Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Crazy Becky in her Space man suit. THAT SHE MADE!!
Tinkerbell, isnt she a cutie???!
Ella and Tyson, I think they'll get married!!
Tyler in Walker's Strom Trooper mask
Ella already for some "haunting"
We had ourselves a great Halloween this year! For school this year Walker had to dress up like the chearcters he is studying in at school, which happens to be Christopher Columbus. He dressed like a king or some kind of crusader and had a good time at school. As soon as he got home home he changed into his favorite costume, the storm trooper(form star wars.) He loves anything from star wars.He has worn this costume everyday for the past 2 months,and you can tell. It has grass stains, holes and is torn in some spots, but he still thinks it's the coolest.We went over to our good friends, the Browers for dinner. The kids were just dying to  get outside and go Trick-or Treating! Forget eating a healthy and good dinner, Give me candy!! So we did our Trick or Treating at the double cul-desac and covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time, meaning we got LOTS of candy! Walker was  the Storm Trooper, Lilly was Tinkerbell and Ella was the cutest, softest bunny I've ever seen!  The weather was so wonderful, it reminded me of Arizona. It was about 70 degrees outside . This year the kids and adults didn't need coats or gloves and could just enjoy being outside. I loved it. It was so fun going to all our neighbors and seeing everyone in passing. Everybody was outside enjoying the amazing fall weather! I just loved it. We had a great time and way to much candy!


Chelsi said...

Cute kids, we had a Tinkerbell too! It was so warm I actually let Jaxsyn trick-or-treat in a short sleeved shirt!

Jen B. said...

We live in a great place, I love to see everyone out with their kids. It reminds me of a movie from But really I do love it especially when its WARM!!!

Parcell's said...

Ok so I saw you that night, but I was in a fog so I was not very social! Sorry! I did see your cute kids though and thank goodness for pictures huh! Oh ya I have that same stroller and I love it. I use it so much that it actually need a shot WD40! Really it squeaks! LOL

Jess and Jenn said...

Your kids are so dang cute! I love your blog! It was so fun to hang out with you guys too, you murderer...LOL! I must say you did a great job playing the part!!