can never have too much fun, or too many friends! Everyone deserves a night out, and I am glad you had the chance to do that! Although it never seems long enough, because as soon as you walk through the doors, you find that a baby needs fed and other kids have made forts with all the blankets and are no where near sleeping! After all that settles down, you are in need of another night out! But every little bit helps!

Miss Fergie said...

That's so funny, love the vest. Hey I watch rated R's like once a year so can you tell me what the presents were? :)