Monday, October 6, 2008

top 20 things that bug me

1. Cheap people(frugal is fine)
2.Public bathrooms(I'll just hold it)
3. Lilly's room( I'll pick it up and 10 minutes later, its a disaster)
4. Dirty sinks
5. Getting gas in the snow (Ty usually makes sure I don't have to do this)
6.Taking out the garbage( in the snow)
7. Blow Drying my hair(It takes FOREVER)
8. The f- word
9.Getting out of a hot shower and being cold when I get out
10. Nursing ( I'm still doing this one)
11. Being cold( can you tell I hate winter?)
12. Smelly dish rags
13. Teller marketers ( especially the same ones that keep calling)
14.Bad breath
15.Women that look and feel great during pregnancy(basically women that LOVE being pregnant)
16. Skinny people that think they're fat
18. When my kitchen is a mess(I cant go to bed until its clean)
19.SLOW people at the checkout( I seem to always be in the wrong line)
20.the never ending football game on t.v (this seems to be every Sunday!!)
 ****Lacie thinks I'm being bitter so heres 20 things that make me happy!!****
1. Warm sunny days
2. When my children say "thank-you" after I made them dinner
3. A good book
4. A great movie
5. Warm homemade choc.chip cookies
6. A clean house(including Lilly's room)
7. Being w/ my family
8.A great pair of fitting jeans
9. going on dates w/my husband
10. Good friends
11.  Make-up counters
12. My young women (I love my cute beehives)
13. A really good work out
14. Getting my hair done
15. Going to the temple
16. Girls night outs
17. A quiet house(never happens!)
18. Going to the dentist and not having any cavities (never happens)
19. My children( I just love em)
20. When my kids FINALLY get something I've been trying to teach them( Walker can now write his name, we've been working on this for MONTHS!!)
21.The gospel( I don't know what I would be like w/o it)
***Hope your happy now Lacie**** Now it's your turn


Meredith said...

ha! you are funny So ,you clean the kitchen now?? Where did that kim come from :) kidding

and I hear you on the messy rooms, i feel like im ALWAYS cleaning this house!

Lacie said...

Have you been outside's freezing....burrr! Now do your top 20 things that make you happy. Just so I don't think your bitter j/k LOL hahaha I have to say I HATE a smelly rag

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Great list:) I would agree on quite a few of those!

Amanda said...

So I guess I bug you? I loved both of your lists and agreed on quite a few of both. Hate smelly wash rags and public bathrooms. Love being pregnant and I like the f word :O I love to get my hair done and I love a good workout.

Parcell's said...

Smelly rags suck! I have been known to just throw a smelly rag away! I would rather just buy a new one! I loved being pregnant, but pregnancy did not love my body! Oh well thats what tummy tucks are for and girdles! God bless Dr. Ray of Dr. 91210!!!

Parcell's said...

sorry 90210!! oops

Chelsi said...

Hey I loved it when it was just the 20 things that bug you!!! Don't listen to lacie hee hee hee!! Hey we all can't have peachie days!!! I'm glad you have 20 things you love!

Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Definitely 2, 9 and 19!

Lacie said...

#8 on happy things is all I want right now. I keep trying on my jeans as if they might fit. I think I need to give it up and buys some new ones, it's only been 3 weeks maybe I will try in 3 more:) I really don't think your bitter I was just giving you crap!

Tara said...

Hey Kim, Jewel told me to check our your blog. I found it off Maren's, i forget you guys are friends. Anyways, your kids are absolutely adorable, not that I would expect much less. Looks like you have a very happy life in Utah, you look great. Well, just wanted to say hi, so I couldn't be guilty of blogstalking.

Tandy said...

Hey Kim you are one of those skinny people that thinks they are fat!!! Naughty Naughty!

Everton Family said...

Hey Kim! I just ran into your blog and thought I would say hi. You have a beautiful family, and it's so fun to see what you've been up to. It's been a really long time! Email me your email so I can invite you. I loved your top 20 list. You are still so funny! Love, Jill (peterson)

tina said...

cute idea to do both love and hate. it was fun to read and get to know you a little bit more.